Motorola BACKFLIP review: Back and forth

18 March 2010
Android elders must be staring at this one in disbelief. Looking down at it for all we know, measuring it up. What about the BACKFLIP? We guess it’s exactly the kind of gadget to stare back, humble but defiant. Android was a life...

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  • JTree

Don't throw out that old BackFlip, not just yet.
I was in the market for a cheap, but, high capacity MP3 player when I remembered I had this old BackFlip laying around. By today's standards the camera isn't very good and the Qwerty pad has a glitch so that it can't be used. Otherwise it's in perfect operating condition, as an MP3 player. I installed the maximum Micro SD card it can handle and I've got the best MP3 player to be found. With that much spare memory installed, it also serves as a FlashDrive for transporting entire file folders.
Thanks BackFlip !

  • 38240

5mp front camera is better than any other front phone camera, even Xperia Z's 2.2mp. That said, it is also front camera.

  • Banana

Can u pay as u go? Buy card at store for monthly service?

  • Nick

I would like to buy this phone
should i go for it or not?

  • Anonymous

I've been using for a couple of days now, so far works great! honestly I haven't had any hang or similar just some weird behaviour when it's pluged to the charger, right now I'm on 2.1 rom, and works perfect!

  • Praveen

Please don't buy this phone..You can't take half of the calls coming since it hangs and people feel you are not taking the calls..also its a dead slow phone.. biggest mistake of my life..:(

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone yesterday and guess what?......
This phone dose nothing but hangs and hangs and hangs......
Also to top it all after using it for an hour or so i saw that there were TWO SCREWS MISSING on the back panel..... I now cant even throw it nor can i use it had to take it back and its a pain to get it changed now.....
and i have still not recieved a positive reply from Motorola....
Guys plese dont buy this phone its a waste of energy
Its better to buy a NOKIA N97 plese dont buy this phone....

  • Fsylar

Stop Copying from &a, 21 Mar 2010actually it is so silly to see everyday big companies such ... moreIphone is not the the greatest touchscreen out there what with forgeting the basic needs like good reception and it feels locked to other gud stuff lyke flash support no company is trying to copy iphone they are just giving better options with like samsung galaxy (which is way better than the iphone) and the others

  • Asbestos Jones

Had the backflip for 3 days now and loving it.

  • Pol

I have had this phone for 1 week and I HATE it with a passion. I am currently trying to get a replacement as I cannot stand this phone! It doesnt listen to you, it does what it wants - it's not user friendly, Motoblur sucks. This might be a phone for the under 25s but it's certainly not one for adults. One word of advice - do not buy this phone before seriously trying it out first and seeing if it fits into your lifestyle. There are so many things it does NOT do compared to the last Motorola I had.... I am extremely annoyed !

  • Anonymous

haha im getting that phone soon (backflip) im happy. it gets u from point A to point B in style.

  • alex

i've been using the phone for a few weeks now. It is awesome. can't wait to get the Android 2.1 update. as a side comment, it does have voice dial, just tap the home key twice. cheers.

  • Anonymous

How they do phones with poor cameras and sound quality? That's ultrageous!

  • Anonymous

i do think that the layout is almost an iPhone clone..
all they did is add 2 other buttons next to the home button.. oh well

thought this video was pretty funny though.. if you like the iPad ha

  • New

Does unlocking helps in getting rid of the restrictions on the phone?

  • jjsoviet

Blastalot, 24 Mar 2010I think the whole copying part is nonsense. Every phone man... moreAgreed. In fact, we could sue each other for looking alike!

  • Blastalot

I think the whole copying part is nonsense. Every phone manufacturer can sue each other for the one has come up with a camera in their phones, the sms function and you can go on and on like that.

  • jjsoviet

[deleted post]I will again reiterate my argument. If you feel the Backflip copied the front screen of the iPhone, why hasn't Apple taken any measures to point out such a design infringement?

Now take a look at another unique form factor... the Motorola RAZR V3. So many blatant copies from Chinese manufacturers, and even some design elements are incorporated to some Nokia phones. Why hasn't Motorola sue them years ago? There was no real case against this, yet you can clearly see them copy the RAZR. That's because there's no patent for the design. Does the iPhone have a patent for a slab of a form factor it has? No.

  • jjsoviet

[deleted post]Temper temper! :P

Now, if you really think everything copied from Apple, let's see you list down at least five blatant copyright infringements done by any phone company. Then think about why Apple isn't suing them for those infringed patents.

Did you know that all competing devices look and feel the same, with just different components and features? Then tell me why Toshiba, HP, MSi, Dell, etc. aren't suing each other... when in fact their products are all laptops and they almost look and feel identical? Why hasn't GE, Sylvania, Philips and EcoSmart fight over when their products are practically lightbulbs?

All products can look alike, but that doesn't mean it's an infringement. Prove to me that other mobile handset manufacturers have design copies from you precious little iPhone.


Im liking this. Android is really shaping up to be THE OS.