Nokia 6303i classic review: Retro chic

20 April 2010
It’s either a job that pays the rent or a job to love, not both. If the Nokia 6303i had this mentality it would be in big trouble. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about here. It’s a handset that knows its place and does the job it’s paid to do. The Nokia 6303i classic is an "i" phone...

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  • 23 Apr 2010

You say in this that the 6303 classic only took up to 4gb, wrong, i had an 8gb in and it worked fine

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    • Anonymous
    • SH{
    • 22 Apr 2010

    downgrading the video recording to qvga an 8..EIGHT frames per second!!!???!!!
    thats the worst figure ever!!!
    never heard of it before..even the first siemens phones capable of video recording had 15 fps!!
    you gotta be kidding me.
    is this how nokia sees progress??
    terrible phone and nokia at it's worst.

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      • theworld
      • 0Ne
      • 21 Apr 2010

      steve i like your comment! iphone everywhere. why all phones are comparated with iphone if iphone cost 700 euro in UE but this i think that 200 euro in UE. stupid people do stupid thinks

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        • Steve
        • qba
        • 21 Apr 2010

        can you get through one article without mentioning butt buddy Apple?

        Jesus christ

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          • Ayo
          • Mn}
          • 21 Apr 2010

          Good one. Does for what is intended. I rather have this one in my pocket when I'm jogging or riding bike then easy breaking touchscreen phone.
          It's good that there is still possibility to choose between classic and touchscreen in this segment.
          Nokia's phones with metal bodies are very cool (E72, E52, 6700). They should use metal bodies even more.

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            • 2@1
            • 21 Apr 2010

            what a shame..
            gsmarena people used old screenshots of 6303classic in review..
            cant u people take new screenshots..
            phonebook screen shots are of nokia 6303 classic (notice the battery icon)

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              • Anonymous
              • t7K
              • 21 Apr 2010

              Phone like this still need to be reviewed? I mean, c''s just a waste of space.

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                • minizobi
                • Cau
                • 20 Apr 2010

                Meh. Prefers teh 6700 Classic.

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                  • hani
                  • mcY
                  • 20 Apr 2010

                  not bad