Samsung S5230 Star review: Hot starlet

06 July 2009
Samsung are going to great lengths to pile pressure on the LG Cookie. While the Samsung S5600 Preston aims to outdo it, the 5230 Star is set for a head-on collision course. This starlet’s middle name...

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  • Anonymous
  • vjs
  • 07 Jul 2009

we want a jet review not star

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    • vikas
    • PGj
    • 07 Jul 2009

    How to open the PDF files?

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      • darkstar1982_LV
      • m2y
      • 07 Jul 2009

      official photo gotta 3.0MP camera

      live photo - 3.2MP

      It`s correct????

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        • Anonymous
        • 04V
        • 07 Jul 2009

        for input resistive is much faster epically for on screen Qwerty with a stylus, this is why WinMo is still alive

        while capacitive does have a better flow and seemly better accuracy for multi touch

        resistive screens are also capable of multi touch, if the software can work with it however its not as flowing as Capacitive

        in the end its the user that has to decide until the come up with some hybrid of both

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          • xman
          • DIx
          • 06 Jul 2009

          Leif, 06 Jul 2009Resistive touch = Fail. Why bother releasing a resistive t... moreI beg to differ

          Capacitive touchs do not

          allow precise & rapid stylus inputs
          function in cold enviroments where gloves are required

          Not clear to me which technology is best. maybe the best solution hasn't arrived at the market place yet.

          My personal experience with touchcreens has the palm T5 & HTC advantage resistive touchscreens outperforming an apple iPhone 3G and apple ipod touch capacitive touchscreens. The finger based input just didn't perform as well as a stylus with a good quality screen.

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            • Anonymous
            • 0Tt
            • 06 Jul 2009

            Does anyone know which phone has better reception quality (signal strength), Samsung S5230 or LG Cookie?

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              • Anonymous
              • nUh
              • 06 Jul 2009

              soo many darny diddly doodly touch screen phones am losing the plot! Keep it rolling! the more choice available the better!

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                • Bummy
                • jDv
                • 06 Jul 2009

                Samsung and LG are releasing sooo many touch screen phones, i lost track of what made them so special :/

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                  • Leif
                  • QW0
                  • 06 Jul 2009

                  Resistive touch = Fail.
                  Why bother releasing a resistive touchscreen phone these days? Durable, solid-state, Capacitive technology is the clear winner in handhelds. Aside from dispensing with styli, cap screens don't activate in the pocket, have greater scratch resistance, don't wear out over time, and support multi-touch, all while offering superior optical clarity.
                  Need a stylus? Get a Pogo

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                    • eomer
                    • 0BF
                    • 06 Jul 2009

                    someone.., 06 Jul 2009there is aliens in the first picture..! (http://pic.gsmare... morewhere exactly?

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                      • someone..
                      • Tq0
                      • 06 Jul 2009

                      there is aliens in the first picture..!

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                        • Andrew Tan
                        • tV4
                        • 06 Jul 2009

                        1st. :-D

                        I am going to buy this for my sister :-)