Samsung i8910 Omnia HD review: Going to the movies

30 July 2009
There never seems a shortage of heroes in this industry but every now and then a new breed emerges to change the rules of war. Ranks and titles are hard earned and we’ve seen enough contenders that barely...

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  • prasanna
  • ut5
  • 04 Nov 2009

its an overall a very good mobile device..better than n97..i feel..

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    • Anonymous
    • 2SP
    • 02 Nov 2009

    i am planning to by a omnia hd, can somebody how much it actualy costs in bangalore, i hv been getting dif. quotes

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      • B_E_N
      • 3%Y
      • 29 Oct 2009

      Alternative ? + !?!?!?

      That must be one of the most blatant injustises I've wittnessed , of all time.

      I don't want an Iphone - I'm way too frustarted over the pathetic camera , but

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        • Anonymous
        • t@J
        • 05 Oct 2009

        The price of samsung i8910 Omnia HD are not sky rocketing in India as such in other place .The prices are, for 8 GB is around Rs . 23-25 K or less, but sorry don't know about 16 gb

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          • Anonymous
          • pT7
          • 02 Oct 2009

          In the reveiw they said the video frame rate has downgraded due to upgraded sound to aac. But take a look at the previews, even the old firmware with amr recording took videos at 22fps.
          I downloaded many sample videos they took and watch them on my hd only one was 24fps others are 22-23fps!!
          So why you GSMArena guys made this sort of negative review??

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            • Anonymous
            • SrH
            • 01 Oct 2009

            Raygozo, 07 Sep 2009Hi WWK, Can I ask how did you manage to but the phone wi... moreHi Raygozo,

            I have my i8910 for a while now and I have quite different experiences accourding to your points mentioned:

            1 mine is fine
            2 music player is good, no echo's
            3 only happened once while switching too fast. Generally very stable
            4 same here
            5 no problem (have access to 3G for free and so it is always on, never found a problem)
            6 perfect here, no problem
            7 not used so far
            8 Contrary. Have to load every 5th day or less and have a hard time to kill the last 2 bars when unloading
            9 no buzzing or anything. Could be touch path feedback as it sounds like
            10 never froze up during a call.

            I have teh old french FW still on it, I live in Switzerland....
            Hope my details help you.

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              • Hasan Bazaid
              • Lb4
              • 24 Sep 2009

              Hi Everyone
              i liked this phone but it seems has no Auto-Rotate sensor
              which it would be a very great phone if available !!

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                • sma
                • 3Yc
                • 13 Sep 2009

                My Samsung i8910 HD records a nice video but the sound quality is considerably poor, very garbled, and the video and sound are not coordinated when played back. Is everyone else owning this phone experiencing the same issues?? Does anyone know how to tweak this problem?? Will be grateful for anyone's feedback...Thanks

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                  • wwk
                  • kWy
                  • 12 Sep 2009

                  Raygozo, 07 Sep 2009Hi WWK, Can I ask how did you manage to but the phone wi... moreRaygozo,

                  I'm from Canada and I got my phone off the bay. It was unlocked and it was some weird language which i couldn't read (good thing for icons!) I think mine is UK version as i got this in the early stages (lang. included are english/french/dutch/italian/spanish)

                  My software version is I8910XXIF9 (still the same)

                  to answer your problems
                  1) mine is good
                  2) mine is good
                  3) photo gallery loads duplicates of the same file (very odd)
                  4) yups... have that too. new FW should fix it though
                  5) i don't have 3G which is a waste for me to even have this phone. but i just had to have the HD recording
                  6) mine is good
                  7) nothing wrong as i always show up to work on time. LOL
                  8) approx 2.5days (mostly because my phone is usually just on standby)
                  9) no noise here but i do find it slow on the transfer
                  10) no freezing, just have some "lags" during conversation

                  Only problem i still have is transfer of photos from phone to PC is distorted. Audio codec. Browser losing wireless connection. But the new FW should fix all this. I'm just too afraid+lazy to update it.

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                    • blane
                    • ib9
                    • 11 Sep 2009

                    i just got the phone last week and its superb, this is the 1st time im using samsung and its really nice i sold my iphone 3G to get this one cuz i tot i deserve a better "video recording" for the sum of money i paid of iphone, and to be fair enough nothing bets the iphone's smooth flow,i have to admit it.So that all folks if you wish to get this phone plz do so and you won't have to turn back.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 40D
                      • 08 Sep 2009

                      Raygozo, 07 Sep 2009Hi WWK, Can I ask how did you manage to but the phone wi... moreI'll let u know i about two weeks when i have it in hand lol lol.....

