Samsung i8910 Omnia HD review: Going to the movies

30 July 2009
There never seems a shortage of heroes in this industry but every now and then a new breed emerges to change the rules of war. Ranks and titles are hard earned and we’ve seen enough contenders that barely...

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  • apple 'o' holic
  • 3pd
  • 19 Mar 2012

well i had this mobile. it was awesome. everything about it was good. except a couple of things.

first the speed of cpu. was dire. just too slow for a smartphone of this type. and the support for apps. also i had it on orange. absolutely shocking os skin. the navigation was so so. but again orange maps was naff. quite accurate, but no voice guidance. so overall a bit of thought this could of been so much better.

shame. but galaxy s2 has been awesome that oozes quality on every angle.

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    • franj
    • n0Q
    • 15 Nov 2011

    Samsung I8910 HD o Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V?
    I want to buy a new phone and need to know which one is better.
    please answer.

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      • Dave
      • myA
      • 02 Oct 2011

      Anonymous, 08 Feb 2011Omnia I8910 simply sux. Ive been using it for more than one... moreThis phone is over 2 years old. When it came out it was great you should be getting an Android phone like the Galaxy S 2. Upgrade already.

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        • Maud
        • LeF
        • 02 Jul 2011

        prasanna, 04 Nov 2009its an overall a very good mobile device..better than n97..... moreGreat thinking! That really brkaes the mold!

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          • Anonymous
          • HB5
          • 08 Feb 2011

          Omnia I8910 simply sux. Ive been using it for more than one year, and nothing appears to be more than A normal old nokia can do... no GPS built in, no easy to use creative stuff, it needs its special programs that must be adapted with it (and i guess this is for money reasons)... and now the software is starting to glitch, adding to that the hang ups while calling. the camera is not bad, also the voice recorder which stops when u try to record a call.
          but it worths half the price of it, and wont buy it or recomends it I actually hate samsung after it even if there is'nt nothing but samsung I aint going for it again!!

            • L
            • Liza
            • nRh
            • 04 Jan 2011

            I just bought i8910 HD and my first and huge disappointment is the fact that you can not install Skype on it! In the shop I was told that since this mobile has the latest Symbian on it, it would support Skype. If I knew it was untrue I definetely wouldn't have chosen Samsung.

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              • simon
              • 9x6
              • 27 Jul 2010

              hey guys i want 2 buy i8910 hd it realy good?did samsung use gold or something in gold version?does it make any difference between hd or hd gold?when da screen light is off(not locked),do i hav 2 pres any key 2 run it or can work by touching da screen just like n900.hurry!!giv me a answer.

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                • Dark
                • tWi
                • 12 Jun 2010

                Hi guys! i wanna ask how to fix the audio in video? Because when im recording the sounds is low quality ..

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                  • mark
                  • 3Wj
                  • 20 Mar 2010

                  help me again please, 22 Dec 2009ı want to buy new phone 3'' or bigger touchscreen, 8 mp or ... moreyou have answered your own question. you hd you want big screen. so it has to be i8910 HD.simples.

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                    • mark
                    • 3Wj
                    • 20 Mar 2010

                    well this phone is a really good mobile.the camera is very good.and the video recording well camcorder quality. but the only niggle i have is no dedicated app store. samsung done a silly thing and not supported the i8910 on the app store.

                    other than thatif had its own app store it would be an iphone beater.

                    thats the only thing the iphone wins on.

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                      • jawa99
                      • tPG
                      • 03 Feb 2010

                      how is about the sound sytem... can fight with nokia or sony eri

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                        • help me again please
                        • piM
                        • 22 Dec 2009

                        Photographer, 19 Dec 2009Thanks GsmArena I took some devices into test, looking best... moreı want to buy new phone 3'' or bigger touchscreen, 8 mp or higher camera,16M-color, wi-fi, gps, 3g, HD or not, AMOLED or not and ı am undecided in between those phones: LG GC900, LG GD900, Sony Ericsson Aino, Sony Ericsson Satio, Samsung İ8910 and Samsung Pixon 12.
                        for examlpe LG GD900 is 480 x 800 pixels:) but no take video HD:( and SE Aino take video HD:) but 240 x 432 pixels:( but both phones are small A LİTTLE (3'') and no AMOLED:(

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                          • Photographer
                          • S1M
                          • 19 Dec 2009

                          Hi again. I have to verify info about video quality from samsung. The winner is S8300. This handset produces sharpest videos. Even noises in low light are better than omnia hd. Even with sharpening omnia gives soften videos than S8300. On Omnia You can find stuck or dead pixels on video visible especially in low light. So If You want best D1 /720x480/results buy S8300. HD looks fine but before update drops frames. I heard that after update hd quality is better. S8300 gives better sharpnes, white balance, than other handsets. Noises are finer also, visible but more acceptable. Honestly saying I expected better results, from omnia hd. There is no perfect handset on market with both still and video quality that satisfied more advanced user. For now I can only sugest N82 or 6220classic for pictures and S8300 for video wit extra battery in pocket:-( I'm going to test more N97next week.

