Apple iPhone 3GS review: Same clothes, new feel

30 June 2009
The Apple iPhone 3GS is probably not the next revolutionary iPhone as you might have expected it. But the performance boost, the sharper camera with video and the purportedly improved battery life certainly...

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  • killer

velly, 22 Oct 2013hii calin. . . . Can i play 'temple run'& 'subway surfer' in... moreyes you can .. since they will lag sometimes .. i use to play turning everything off no cellular n it use to work better ..

  • Sundar

Super mobile

  • Irene

Need to know how to set this up on my I phone 3 Help me please

  • amanuel

Haw to off the voice controle

  • Mac

Good performance

  • Anbalagan

More sound& live wallpaper& ringtone setup

  • Anonymous

More sound

  • velly

Calin, 08 Aug 2012After 15years and 28 phones,after 4years of Samsung and 9devices... morehii calin. . . . Can i play 'temple run'& 'subway surfer' in the iphone 3gs

  • Damian

How to restore my i phone

  • AnonD-116904

i like

  • Mehedi


  • Piyush

Recently have bought the 3gs model of the world's largest manufacterer of smartphones by volume,Apple has certainly made new fan forever.the ios 5.1 is really the most powerful yet simple mobile operating system that has ever made on this planet all the features are awesome especially the eye candy is unparallel.being a very lucky guy i have got this in just half the market price
Thankyou AIRCEL,surfing and gaming experience is something you will never find compare to this,in any phone what so ever be it google ics or new jelly bean.
Or the samsung s2 or s3 though they price quiet heavy compare to this.if your budget is 20 k then please guyz go for you will never regret this though it will amaze you everyday instead, jailbreak it to unlock the new possiblities of your iphone like siri and much more
Also there coming a new update to ios and whats more its is supported to iphone 3gs apple confirms that there would be as much as 200 features in this update whichis comming this fall.eagerly waiting for that
Thanks APPLE for giving such a stunner to me know i could read books with so much ease its like reading the original hardcopy version cortesy ibooks of apple
Posted by piyush uttar pradesh india

  • Calin

After 15years and 28 phones,after 4years of Samsung and 9devices,i finally bought my first Iphone,the 3GS.I was avoiding them before because of the common popular belive that they are overpriced.But since that sounded to me more like heathered,i decided to give it a go.So brandnew,bought online for about 300€.First impact,was tough since i didnt know that i supposed to activate it.But later i found that great and easy.Nice design,good materials,the back easy to soil and since its not Gorilla Glas,some minor scratches can be seen on shiny Apple logo after some time.The front holds well,easy to clean and hard to scratch.I was afraid of the display,pixels per size matter,but they got it far better than similar from others.Really a pleasure on sunlight,even with the dark theme.Other feature i like its the front rubber between display and case,attention to details,for sure ain't cheap.The biggest surprise was how good calling is,how natural and clear voices sounds.Love the speaker,loud enough not to get distorted.I was able to upgrade to IOS5 with minimum PC knowledge,and yes it feelt different,lovely unlock/camera feature.Great apllication store,lots to choose and more than suitable to the phone.Somewhat a videomusic fan,just feeling a hole in my card! :) Battery for size its really OK,gives me a sure feeling that i newer had with my previous products,of course its limited to how much you use it,but 24h its enough,12h when heavyly used.The phone runs smoothly,for processor size i'm surprised how fast is,clearelly Apple scored here with his own OS that suits the phone perfect.Web browser work fine with lots of feature,wifi everywhere nowdays.Camera is basic,not bad for snapshots,on daylight the pictures taken are nice.So everything its that OK?Really hard to find something wrong,of course has 4years,newer ones has better displays,increased baterry and power,more Rams,but this one its up to task,if you are in to classic things its a must.

  • papa

can any show me how to upgrade my iphone 3gs 4.0 to 4.3 or anylink to download the upgrade

  • Pravin

Absolutely unbiased and detailed review.\m/

  • van'zboy

good !!!

  • i phone

in iphone so many features are available like History and availability,Audio and output,Storage and SIM,Software,Interface,Multimedia,Internet connectivity,E-mail and text messages,these are the main things.

  • xxris

I have found iPhone great in every way. It has finest display, It has great music. Its app collection is one of the finest and one can find anything in apple’s iTunes store. iPhone impressed me in
many ways. Its Google map integration is one of the biggest advantage. Secondly, iPod sound quality is great and beats all other phones. I will definitely recommend that people whether are in business or who are professional or are in higher studies , must have this phone with them.
Below is one article, i found on net. I thought to share with you all.

read this article for iPhone :­-and-donts-while-using-iphone.html

  • Anonymous

what?, 17 Jan 2010i hate 2 say dis but i just read d review of iphone 3gs n am dis... moreyour just upset that u cant afford an iphone

  • Anonymous

somebody, 03 Jun 2010i would go with the samsung wave. radio, better camera and scre... moreyou just cant afford an Iphone !!!