HTC Magic review: Practical magic

15 July 2009
A cool looking touchscreen carrying a new mobile OS was enough to get the attention of even the most hardened of them techies last time we checked. Fair enough, the HTC Magic isn't groundbreaking but the Cupcake-ful of changes it brings, promise a whole new experience...

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  • baahlovita
  • fsW
  • 16 Jul 2012

I really need assistance for my phone. I am finding it difficult to download whatsapp on my phone. I have been to android market and google search to download it but to no avail. Someone with an idea on how l can get Whatsapp on my phone should please come to my aid. Thx

    • D
    • AnonD-58529
    • ftK
    • 11 Jun 2012

    Please I need help on how to upload my pictures from my htc magic to my Facebook.

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      • Lanrex
      • ftK
      • 11 Jun 2012

      Please I need help on how to upload pictures from my htc magic to Facebook.

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        • FLYCHIC
        • NuU
        • 17 Apr 2012

        I am failing to upgrade my software hence l cant use some of the cool applications like whatsapp...HELP!

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          • Anonymous
          • t7Z
          • 12 Jul 2010

          12/07/2010 - Froyo is available for the Magic now !!! Android 2.2 its running super fast thx to CM - spend $600 on a nexus one or desire or get a Magic and load with the same OS and save $$$ bigtime.

            • A
            • Alberto
            • i5w
            • 03 Dec 2009

            Hi All,

            Please i need help in this phone,
            i need to import the contacts and messages from the memory card, is it available? if not, how can i transfer the contacts and messages from other Nokia phone, i dont need to copy them in SIM card.

            Thanks alot

              • g
              • guyanese baboo
              • q}5
              • 25 Nov 2009

              i love this phone htc is the best cellphone company in the world. iphone doesn't come close!!! screw you apple!!

                • r
                • raj
                • t}H
                • 01 Aug 2009

                amazing phone !!!!!!!!

                  • j
                  • jackson
                  • Spx
                  • 31 Jul 2009

                  Pepe, 18 Jul 2009This phone is awesome, i have it for 2 weeks now and never ... moretrue, i agreed with you. i just love the operating system. my next phone is definitely going to be android. hopefully htc hero or g2 touch. the OS is just rock!!

                    • A
                    • ARAB
                    • nT3
                    • 28 Jul 2009

                    so sad, i went to ask about the HTC Magic & Dream here in KSA and the retailer told me that it will be long before these devices to be available here due to there is no support to ARABIC language in the Android OS :(

                      • D
                      • Djmads01
                      • M0V
                      • 25 Jul 2009

                      Have had this phone for about 2 months now. I have jam packed it full of free apps and it still hasn't slowed down or crashed. I have never had to re- boot it or had any problem with it what-so-ever. I would not have any problem recommending this phone to anyone. Its never out of my hand - Gosh I love it sooo much.

                        • K
                        • Kev
                        • 3LX
                        • 20 Jul 2009

                        [deleted post]C'mon try to be a bit more constructive!

                          • K
                          • Kev
                          • 0Rx
                          • 18 Jul 2009

                          Thanks GSMArena for this review; really helpful.

                          Still really torn between this and the E72 tho....


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                            • H
                            • mCS
                            • 18 Jul 2009

                            Anonymous, 17 Jul 2009I'd like to quote iphone haters in saying, "what? no proper... moreyeah and big benefit is that it is NOT an iphone :D
                            It is also available in cheaper tariff (in UK) although there is a drawback of internal memory, it has benefit of removable external memory.

                            also blutooth is possbible with program download (paying tho..) and also supports sterep headsets via bluetooth (a2dp was it?)

                            I do like iphone as well tho but somehow I just like G1 with its full 5 line qwerty. Although it is HUUUUUGGGGGEEE

                              • P
                              • Pepe
                              • S0d
                              • 18 Jul 2009

                              This phone is awesome, i have it for 2 weeks now and never had so much functionality, easy and experience in general with WinMo phones, its just so better in concept, easy, functional but powerful and stable.

                              Of course its multitask, and it handles it a lot better than WinMo, you can have tons of applications and web pages opened without worries.

                              Each application you install searches automatically for updates as well as the OS.

                              Everything is just the way a OS should be.

                              Drawbacks in MHO are: no 3.5 jack, radio and front sensor for auto screen brightness/auto screen off, turning the phone/auto call mute.

                              I don't care about front camera, I will never use it, and I know absolutely no 1 that does video call.

                              Things I disagree with review:
                              The incoming call volume is very high and clear, mine is almost at minimum not to hurt mi ears so "Telephony is quiet"... no, not at all!

                              Also the GPS module is a lot faster than mi SIRFIII receptor, almost instantly, a few seconds, not a few minutes.

                              the question of software is delicate, there are tones of really impressive free apps, but some unfilled holes too, guess the system is a bit too much young, but the OS really impress!! its so stable and right.

                              IMHO this ANDROID thing will have a lot of fans and people that will never go back to other OS.

                                • K
                                • Kev
                                • 3LX
                                • 17 Jul 2009

                                Thanks for the great review, GSMarena, really useful.
                                I'm still really torn between this amd the E72. Simply don't know which to go for!

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • FJT
                                  • 17 Jul 2009

                                  I'd like to quote iphone haters in saying, "what? no proper bt? no fm? no video calling? and no flash support? this phone is behind and nothing but hype. this phone is cr@p" lol

                                  but of course you would not see that intense hate for this phone. simply because it is not an iphone, so haters don't really care to make a big deal of it :)

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • v{W
                                    • 17 Jul 2009

                                    It surely have A2DP and i am enjoying Music over it

                                    GSMArena Please Correct your Post

                                      • D
                                      • Daniel
                                      • M}s
                                      • 17 Jul 2009

                                      Zobi, 16 Jul 2009You think is better them Samsung Galaxy 7500 with Android? ... moreYes, this is better for the most part in my opinion. The hardware is better made and it feels better to hold.

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • m5m
                                        • 17 Jul 2009

                                        this software version is different than mine. i dont have any camera settings but this 1 does? n also i have updated to the latest version. so many things are different as well.