Nokia E72 review: The business of messaging

28 November 2009
Nokia E72 is one of those handsets everybody is talking about long before their release. There may be nothing much to talk about after all everyone knows what to expect of the Eseries and they have never let us down. But still savoring the next batch...

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  • Anonymous

Fil, 29 Nov 2009what's so special about this E72 which will make people buy or u... moreAre you effing serious?? You want something like the E72 to run windows mobile? WM sucks big time! Its the worst piece of crap mankind has ever come up with!

  • KKK

This review has not evaluated the e-mail client properly.

1) An email containing a "forward mail" cannot be viewed 9the forward mail cannot be viewed).
2) Some HTML formats are not supported.
3)Even when you have selected to download the complete mail including attachments for auto-retrieval, it only downloads the headers. When you open the mail, it then begins to download the full mail, thus wasting precious time.

Is this the business of messaging?

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone two weeks ago and it is excellent.

  • S. I. Galib

After the review, I went to Nokia dealer of Bangladesh and bought the E72. Previously I was using e75. The e72 meets much more than expectation. moreover than that it is supporting .xlsx means all the office 2007 documents. A real updated phone !!! I wish i could have got a bigger screen!!! I found only this lacking in this awesome phone.

  • Anonymous

this phone till now no buy in egypt but some of customer is need to buy it

thanks and i need to know when it Available in egypt (Raya,I2,Ring)

  • Than

Metal? Where is the metal?
Everything but the battery cover, seems to be cheap painted plastic, similar to E52/55.

  • Anonymous

not a nokia fan, but holding a button to activate the torch. now that's a function all manufactuere can make use of. good one nokia!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2009There is less metal around the antenna, like at the bottom of th... moreLess metal round the antanne means more radation - E-72 SAR 1.3 much higher than the other E series.... Too dangerous to use.

  • Anonymous

MG, 30 Nov 2009Something is wrong here. The E55 review gave it excellent mark a... moreThere is less metal around the antenna, like at the bottom of the phone, to improve signal quality. Quite a few people complained about signal drops on the E71. Removing the bottom metal antenna cover should help with that. Also, painted metal plastic? The front of the E71 (that aforementioned antenna cover) was also painted plastic (and it chipped easily). The Bezel is still all metal, so is the back cover. They were always thin, this is a 10mm thick phone! This complaints are insane. The E72 is different, maybe "softer" looking as GSMArena claimed in their review, but this is still a well built and solid phone. I've had one in my hand and I honestly feel the quality is the same between this and my E71. I've been tempted to upgrade, but honestly I'm going to wait for the price drops in a few months. Right now my E71 is still completely great to me, and the E72 isn't going to be outdated in Feb for a nice chunk of change off the current retail price.

  • MG

Something is wrong here. The E55 review gave it excellent mark and this review gives an excellent review to E72, but the build quality of those two is a huge downgrade to the build quality of their predecessors - E71 and E51. Thin and flimsy backcovers, E55 battery extremely difficult to remove, E55 "metal" frame is actually made of plastic, E72 has less metal parts compared to E71, Volume buttons are made of cheap metal-looking plastic. Okay software of the new devices is better, but the renowned quality and feel of the E-class series is G O N E!

  • Wayne

I presentlky am using an E66, previous to that was an E90 and your nod to the fine build quality is a bit off base as you havent used the phone long enough to know.On both of my E series the naviagation toggle chrome finis wore off within a month of normal use, the E90 (which in my opinion was Nokia's best venture into the business phone market) lasted all of 13 months before it packed it in. When sent to Nokia for repairs, the reply was "Unrepairable." not a good ROI for that unit and since then other users of the E90 have had the same issue as me (RX, fine TX gone!)so you are saying fgood build quality, lets wait and see. As to a form factor, Nokia should have updated the E90 as so many other manufactors have taken that form fctor and made some very interesting phones.

  • haseious

never mind my previous post. i'm such a doofus. lol.
i think we should be able to laugh off all our arguments.
the E72 is HERE, and we're STILL in unrest?
whether you take it or leave it, love it or hate it, just be CIVIL.

  • haseious

erm, is it just me or is it impossible to find the messaging "input settings" option? i've tried looking for it everywhere, but it seems to be elusive...

  • Anonymous

Jus me, 29 Nov 2009Wow seems like you're the sort of guy who will buy China phone w... moreI am guessing you have a Nokia....who sources its Parts and has contract manufacturing in china .... Guess u the dumb sad soul who will always be happy with old technology and con yourself into thinking he has the best.... Grow up

  • Jus me

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2009Radation level at 1.3 is too high No dual SIM No slider key p... moreWow seems like you're the sort of guy who will buy China phone with dual sim! well, please go away from this forum cheap guy!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2009Where else can you find all that if not on a horrible Chinese ps... moreI hope when you grow up you will be able to want some great technology .... Till then do wallow in you childish loyalty to nokia

  • Beowulf.

Gilly Rocket"", 28 Nov 2009Gsmarena mentioned that superb audio quality in Advantages but p... moreSuperb audio quality referes to the 3.5mm audio jack... it sounds excelent with high end headphones, playing lossless flac files, really good I tell you.

mediocre sound quality mentioned referes to the speaker... for hands free calls, etc. No one listens to good music on the speaker so that is not important. But you can use the e72 as a stand alone headphone player like an iphone.

  • Spiffo

Got mine after waiting since June and the wait was worth it. Great build quality, specs and even firmware stability is decent.

  • Raggo

Bought one 4 days ago and has been used extensively after hacked. I've used Symbian for over 5 years now but this is definitely nokia's best masterpiece to date. Ugly perhaps, but outstanding.

  • Fil

what's so special about this E72 which will make people buy or upgrade to this phone, especially if you have been using something like E71 or E75 in the past? It's a fact that people look to E-series as a phone which could be used as a business purposes but times are changing.

Will we ever see a Nokia E-series running on a windows mobile platform, or android to say the least. That would be fantastic... isn't it?