Google Nexus One review: Firstborn

26 February 2010
All droids are equal but some droids are more equal than others. Google it. You’ll get the Nexus One. There are around 50 smartphones and tablets running Android today. That’s right, out of all the offspring they fathered with the Open Handset Alliance...

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  • Anonymous

am having. problem with Bluetooth widow and hotspots

  • sumeetghalot

not open googleacount and videos also

  • sumeetghalot

not open googleacount and videos also

  • Fido

How does d phone indicates its charging? Im using it for d first time n how long will it take b4 i turn it on

  • borey

Canadian Guy, 26 Feb 2010I've used this phone for a short period in Canada. It's ver... morehey for i buy htc google nuxec 1 from my friend. when use it maybe 3 minutes it's so hot; what's problem?

  • Eric

MS, 19 Mar 2010Got my N1 yesterday. Till now its awesome device. Will reco... moreDo not post a review after 1 day of usage...!!!!! I bet that after 1 month you fed up with this damn phone and crash it against the wall.

  • Akash

this not working, that not working, this not supported, that not supported?????

no divx? no equalizer? no etc?

it's free to open (you lose warranty but hell)

it's fully customizable like every other android based phone out there.

I mean seriously, is there an android phone user out there who uses these phones with stock rom/recovery/anykindofimage?

  • Krishnan

Got the device for around 269$ on This is a Sony LCD version and it's a value for money for the features and the latest software it offers. Got the gingerbread update over the air in India. Facing some issues with the touch screen once in a while other than that it performs well.

  • bani

the firstborn get the same new shirt as his brother (gingerbread 2.3.3) stock... hurray

  • Anonymous

What bothers me is 77-98% of battery usage is from the Display. Is this normal? Or is there a way I can minimize the usage of Display? I try to adjust the Brightness and the Screen Timeout but still the same % of usage...

  • blackprincefds

Samuel, 07 Mar 2010Like you, I also refused to take an iPhone because of it's ... morethis is a nexus one review which is running the most up to date android software so why we talking about the hero?

  • Anonymous

DivX playback already available by installing the rock player which is FREE!!!!!!

  • iheartnexus

if you notice most of the "main disadvantages" have been fixed in froyo

* No DivX and XviD video playback
* No Flash support for the web browser (FIXED)
* No smart and voice dialing (FIXED)
* Somewhat clumsy camera interface & limited camera features (FIXED)
* No dedicated camera shutter key (FIXED)
* Non hot-swappable memory card
* No FM radio (WHO CARES)
* The soft keys below the display are somewhat unresponsive (FIXED)

this phone is seriously underrated! and the new gen of andoird phones (evo + droid x) are just too big for my liking. had google done better marketing and supply chain management this phone would have done wonders!

  • Anonymous

No FM?! With Froyo 2.2 the radio is available! ;)

  • Eddie

hey guys, I've had N1 for about 3 weeks and I'm facing 2 problems. 1 the screen sometimes registers multiple inputs when using one finger but a quick lock and unlock screen fixes that and the other is that I'm noticing a tiny amount of dust building up on the lower left of the screen and its no big deal but hows it going to look in a couple months from now (since its only been 3 weeks ) does HTC warranty cover it? I bought the N1 from a friend new and don't have receipt or shouldi sell it and get me something like the X10 or just go ahead and open it and clean the screen when it gets heavy?

  • Anonymous

its the most amazing phone in market
it is iphone killer 1.
awesome design very sleek and light
the trackball and notification bar is the added advantage
love it completely

  • Anonymous

I cant believe people bash this phone (or any phone) for not having an FM radio. seriously why does this even matter? you've really got to be looking for things to complain about at that point. go online. most radio stations have live feeds anyway, or use pandora. problem solved.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for one month now & its simply Awesome!!

  • lejmat

First am nt a apple fan.Having said that I lost my iphone 3gs last thursday so tot of replacing it;as ATT wont unlock it even if am ok to pay 600$ for iphone.Then I tot I can get N1 for 530$ and its unlocked. I researched and read all the reviews and everyone pointed me saying its as good as iphone.One last thing I need to do is enter my credit card number, then my office colleague said his frnd has N1 so you can try it before getting one.

I tried and that changed my entire decision.
Good thing abt N1 is it felt gr8 in hands and display is good.
But multitouch NOT good(I even felt HTC HD2 was very responsive) and tracking is not good. Bottom menu buttons need to be pressed hard. sometimes wont register the command. default browser is bad. Selecting a text not intutive. need to go thro couple of modal screen to get a word copied.And the last bummber is speaker volume. Its very low. Am ok with eveything except for speaker volume cos SW update can fix those issues.Speaker its a hardware. None of the reviews I read covered abt the speaker volume which is imp for many ppl.

- This is what I felt when played with N1 for couple of hrs.
And I was using Samsung Epix and Palm Treo Pro(Unlocked) before switcing to 3GS.

  • Mobile Spoon

The Nexus one is a very good phone with some obvious Android advantages and an amazing processor.

But, as many already know, the hardware buttons are not focused, the battery time is tragically short and the reception (even after the patch) is not good.

I tried it for a month and now I'm going back my my iPhone.

Here's my full review: