Nokia 5630 XpressMusic review: A sharp note

2 July 2009
The XpressMusic family has walked a long way – and shed a great deal of weight – since the 5700. The music-centric Finns have always felt at home on Symbian ground though, and the Nokia 5630 is the next step for...

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  • Amrita Baidya

Nokia 5630 Mobile I love this mobile now what can I get if I get it

  • SSS

nazar, 27 Jan 2011i cant see tamil letter on mobile 5630Give ur 4n nearby phone shop and install tamil

  • Goku

Hi i've this cool phone 5630 and its working fine.
Please tell me how can i use the camera flash as a torch light. Is there any software available? Can i turn off the camera flash sound?

  • rishu

chip level serviecing too dificult.

  • Owais

enna, 27 May 2010i own this phone for 5 months.. and it's the best phone.. i... moreCheck your msg sender number

  • Rain

any one use this software on 5630 if work then tell me

  • Shahin.K.T

I have nokia 5630 xpressmusic. It is very cool handset. After 3 months the phones internet destination,software checker,share online etc says that settings feature not supported. So i format my phone using the code *#7370# . After restarting the phone all problems are solved. It is a verygood phone.

  • nazar

i cant see tamil letter on mobile 5630

  • Beauty

can i use skype on this phone for video calls

  • Pedro G.

This was a great phone when it worked.
Worked fine for a little over year...
Locked up without warning, and wouldn't turn on...
Sent it off for Warranty repairs...
Took over a month to arrive...
Worked for 1 day, and locked up again.

Nokia Equipment is as bad as Nokia customer service...
This was my first AND LAST Nokia phone.

  • Anonymous

Thomas, 19 May 2010Can I install GPS apps or at least Ovi Maps 3.0 like the ot... moreIm using this phone since february, i really love this phone. great audio quality, good 3mp with strong dual led flash, 3.5G, i can run 13 apps without any problem (opera mobile 10, ucweb, nokia browser, nimbuzz, music player, youtube, xplore, connection manager, asphalt4, vbag, gba game, smart movie and ovi map)
And yeah i have ovi map v3.01.. And for map its about 94.97mb.. Well i have indonesia map coz i live in indonesia.. Sorry for my bad english ^_^

  • Feeq

Hello guys, I wanna buy this phone cause I love music and the design eventhough the material looks cheap. In my place (Malaysia), I can get this phone for only MYR 590 (US$ 190), original set with 4GB memory card. After I read your comments, I saw many problems, and I feel worried to buy this phone. Hopefully, no problems happen when I got this phone. Other phones in my list are: Nokia N79, C5, E52, 6730 Classic, 6700 Slide.

  • be_breezy

only one think...why the update firmware take a long long time to come out??...

  • sekundes @_@

i've had this phonefor about a year now and it serves as my primary mobile and music player. best feature phone i'd say ^_^

  • Khalid Mahmood

I m using nokia 5630 for last 2 monthes. i sufferd problem for 2 days that its call log is always empty. i cant see any dial no or missed call no. may someone tell me solution?

  • Beauty

Nokia 5630 best or Nokia E72 or E71

  • matt

just a question.............whenever i take photos i cant access them or view them afterwrads. no matter whether stored on memorycard or on phone. it gives a green diagnally sliced square. please help.

  • needhelp

I bought my 5630 less than a month ago but I've just started using it with a SIM card lately (I used it in offline mode before this)..

When I wanted to make a call and get the phone out of my pocket, then screen was all black with a note "Phone will restart".. I pressed the turn off button (and almost every other buttons) but nothing happened..
For the first time, I just re-insert the battery..
But it happened again..
I dunno what's wrong n what to do..

can someone help me???

  • razr

im just bought this phone today and its havin ga prob. the themes dont work.. not even the PRELOADED themes.. wen i set them, the screen suddenly goes black, nothing is on display then wen i get sick of waiting i press the menu button the menu page is all white and the colours are distroted, the top had a short dark blue line the rest is white, with menu icons on them n since the font is white, u can only see the icon tags wen u bring select the icon.. HELP?!

  • brando

enna, 27 May 2010i own this phone for 5 months.. and it's the best phone.. i... moretry checking your message setting and your network/operator 5630 is 4 months old.