Samsung S8000 Jet review: Airborne

08 July 2009
It's that time of the year and the living is easy: pool parties, blockbuster movies and new gadgets. The Samsung S8000 Jet sure knows good timing and gallantly promises a bit of everything...

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  • Anonymous
  • PAm
  • 31 May 2014

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2010Does anyone have problems with flash support in web browser... moremy samsung s8000 no skype

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    • mitch
    • wHr
    • 26 Feb 2013

    I want to oder a samsung jet s8000.. How to order?

      • T
      • Tebza
      • f3d
      • 23 Dec 2012

      My sumsung doesn't download applications or games

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        • ezio
        • HIF
        • 25 Nov 2012

        can ve inistal android
        on jet?
        pls help thanks alot

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          • je
          • fsW
          • 19 Jun 2012

          i cant browse with my samsung s8000jet. i have the internet settings installed and still can not browse. please can anybody help me fix this problem.

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            • Matt
            • i2s
            • 01 Jun 2012

            Wow. I'm stunned that this review doesn't mention the touch screen that doesn't have sensitivity to the edges of the screen when writing a text. That is a massive shortcoming when trying to write texts.
            Or even the 'predictive text function' that seems to remember every typo you make and suggest it first and largely ignore the words you actually program into the dictionary... (It also overlooks real words in preference to typos').
            How about that you need to use the software provided to access your photos/ videos etc on your computer- software that is slow, cumbersome, regularly glitches and often doesn't recognise that your phone is connected at all. It literally creates its own desktop screen (on your desktop) that you need to navigate- which is exceptionally slow.
            The touch screen may have been decent technology 2-odd years ago, but it is 'resistive', whch seems to mean 'resistive to your touch and generally unresponsive'.
            I also must make note of the only free 'game' (Rollercoaster) on the Jet. It really isn't fun at all and I usually found it to be plain frustrating. I would give up on it in frustration, only to try again a few months later when bored and wondering 'how bad could it really be?' Yep, it's not a fun game at all.

            Sorry peoples, but I must say- don't get this phone. It is really not worth your money nor time.

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              • camy
              • 9Jx
              • 05 Sep 2011

              I got a samsung jet phone but batterry is not good realy

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                • nash
                • K6m
                • 09 May 2011

                i got samsung s8000 jet but it doesnt show any widget option on main display and i don know how to activate widget software on my jet.pls help me

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 3A4
                  • 13 Feb 2011

                  Anonymous, 06 Jul 2010Does anyone have problems with flash support in web browser... moreno flash support on jet.

                    • V
                    • Vivek Mandre
                    • uty
                    • 28 Jan 2011

                    Amazing phone that packages every need of a user. Picture quality, video quality, user interface is spectacular. Love this phone. In many way i think keeping iphone is just a stunt as it has seamless & quice interface. In many specs & real world test jet overwhelms iphone. Think before you ink.

                      • w
                      • wael
                      • 3IJ
                      • 04 Dec 2010

                      i want the unboxing video of the s8000 jet,and what is the difference between the s8000 and s8003?

                        • A
                        • Adeel Naseem
                        • Mfx
                        • 07 Nov 2010

                        Adeel Naseem Jet Win, 31 Jul 2009dear all samsung jet is most of powerfull perfomence phone ... moreNow its working and breliant perfomnce i have ever seen thnks

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                          • Rick C. - diabetes d
                          • T5B
                          • 25 Oct 2010

                          Anonymous, 18 Jul 2010about audio quality, check: moreGreat post. Looking forward to the next one.

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                            • Dr. Diabetes Diet
                            • Qu3
                            • 25 Oct 2010

                            Anonymous, 18 Jul 2010about audio quality, check: moreI really am grateful what you're creating here!

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                              • dref
                              • K7Y
                              • 17 Oct 2010

                              samsung jet sucks!!! i only used this smart?phone for a month and now it doesn't work anymore.. very dissapointed!!! samsung service center told me "maybe motherboard problem" i hate it!! i don't want to buy anymore samsung product!!

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                                • Anonymous
                                • NaD
                                • 22 Jul 2010

                                think it is a fabulous phone cant get better

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • ixb
                                  • 18 Jul 2010

                                  about audio quality, check:

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                                    • mods
                                    • vcx
                                    • 09 Jul 2010

                                    Yarlagadda Satya, 24 Sep 2009I believed Samsung S8000 jet is a very good phone and unfor... morei totally agree wid u m8
                                    exactly after 14 days of purchase i found the same problem
                                    fortunately they changed the motherboard ......
                                    but 2 no use
                                    again the phone hangs
                                    the phone sucks 2 the core
                                    before this i owned an omnia even that phone the motherboard crashed
                                    samsung sucks

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 3ns
                                      • 06 Jul 2010

                                      Does anyone have problems with flash support in web browser? It's turned on, but it doesnt show full web pages...

                                        • J
                                        • Jorge
                                        • S4s
                                        • 14 Jun 2010

                                        ts possible to creat a shortcut in the scree from any of the menu icons like for ex "my files" ? i don t think its possible but anyway i just bought the phone.