LG GD900 Crystal review: Crystal clear

23 July 2009
When talking about good design it's usually all about placing the right elements in the right places. And in the rare cases when an R&D team actually comes up with something innovative, they usually reserve it for a 2000 buck handset like the Motorola Aura...

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  • Anonymous

will there be a US compatible 3g version released? no point in buying this if it won't even work on US 3g (at&t at least)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2009WTH where is the audio test! GSMArena again lacking cons... more>WTH where is the audio test!

  • Tucks

Koss_x_treeme, 29 Jul 2009Picture quality are very very bad 3/10 mark. Design is wond... moreMp is just how big you can blow the picture up. Your ericsson uses cybershot, a true cannon lens. MP is marketing bullsh**.

  • Koss_x_treeme

Picture quality are very very bad 3/10 mark. Design is wonderful but why 8 mp when pictures taken are worse than my k810i ?!

  • Anonymous

This is sexy. Love the see-through keypad. Interface looks a little too novelty though.

  • Tucks

On sale now! exclusive to carphone warehouse for two months!! truely awesome design . I'm not by any means an LG fan, infact quite the opposite but this phone has turned a few heads. Trackball's are now a thing of the past, thank god! This is just as easy browsing as a laptop. Shame you can't get opera or safari (yet).

  • Anonymous

WTH where is the audio test!

GSMArena again lacking consistency!

  • bummy

"File browsing is generally fast, even when your memory card has loads of images on (800+ in our case). Fortunately, the files on the phone memory and the card don't get listed together as it was on some previous LG handsets. That eliminates the problem of always seeing the files from the microSD first on the list."

Thanks for that! Those are the 2 things that bugged the heck out of me using Viewty. Image browser became insanely slow when loaded... and file manager is terrible!

  • Anonymous

Why is there no audio-quality test... AGAIN? You guys need to be more consistent with your reviews please!

  • Vinny

I really dont care about cameras on a phone as i hardly use it, what i want is an innovative form factor and of course the wow factor, crystal has em both. May go for it mostl likely. The only thing iam worried about is, its not a smart phone. i currently have a E71 which i have personalised to the hilt with dozenes of apps, dont know if i can do that with crystal....

  • Anonymous

i lol'd at the world of warcraft picture


Man LG is really making some gr8 designs, and the O/S is very nice and eye catching...

i dont know alot about LG the Harware quality nor the O/S if it has bugs or it hangs or what ever... but it seems really nice...

i hope Nokia will show us something that impressive in September...

  • johsh

What a bad camera did you see the shots!

  • Zabih

I cant wait for this phone, it will be best present to my other half, it will be a ladies phone only as ladies only care about design, its features are very good only if LG looks at gsm arena page and read the review about worlds mos beautiful handset and put it right before release date. LG Rocks Since Prada and Viewty.... Keep it up

  • Anonymous

HD engr, 23 Jul 2009Beautifully simplistic phone design! Gorgeous crystal like ... moreOh yeah, you know that apple won't go in this direction because their plan will probably be make full (and not with a keyboard) touch screen phones that have a bigger screen than the crystal. Also, they wouldn't put in a microSD slot (knowing apple) and they'd probably have a non-user replaceable battery.

  • Anonymous

pics quality is very bad... a shame for an otherwise really impressive piece of design engineering... what a bummer!

  • bummy

I personally find the "S-Class" interface really ugly.

So this phone's got the gimmicks.... how will this phone compete when the gimmicks wear off?

  • HD engr

Beautifully simplistic phone design! Gorgeous crystal like icons! One of a kind see through keys, very classy yet high tech. It should be patented befor Apple will copy it, lol.

  • Anonymous

Another copy of Apple iPhone. Just look at its interface.