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                            • Photographer
                            • S1M
                            • 19 Dec 2009

                            i8910 or pixon 12?, 11 Dec 2009ı want to buy new phone pixon 12 or i8910 but which phone's... moreThanks GsmArena I took some devices into test, looking best one for pictures and video. So, N82, S8300, Pixon12, Omnia HD, Satio. N97 was my choise. I'm nokia user for years. They build great phones but I have to admit one thing. If You looking phone for taking pictures and video You have only few choises. N82- great camera for pic but video is realy poor especially comparing to samsung. S8300 is great video taker, fine for stills. Comparing to N82 I have to say that if You want great results in both media, you should have two devices :-(. Nokia has better automatic exposure control that gives sharpen picture without blur even in darkness. Takes shorter time and higher iso. S8300 is realy compact. I was surprised with build quality of this phone. But it has 3 weak things. Battery-great dissapointment. Full charged baterry lets You take aprox 1h45min of video and device turns off. S8300 with its possibilities should have more powerfull battery. Taking stills should be better. Camera takes more light that gives lighter pictures, more shadow detail, but in many situation, blured. Comparing same situation N82 takes pic with 1/17sek iso 800, S8300 1/7sek iso~260 .Video taken with S8300 is just great, just great.
                            Pixon12 is almost ideal but. System is original Samsung one/similar S8300/ So if You want use gps i.e there is no option. As I know NaviExpert is the only one:-(. With Symbian it would by my choice. It is compact, very handy. Xenon and led on board. Just fine. During video, You can't use zoom. All samsungs has step zoom so filming with it gives poor effects. And it is digital so...forget about more than 1-2 steps of zooming. Maybe there is more settings about but I had no time to look as deep. Satio, disapoints with comfort of use. Fine stills, but video, without any surprise. System based on symbian but redesigned by Sony and for me as nokia user makes me crazy. Devise looks cheap for me. Plastic one. My choise is Omnia HD. Why? best video. Great battery. Full charged after taking 2h video still had indicator-full charged. Takes similar quality stills as N82. but has no xenon. Of course if You looking for discreet phone, Omnia is not such devise. It is really big-brick. I'm not sure about exposure controll changes comparing to S8300, but Omnia took more similar results with N82 f2.8 1/35 iso160, Omnia hd f2.6 1/35 iso70 but still uses lower iso. Samsung has more metering settings than other. N97 takes fine pictures but poor video comparing to mentioned above samsungs. There is no surpsises over control, exposure etc. It has really fine noises in low light, but Sasmung still better. I will test it more in a few days. I'm waiting for new one. So. My choice is Omnia. Great video and stills. Great battery-even week of use without compromises.
                            If You don't need symbian apps, Pixon is just great-xenon, led, compact, battery-don't know but thing much better than s8300. If You need great phone for taking stills. N82 still rules. What miss in all of above cameras? Just one control over camera. Full manual control. Even if camera has one f-stop all camreas could have exposure control over time. Possibility of controling time is most important setting in photography. Without it You allways risk blured photos even if camera is set to 1600iso and spot metering system.
                            Thats All? Nope but I don't want to bore You more.

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                              • i8910 or pixon 12?
                              • muv
                              • 11 Dec 2009

                              ı want to buy new phone pixon 12 or i8910 but which phone's better camera, video and operating system?
                              very important for me camera, video and operating system.
                              i8910 can take video quality HD and ı can take it wirh pixon 12 too?
                              and which phone take photos better?
                              please help me about them. wait for your commend. thanks

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                                • j@Q
                                • 03 Dec 2009

                                "As expected, the music player is based on the one we've seen in the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The novelty here is the virtual 5.1 channel Dolby Surround, which should help improve the headphone listening experience."

                                It is NOT DOLBY, it's "SRS"!!! This mistake should be clarified by the way.

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                                  • Jin Madera
                                  • t7C
                                  • 01 Dec 2009

                                  im still in gathering data...which is better battery life span...HD or terms of everything... anyone thanks in advance...

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • C{}
                                    • 28 Nov 2009

                                    hey does anyone know where to find astylus fo this phone?

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                                      • Ashwin
                                      • 32N
                                      • 28 Nov 2009

                                      I've had all the best camera phones in the market whenever it releases. Although I'm ok with the still camera options, I'm very much attracted towards the Video HD recording feature. It truly is a world class in this section. Hats off to I8910 makers.

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                                        • prasanna
                                        • ut5
                                        • 04 Nov 2009

                                        any latest updates available for Samsung HD in Nov 2009