LG GD900 Crystal review: Crystal clear

23 July 2009
When talking about good design it's usually all about placing the right elements in the right places. And in the rare cases when an R&D team actually comes up with something innovative, they usually reserve it for a 2000 buck handset like the Motorola Aura...

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  • Andy Burgin

Why? couldn"t we get this type of phone Designed by Nokia as Lg are showing Nokia that they have got the correct designers at LG,but at Nokia we get the cheap idea,use a older phone an upgrade the functions,but with the first mobile being underpar,Nokia didn"t realise people will turn there backs on the New design as its price as doubled an reliability worse,i mean the N85 upgrade to the N86,but nowdays we want phones like the Crystal with Larger Screen to view images an videos more easier an better,but the people at Nokia do not realise this an losing touch nowdays with modern phones

  • Anonymous