Nokia 6303i classic review: Retro chic

20 April 2010
It’s either a job that pays the rent or a job to love, not both. If the Nokia 6303i had this mentality it would be in big trouble. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about here. It’s a handset that knows its place and does the job it’s paid to do. The Nokia 6303i classic is an "i" phone...

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  • Durga sahu
  • rKG
  • 27 Aug 2016

My first Mobil is nokia6303 ilove to us this mobial but idont have now this Mobil but iam looking for the next my phone is Nokia 6303

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    • AnonD-76297
    • TL5
    • 11 Apr 2013

    I'm using it since november,2010.
    i'm glad to have such a beautiful & metallic set.
    camera is fine for me as it deliver excellent photo in proper light.
    this metallic set is pure rough & tough. i've downloaded popular apps like NIMBUZZ, FACEBOOK, UCWEB BROWSER and many more apps and games & all are working superb.
    it never hangs untill now & its 16M colour screen is superb for watching videos & photos.
    overall, its trully an amaging mid-range mobile which u can use year over year.
    i give it 9 out of 10.

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      • Sra
      • rJ%
      • 23 Sep 2012

      Yeah my ovi store not opened

        • K
        • Kumar4Ever
        • PTi
        • 23 Mar 2011

        Alonzo, 29 Dec 2010I cannot delete call log :( Pls help, it irritates me. Re... moreHi, Dont get disturbed. Please try to restore the factory setting. Make sure that you have back up of phone data before doing factory settings.

          • A
          • Alonzo
          • m%T
          • 29 Dec 2010

          I cannot delete call log :(
          Pls help, it irritates me.
          Really I feel sorry for buying this cellphone. Nokia fooled me for 130 USD> 6303i sucks big time.
          Hate Nokia- never ever will mess with Nokia again.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • vbx
            • 18 Nov 2010

            ohh come on guys...
            it's worth it's price..
            it's a gr8 phone for a common man who jst needs it for making calls n text messaging.. & it also has a 3.2 MP cam. it is jst a gr88 phone for a common man!!

              • e
              • elimy
              • PEH
              • 02 Nov 2010

              may i know what is the unit of phone i need to buy when some one texting me and i dnt know where he/she from???

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                • foo
                • Ia1
                • 10 Aug 2010

                Just tested a 6303i in the shop... I absolutely don't like the keypad.
                Too small, too cramped, too far at the bottom of the phone, mechanic feedback too soft, keys too flat... WHAT WAS NOKIA THINKING? The keypad is the most important thing on a phone, together with software. Really like the S40 6th edition... but no.

                  • S
                  • Sarmad
                  • wuc
                  • 29 Jul 2010

                  The Nokia 6303 classic is an obvious option – it’s got an auto-focus camera and VGA video recording @15fps. The smaller microSD card and the older UI aside, the 6303 classic has the same features as the 6303i.

                  I think I tend to disagree with gsmarena team on this part of their review because music playing abilities on 6303i are far superior than 6303. Camera capabilities are downgraded but then its probably not the phone to be purchased for having a mobile camera, as many 5mp phones are in the market. But its music capabilities are comparable with the best in nokia.

                    • f
                    • fank
                    • nNH
                    • 28 Jul 2010

                    6303i vs 6303 : +2,1 dB in voice ... a human can't feel the difference (should be more than 3dB). So, I think that audio isn't really improved.

                      • G
                      • Gino
                      • nN2
                      • 27 Jul 2010

                      Another flop of Nokia...downgrade the phones but upgrade the price!

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                        • SymDroid Palm OS 10.
                        • t7X
                        • 24 Jul 2010

                        Nokia , Disconnecting People

                          • s
                          • santosh
                          • s8b
                          • 04 Jul 2010

                          the phone is not supporting various file farmet. then why it is loaded with such files.

                            • P
                            • Ptah
                            • N7D
                            • 03 Jul 2010

                            My calculater is missing, what should I do.
                            ( You can use my email to respond;

                              • D
                              • David green
                              • 2Z9
                              • 12 May 2010

                              hi everyone,this is the handset that i have been looking for..go for's realy a fun filled handset..

                                • h
                                • honey
                                • 2@c
                                • 28 Apr 2010

                                Lord Nutcase, 27 Apr 2010Can it play blu-ray discs?hello nut....
                                your question is so FUNNY:

                                If It ca'nt even play it's own s/w and media formats Properly....

                                How can u think abt that it will play blue ray.... HA..........HA.......HA.....
                                u really makes me laugh......

                                "NOKIA DISTRACTING PEOPLE"

                                  • L
                                  • Lord Nutcase
                                  • MJc
                                  • 27 Apr 2010

                                  Can it play blu-ray discs?

                                    • e
                                    • eCStAzzy
                                    • 33G
                                    • 27 Apr 2010

                                    What does the "i" stand for if it doesn't have 3G conectivity ? Adding a few more features don't make him "i" worth...whatever...the thing in my country 6303 is more expensive than "i" version,why is that?

                                      • d
                                      • dosz.......
                                      • 2@c
                                      • 26 Apr 2010

                                      ya u r right mr. skb........

                                      All the phones of nokia are fool making qlity

                                      they all have difference in there name only....

                                      I think people should wake up and start protest against NOKIA.....

                                      we should start campaign on "ANTI NOKIA"

                                      I think anybody who know something about qlity. and sound ....... he can slap on the NOKIA manufactures..... they make fool by just changing the names
                                      there always a great facilty of seeking a nokia friendly word....which is "OPENING"
                                      oh my god wake people wake,.....
                                      throw these phones........
                                      and start buying really good qlity phones of
                                      SONY ERICSSON, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLLA, BLACKBERR,,,,,, even FLY mobiles are better than NOKIA
                                      this is really true....... that
                                      "NOKIA DISTRACTING PEOPLE"

                                        • s
                                        • s.k.b
                                        • 2@c
                                        • 26 Apr 2010

                                        oh my god nokia have made another fool making phone,,,,,,,,,,,

                                        and FOOL peoples will start to buy this cheap qlity phone which have same chinese look like other phones of Noikia:

                                        "NOKIA DISTRACTING PEOPLE"