Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 review: Larger than life

26 March 2010
Sony Ericsson have been working on the X10 for quite a long time, taking the utmost care to make sure its software offers the best user experience possible. They wanted... Retested image and audio quality based on latest firmware

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  • Anonymous


  • Ali

I had to ability to send a photo with a text last week, now I can't. Not sure if it's the phone or the Bell network, anyone know?

  • azey

i have been using dis phone for some days now and i have observe it cant install apps

  • saintcut

i recently got x10 i want to know all its functions. i have seen three things like light or camera. one is a light that blinks n shows when charging. what about the other two just above the screen where its brand name is. contact me /facebook ransford oppong

  • AnonD-95190

Please if there will be next upgrade of xperia x10 from 2.3v try to deals with camera and video quality for real its not good

  • AnonD-68084

man i wana know that if there is a way to update with out rooting 2.1
i hv done all things but still it says your software is up 2 date.

  • Alif

Friends i want this mobile is awesome.i find so many new thig in it.plz pray for me for that.

  • GOK

Its too good. X10 RoCkS

  • beso

i will never buy sony ericson again. they should do something to resolve their costumer's complaints especially for sony ericson xperia 10i.

  • kasra


  • Johnette

faxd, 03 Dec 2010yes, I get the same also it can not pick up the coming cal... moreWhy do I bother callnig up people when I can just read this!

  • Kaed

You're on top of the game. Thanks for shairng.

  • Jayne

LERON GOVENDER, 21 Sep 2011i am planning on getting a south african model opf the x10/... moreGod help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to fgriue this out.

  • Kierra

LUCKY, 07 Dec 2010hey i'm planning to buy x10 from a person who says he got... moreApaperntly this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin' 'bout.

  • Margaretta

iqbal, 11 Jun 2011hye all,i have x10,but when i use broadband sim its cant de... moreYeah that's what I'm taklnig about baby--nice work!

  • chi

FOR LERON... get if you want it ... im using it for a year now ... features are great and perfomance is acceptable ... its up to you how you manage to install apps or use your phone . .x10 is great display is good . .i updated to 2.2 froyo and colors are good. .battery for me is good it can stay up to 2 days with 60 % lcd brightness . .vibration on txt. .android apps . .live wallpapers that i customized . .music and 3g is on. .its a good phone. .get it . .but if you want perfomance then go with other expensive phones. .


i am planning on getting a south african model opf the x10/////////some advice as to what is the main disadvantages on the mobile.....

  • AnonD-22308

To the admin of this site.
The URL says the following
16M-color ready (65K effective colors under Android OS v1.6)
Is this correct? I do not think that 65k color limitation was a factor of the OS version. It should be a HW factor, which is a limitation of the LCD.
Otherwise when upgraded to Android 2.3.3 shouldn't this give 16M colors?
Please clarify.

  • wizzkid

DaMan, 04 Jan 2011Look at the 360 degree spin of the phone. In one of the ang... moreyes this is true!!!
360 spin at one point is a mirror reflection only for the buttons!!!

  • AnonD-19118

i have xperia x10i.i'm facing some problems. heating during calling. heating during internet browsing.
3.battery getting empty within 4-5 hours.
4.ear speaker very weak
5.handfree speeker too weak
pl.tell me solution.