BlackBerry Curve 8520 review: BlackBerry Lite

22 December 2009
With the Bold almost reaching perfection in the BlackBerry arts, new horizons need to be explored to keep the spark alive. The tall task to pioneer new territories (in BlackBerry terms anyway) falls on to the Curve 8520. The new Curve has a price tag that’s easier on the wallet...

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  • Logan

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2016Need help to set up a blackberry curveWhat U Want to set Up ur Device

  • LoGan

ebse , 16 Aug 2016please I need help to restore my blackberry 8520If U Want To Restore Ur Phone then go to Options and then Security And Select Wipe Option With Text Blackberry And Take A Seat and Bring A Cup of Coffee it Will Take Little Time
Thank You

  • ebse

please I need help to restore my blackberry 8520

  • Anonymous

Need help to set up a blackberry curve

  • sarah

I have a major problem with my blackberry 8520, first of all its not on the net at the moment but when I lock it with normal keypad lock I cant get it open and now my entire keypad is freeze help please


pratham , 01 Nov 2014I want to confirm that it support whatsapp or not pratham yes the Blackberry 8520 Curve. Does support Whatsapp


I am have A Blackberry 8520. The Only Problem that I have with the Blackberry 8520 Curve is If I go into a Certain application and once I log out of the Application. It than runs Slow For about a few Seconds. Otherwise than that I have no Problem with it. The Blackberry 8520 Curve. Take Extremely Beautiful Photo's. Blackberry 8520 Curve Does Support Google Maps app. Which is like a GPS. It does Take BBM V8. But BBM v 8 runs Slow on it. Blackberry 8520 Curve does Support Whatsapp (all the Whatsapp Versions) and Mxit ( All the Mxit Versions) Too

  • pratham

I want to confirm that it support whatsapp or not

  • Sintu singh

Wery wery good

  • treb36

So very hard to connect facebook,good internet connection,gave same advice..

  • Anonymous

nice looking

  • AJ

I am BB user wen ever I am using my home brower an error come "A Problem occurred while trying to render the page " pls help co'z of tht I can't use my net ......pls help me ....

  • crossfire

I hv n problem wth ma bbc 8520 edge it dznt show reiceving frm Bluetooth y mara


Anonymous, 27 Apr 2012I have a problem with my bb 8520. I know most people in sa ... moreWipe it

  • viju

anand, 02 Apr 2013Very slow. And wrost devoice do't purchase this phone .i lave blackbery

  • Sr

Viber calling is there ????? In this phne

  • anand

Very slow. And wrost devoice do't purchase this phone .

  • nikhil

How to restart

  • den

what is the apps.for this phone?

  • le lion

can whatsapp be used on it from a country to another?