Sony Ericsson Elm review: Green roots

9 April 2010
It’s not like good old-fashioned phones with buttons are going extinct – they are still the money makers. But for handsets such as the Sony Ericsson Elm sneaking into the spotlight is harder than ever – Androids, Symbians, iPhones, smart and...

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  • Joseph
  • t7A
  • 18 Feb 2022

All i can say is, one of the best 5mp camera out there. I'm in love using it's camera

    • K
    • Karthik
    • fCx
    • 01 Aug 2014

    This model sony ericsson j10i2 was not suported youtube and not suitable for internet download ,when downloading finaly operation failed occur.this problem existence after instalation of software or mobile flashing.what i will do..

      • M
      • Mantu
      • U@$
      • 01 Apr 2013

      Elm camera clearity is very nice
      Sound quality nice

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • IWU
        • 19 Feb 2013

        Is this???hand set sound is very low than other sony ericssons...quality,bt very low loudness,bt music is quality,

          • S
          • SE fan
          • wYC
          • 16 Jan 2012

          did they put the headsets on when they tested this phone for audio quality?

            • D
            • Druckmargy
            • svs
            • 21 Dec 2011

            SE owner SE hater, 09 Apr 2010No 3.5mm audio jack = No buy. Hopefully this is the last SE... moreI'm sure the best for you for more detail online shopping

              • r
              • raj
              • 7tD
              • 21 Oct 2011

              Only music and after that nothing....

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                • diwatron
                • vGZ
                • 21 Mar 2011

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                I found this is a multipurpose mobile phone.with lots of stuff and inbuilt 5mp camera, Recently i found lots of mobile with mobile track feature but this mobile lags, so i decided to get some info about mobile theft software and the detailed report i have published in

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                  • DSat
                  • b$2
                  • 11 Jan 2011

                  Here are the pro's and cons after using it for a month
                  >>GOOD camera- crystal clear pics during the day- nice macro. The night shots are blurred and grainy(i think all cellphone cams will have that problem). Amazing number of features/options for using the camera.(picture quality compared against a HTC desire)
                  >>light and easy to use- you don't have to break your head about trying to figure out what's where. very intuitive.
                  >>The keypad is nice and big for fat fingers like mine.
                  >>Decent battery life- for talking about two hours a day+ 10 pics a day+half an hour on the net- your battery will last you for around two days.

                  >> Slippery- your phone slips out of your hand very easily if your hand's cold or remotely wet.
                  >>OS hangs sometimes.
                  >>The search for phone numbers is kind of slow- you have to patiently wait till it recognizes alphabets.
                  >>No games.
                  >>when you receive a message it gets partially displayed.This is awful since anyone looking at your phones gets to read it(and there's no way to disable this).
                  >>you can't send a number from your address book as part of a text message- you have to send a business card separately.
                  >>The opening of the gallery gets slower as you take more pics- gets irritating after a bit.

                  Verdict- if you want a good camera phone, a numeric keypad and a candy bar design- this phone's the best in the market for you. For any other features- you may want to rethink.

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • 3At
                    • 05 Oct 2010

                    please can anyone explain me how i can open its battery? i just bought it and don't want to break it

                      • v
                      • varun
                      • u1F
                      • 08 Sep 2010

                      silverboi, 18 Jun 2010thanks mikey, i really miss that feature on my c510. i wanna know that is there a limit to adding 'notes'in the organizer
                      coz i have added 50 notes now it says u cannot add more notes
                      so how to solve this
                      pls help

                        • d
                        • dr. D
                        • utg
                        • 23 Aug 2010

                        1.i've had 3 walkman phones before, nothing compares to the richness of ELM's sound.
                        2.the picture i must say is truly good in daylight but looses most of it's edge wen in poor lighting conditions n even with flash.the camera is not very basic, one needs to be a bit of a photoperson to pull it off.
                        3.the netfront browser is a delight,i'd rate it just 2nd to opera mini,close second
                        4.wifi range is very short,pity
               dedicated music player, stuffy earplugs, but i suggest get a 3.5mm changer for just 400 rs.(original SE) n ohh i'm in heaven(even compared to W595)
                        6.YES, dont get misguided it charges fine thru USB, it looses power v v fast courtesy the 16million color screen, but yeah it charges thru main wire lightning fast!
                        7.the keypad's very ergonomic, pleasure!
                        8.there's accelerometer too!!
                        9.n telephony is good, there is no such thing called loud in sounds, SE sound has always been rich,more detailed sacrificing the loudness.... it's like tasting finest darjeeling blend or single malt scotch.
              's selling for rs.9900 as of 23rd aug 2010 @ kolkata, i cannot see wat more one shud ask for frm this package

                        dictum is "once a sony, always a sony"
                        SE is not very durable, it has glitches more often dan nokia, but sony's multimedia performance is sumthng no other brand can even contemplate... it's lyk ur hot hi maintenance GF,gives u real excitement, and is really graceful

                        for faint of hearts, wanting "ohh looks n attributes hardly matter to me,it's all abt eternal love" i suggest, pls settle for nokia, SE has nvr had a mass appeal.

                        ps. i'm a person of medicine, n i solemnly swear i have no personal interest in sony ercsn if u'v bin thinkin me as a salesperson all dis while.
                        just lyk every other patient,phone's may also hav individual problems dont label the whole class as problematic.

                        did i tell u ELM has one sexy back??

