Nokia 6710 Navigator review: Destination: Anywhere

18 August 2009
GPS is a must-have for every self-respecting phone these days. And it doesn’t even have to be a smartphone. From geotagging, through location-aware services and gaming, to full-featured in-car SatNav...

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  • Merlin

This phone works perfectly, it also have video editing and best graphice games.

  • Never a Nokia again

I've had a 6710 for 14 months and have had all kinds of troubles. I had to get through two repairs before the infamous zooming problem was kind of solved. Now, the camera buttons won't work when in camera mode (works fine when recording video or taking panorama photos) - the gps doesn't work when the data connection is off (which I prefer when I'm abroad) and the OVI app store simply I have always considered Nokia to be a high quality vendor until I got the 6710 - I'll never own a Nokia phone again.

  • BDubya

The 6710 is the last Nokia phone I will EVER own. It is an absolute piece of rubbish and Nokia can't seem to be bothered to try and help. I was without phone for 4 weeks while "repairs" were made. Got phone back, used it 30 minutes and took it right back to Nokia Care. Zooming problem just keeps coming back. Shame on you NOKIA.

  • kalevra

This phone is absolute rubbish! I bought it after readin the review and have been stuck with the notorious zooming problem ever since. Nokia dont seem to care about the issue. A quick search on the nokia sites forum for the 6710 will show the countless people worldwide who are suffering with these phones. Do not make the mistake of buying it. I will be changing to HTC now.

  • Anonymous

I got this phone yesterday...and the automatic zoom is giving trouble. Cant use gps, camera, web or gallery as it zooms in and out the ENTIRE time.

  • nash

Great phone when it works. Am on replacement number 3, all with different issues. First WLAN continued scanning when turned off which flattened the battery within 12 hours. The 2nd phone reboots all the time during phone calls. Will try replacement number 3.

  • Shinyo

This is a great phone, I use it to connect my Laptop to the internet using HSDPA and never think of its battery because this phone charge the battery from USB.

  • sjesansarbos

I have this phone for a month. Its very good phone, working perfectly, looking very good (much better then some other more expensive models, my wifes N96 for example). I think it is one of the phones with best price/(perfomance+look+ergonomy) ratio.

  • Anonymous

ive had 4 of these phones in the last month everyone had a problem with it, even got it fixd and it still playd up. dont get one.

  • Kyle

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2009What kind of review is this wherein they have not mentioned... morePlease don't be daft. What kind of review is this? OMG they've covered everything besides one minuscule little point of how sensitive the gps is. I mean honestly. There aren't exactly hundreds of phones on the market with integrated GPS and had you read properly in the conclusion you would've noticed how they mentioned there isn't really competition.So comparison is pointless. GSMArena - a very good review. Extremely accurate as well. Commendable. :)

  • Vncs

in brazil this phone has the same hardware as n85 by the half of the price (change the fm transmissor for 600mhz processor)

  • South Africa

Me gonna get this phone.
Actully a Sony Ericcson Fan but this fone
looks too good!

  • noKK

its great.. but nokia website says 6710 has only A-GPS??!!

  • Anonymous

no fm transmitter

  • guesswho

Will Nokia make this HSDPA 850, or compatible with Next G in Australia?
It will be such a shame if you can't use the 6710 to it full potential in OZ.

  • Anonymous

This is much more balanced phone than nokia has released in a long time.. Well done.

  • Anonymous

Man...this phone is awesome....
u have every thing....just cant find any drawbacks....
n-gage games???
well...they can be installed externally!

  • Ana

I like the phone!
But it's sooo masculine.
Why doesn't it also come in pink color?

That's the biggest failure of Nokia :(

  • rocky

This is a nearly perfect phone, lifetime navigation licence and all the extras Nseries has included and you get the car-kit, and I like the mat surface. I want this phone!

  • Anonymous

What kind of review is this wherein they have not mentioned the lock period for a device whose highlight is gps navigation. Gsmarena is escaping its duty by saying that gps is fairly sensitive. What do u mean by fairly sensitive? Give us the figures for lock time with cold start and compare it with other devices so that we know excactly how sensitive it is. Also mention the chipset nokia is using in this set for gps wil ya