Nokia 5230 review: Foot soldiers get smarter

12 December 2009
When touchscreen handsets start to take over the lower segments of the market you know the rules of the game have changed. The Nokia 5230 is a smartphone but it doesnít mind rubbing shoulders with the common run of handsets. So, itís free...

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  • Anonymous

Dev chaudhary, 27 Aug 2013Nokia 5230 my favourate mobile phone.I Like Nokia 5230 than the smart phone. I be happy to have it again. Its so nice.

  • Anonymous

how do you download certificates

  • Anonymous

  • Nandy

Nice yaar not bad

  • Dev chaudhary

Nokia 5230 my favourate mobile phone.

  • neeraj

im nokia 5230

  • Bikash saha

Good facility


nokia 5230 super phone

  • mani

rahul, 23 Dec 2010hey i am confused between 5230 & htc smart.... guys please h... morei want to buy an old 2nd hand nokia5230 .how i know is it good or not plz say me/give me some idea.......

  • User

It is very good mobile.

  • shah

If u want wp7 ui on s60v5 phhones download this free theme:­7-user-interface-nokia.html?m=1
Looks jus like windows and u can send bluetooth file transsfers!!

5 star app!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rishu

This ph good perfomance

  • AgrisePolosig

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  • jukin-dahil

Stop hack the program!!!

  • joebizerta

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  • Aldamer

Does skype run on it ?

  • Amigo

aWSUM 4N............

  • sandeep


  • kandwal

the touch input very poor,some hidden game not show,no extra changeable battary cover in the box,battary heating problem.No secondary camera

  • #harris12[EGGHGGTGGT

Hey - I am definitely happy to find this. great job!