                          • s
                          • stoskusa
                          • GwM
                          • 13 Aug 2010

                          i'm kinda dissapointed with ELM as i expected... i like my c902 much more, and it's more powerful and convenient, the antenna signal is stronger on c902 for 1 or 2 bars (strange). i think ELM needs some improvements, as performance speed also. only one game preinstalled, and nothing cool to download... the same with the themes- nothing special... it's reallly nice, but it's a pitty that i did't like it... i'm gonna sell it :( and get back to c902 maybe. the only advantage is wi-fi

                            • D
                            • Deepshikha
                            • wiS
                            • 03 Aug 2010

                            Anant Sagar, 02 Jul 2010I just bought it! i quite enjoy it, and contrary to your re... moreAs far as my usage is concerned , i want a phone dat has good battery backup, good camera clarity, good music player, video calling, and good reception(clear voice call). So keepin in mind these features, shud i go 4 elm??

                              • D
                              • Deepshikha
                              • wiS
                              • 28 Jul 2010

                              soulie, 27 Jul 2010Well thats how much it will cost with 12.5% tax. I got it f... moreAs far as my usage is concerned , i want a phone dat has good battery backup, good camera clarity, good music player, video calling, and good reception(clear voice call). So keepin in mind these features, shud i go 4 elm??

                                • s
                                • soulie
                                • Mcm
                                • 27 Jul 2010

                                Deepshikha, 26 Jul 2010Hiii... From where u bought ur phone..?? i went to 'mobile ... moreWell thats how much it will cost with 12.5% tax. I got it from Mobile store too. And inspite of my review, you still want to go ahead and buy it? :D
                                Btw, the phone mysteriously started charging with USB port so that one grouse was my bad. But for the calender widget refusing to go away from home screen, i contacted the SE support over email. They took 5 days to respond and this is the reply i get.
                                Dear Customer,

                                Thank you for contacting Sony Ericsson Contact Center.
                                In reference to your e-mail regarding Sony Ericsson handset. We comprehend your sentiments over the delay in contacting you. We apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. We would request you to kindly visit the service centre and you would be informed about the next course of action.

                                Best Regards,
                                Sharma Vijay
                                Sony Ericsson Contact Center
                                Makes me wonder about the super secret fix that they couldn't inform over email. And it took all of 5 days to get this not-so-helpful reply.

                                  • D
                                  • Deepshikha
                                  • wiS
                                  • 26 Jul 2010

                                  Anant Sagar, 02 Jul 2010I just bought it! i quite enjoy it, and contrary to your re... moreHiii... From where u bought ur phone..?? i went to 'mobile store' and they told me its of 11,239 Rs. Plz reply...

                                    • s
                                    • soulie
                                    • Mcm
                                    • 19 Jul 2010

                                    Crappy review. Totally misleading not cause its wrong but only cause its not complete and detailed enough! Firstly, there isn't anything in the box in the name of GreenHeart! The data cable is about 4 inches long. The manual is like what you get when you buy a piece of furniture that you ought to assemble yourself. Tens of folds that open out finally like some large piece of treasure map. The manual on the phone is equally painful. The cursor is a great thing on touch screen but not when you are using a d-pad.
                                    The headphones are another incomplete set of accessory. Firstly, you do not even get a pin to hook it up to your shirt so that it stays in place and isnt dangling. Second, all you can do is take a call. It just isn't designed to do anything else. On my HTC or Motorola, pressing the single head phone button would show the call log. I could then scroll the list, press the button again and place a call! How convinient but SE simply refused to go deeper than great sound quality!
                                    SE was never known for great OS and Elm sure has software glitches. I moved from a MotoRazr to HTC to SE and oh man, the motorola was a breeze to use! I bought the Elm for its camera and sadly thats what it is. A camera with a phone built in. It completely forgets that its a phone first. The ClearVoice and the other function (cant remember whats it called) only manage to decrease the clarity of voice reception on both ends. And on top of that, you can only turn them off when you are on a call!!
                                    The widgets is another piece of crappy software. I opened the calendar widget and now it refuses to hide from my screen. So now, i simply can not use the widget shortcut at all since everything is hidden behind this permanent calender.
                                    The call log is another silly thing. I press the "call" key and it shows the complete call log. But the moment i start scrolling the call log, it blanks out exactly the row that you have currently selected. So i simply can not make the call. As if its a blank entry in the call log.
                                    And finally. It does a Nokia where it should not have! It does not charge with the USB cable. Dud!!
                                    So i had gone with a list of phones that i wanted to buy and not one was SE. Most were Samsung and a few nokia. I simply wanted good call quality, long battery life, USB charging, blue tooth and a better than average camera. The store didnt have a single one from my list that i compiled using reviews on GSMArena. It did have the Elm which the sales rep presented as an option. He was good enough to let me surf the reviews on gsmarena and the reviews say its all hunky dory. So i went ahead and bought it. Can i live with it? I can now that i've paid 11k rupess. Could this situation have been avoided and i was happily living with a better phone? Of course! And i don't think its just the India handset!

                                      • A
                                      • Anant Sagar
                                      • iiW
                                      • 02 Jul 2010

                                      I just bought it! i quite enjoy it, and contrary to your review it does have a bundled usb connectivity wire, although its really short. And it also comes with a 2 gb memory card. All in all i think its a pretty good phone. Picked it up last week for 10500 indian rupees!

                                        • K
                                        • K.O.
                                        • w0P
                                        • 26 Jun 2010

                                        does it really come with memory card???