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                        • Raygozo
                        • 0Bs
                        • 07 Sep 2009

                        wwk, 06 Sep 2009I have the exact same problem as you do RG. The phone is U... moreHi WWK,

                        Can I ask how did you manage to but the phone with UK version and unbranded? Is it now available unbranded in UK?

                        I ask because when I telephoned Samsung 2 weeks ago they confirmed the phone is not available in UK sim free, which I believe is true as most of the sim free phones I saw were all from other parts of Europe and/or rest of the world. I hate networks (in this case) Orange who get the handsets only exclusively for them...

                        Anyway, I will put back the old French FW it came with and take the phone to repair, I wonder if they'd notice and see that the FW has been changed/updated a couple of times, I hope not! I have to because I get more and more faults lately... Tell me if you get some of these issues:

                        1) Earpiece (Call Volume: Spikes/Fluctuation during calls)
                        2) Music player Sound (poor and with echo via loudspeaker)
                        3) Phone freezes when opening apps.
                        4) Browser freezes and not responding
                        5) Unable to use 3G or 3G+ (keeps changing to GSM)
                        6) Main Screen/Display lifts up or coming off (top edges)
                        7) Alarm does not ring/work (sometimes)
                        8) Poor Battery life (need to charge everyday)
                        9) When changing from Camera to Video Mode:
                        Audible Buzzing or “tick-tick-tick” noise.
                        10) Phone freezes (sometimes) during calls.


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                          • wwk
                          • NGd
                          • 06 Sep 2009

                          RayGozo, 30 Aug 2009The Samsung i8910 or Player HD like how it's called in Fran... moreI have the exact same problem as you do RG. The phone is UK version and also unbranded (unlocked). Firmware is still the original but shouldn't really affect battery life and just running on 2G. In the 2 days, I usually make a few phone calls 20m-40mins at most and do only a few texting (10) and requently checking the time but no video/mp3. and i still have to charge the phone every 2days or so.

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                            • RayGozo
                            • 0Bs
                            • 30 Aug 2009

                            The Samsung i8910 or Player HD like how it's called in France is really good... However, on GSM Arena's review on this website ( it is said that the BATTERY is really quite a performer, I don't think I can agree!

                            Samsung even sent me a new battery dated 14/06/2009 and the old one that came with the handset was dated someday in March 2009. But I guess maybe my phone is faulty - I don't know. I am not a heavy user, a couple of shots and 10min call a day and 10 min of music, mostly on standby and yet I still have to charge the battery every 1.5 days.

                            I only use GSM network as my O2 sim card does not work properly on 3G, it keeps disconnecting from 3G and messes up my coverage.

                            The hadnset came from France (unbranded), but it's been updated and changed the firmware twice already to see if the battery and other bugs would be fixed, but nothing!

                            I would like to hear if anyone else have encountered any problems like I mentioned above...


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                              • Chris85
                              • MG0
                              • 25 Aug 2009

                              Does anyone know when Samsung will be releasing software updates via their website. Sound Codec and massive issues with contact numbers only being shown in the msg inbox rather than the contact name?...these need to be sorted soon samsung!

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                                • Snirk
                                • mYm
                                • 25 Aug 2009

                                amins, 17 Aug 2009Can I install the softwares of 5800 and N97 on this phone? ... moreI found one site that has nice applications for my Samsung 8910, please check and click on the "applications S60v5" link.

                                Most of them work on my phone so far, the "level" indicatior is great!!
                                There are enough applictions for you to choose out!!

                                By the way, love my phone. Last phone was a nokia N73 and i love symbian, so it was the right thing to do.

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                                  • Jim
                                  • P@8
                                  • 24 Aug 2009

                                  Ibrahim, 06 Aug 2009Hi wondering to buy omnia hd bcz of its high amou... moreIt's given in the reviews, battery-life is good. Samsung has hit the nail with this one!

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                                    • Iggy
                                    • nXP
                                    • 20 Aug 2009

                                    This is truly a dream phone,it´s even more than a phone,ive been using it almost a month and I´m in love,it´s fantastic,pricy thou,but it´s worth it,for me since i´m under a contract.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • utn
                                      • 20 Aug 2009

                                      Great Review GSMArena!!!


                                      I use L700, a fan of Samsung Jet, and no money for Omnia HD ;))

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                                        • digi
                                        • 0xa
                                        • 19 Aug 2009

                                        ok, now when you delete my previous post, i know who is your sponsor :)