Sony Ericsson W800 review: Walkman, camera, phone

12 August 2005
We have tested the so eagerly waited walkman from Sony Ericsson. This orange jewel has a memory card of 512 MB capacity, excellent earphones as well as a camera and function menu that are as brilliant as those of Sony Ericsson K750.

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  • Fahim
  • XSn
  • 27 Jan 2023

Shahzad, 18 Feb 2014Believe it or not. I'm still using its earphone as my prima... moreI bought mine (the original one with silver and grey colored) back in 2011. Still working as of 2023. To my ears, it even sounds better than my HD 558, 599 or even 650. There is something in this sound, cannot explain it properly - male and female vocals sound just about perfect, opposite of artificially boosted. Bass is almost perfect, no harshness in treble. Has better soundstage and instrument seperation than many expensive in ear headphones out there.

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    • AnonD-543508
    • 3Js
    • 31 May 2016

    LED flash is misleading. No flash at all. There is an external flash option but flash cannot be forced. = not good.
    also dont like not mentioning Focallenght! it around 30mm maybe 33mm.

      • S
      • Shahzad
      • j01
      • 18 Feb 2014

      Believe it or not. I'm still using its earphone as my primary ear buds for all phones. The quality and durability is matchless to any of the phone accessories coming out these days.

        • s
        • shihan
        • PWD
        • 09 Nov 2013

        k800i my phon no signat plz tell me

          • f
          • faizan
          • 2Tw
          • 05 Sep 2009

          i have sony w800i and i have a problem i cant charge it when ever i put it on charge a whit light flashes and then it turns off again can someone please help me... :(

            • M
            • Matt
            • 43S
            • 28 Jun 2008

            I read many reviews and one said that there stuck between the son Ericsson W800i and the K750i because ialso have the same problem ,but if I where to chose i would pick the W800i because it is newer and it looks better but i'm also worried about the joystick Because my Cousins Brother has a k750i and his joystick is still fine but his friends joystick is bracking. So I hope i helped

              • M
              • Muhammad Adnan
              • u1v
              • 22 May 2008

              Wao,What a mob by Sony Ericsson amazing sound quality great camera and every thing is perfect. It is the best ever phone by SE.

                • F
                • FAISAL
                • iFr
                • 19 Feb 2007

                hi there,
                could u give me some idea ,whether i should buy nokia 3250 or sony ericsson w700i.....
                please do reply please..

                  • H
                  • HECTIZO
                  • N9T
                  • 11 Feb 2007

                  this iz da best fone eva !!!,esp da walkman!!

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • 4FD
                    • 13 Dec 2006

                    Great article! Thanks to the writers - it was very helpful in helping me choose this phone. Overall, the W800 was the best choice for me because of all the features it offers. Specifically, no other phone out there had music capabilities and camera quality like this phone. Great work Sony, soon there won't even be a need for iPod's and digital cameras!

                      • 4
                      • 4och
                      • T2$
                      • 08 Dec 2006

                      Can my phone download mxit and mig33

                        • V
                        • Vickky
                        • PTn
                        • 28 Nov 2006

                        Hi Guys! Some says that W800 always hangs..... Is it true? Can anyone say me that when the mobile hangs? And what should be done for avoiding this problem?

                          • V
                          • Vickky
                          • PTn
                          • 28 Nov 2006

                          Hi friends! I have read many comments from your side for SE different models, and m planing to buy K750i or W800i but m worried about the joysticks & voice clearity even m confused inbetween these two models so anyone can suggess me a best one Pleaseeeeeeeee..........

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • MSR
                            • 11 Sep 2006

                            This phone is so cool its the best phone i have ever had and if u r into music like me then its a definate yes!!

                              • M
                              • MATT
                              • 2GB
                              • 06 Sep 2006

                              Hav had this phone for about 7 months now and it is AWESOME i hav tried lots of different phones between now and then including SE k800i nokia 3250 and N80, seens that i work in the industry, and w800 is best by far. Hav had no problems with it at all would recommend it to anyone

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • mF4
                                • 22 Aug 2006

                                i'm buying this phone tomorrow. it looks frikken awesome and over here its only...well not only but still cheaper than's only $400 CND. plus this one comes with free protable speakers yay! lol. the reason why i'm choosing this over da 810i is cuz there's no major drawback unless EDGE is useful to you and i'm goin back to toronto soon and everyone has it and i wanna be different. plus the 800 got better bettery life. go w800!!

                                  • T
                                  • Tarik
                                  • M%V
                                  • 11 Aug 2006

                                  The volume on my SE is perfect it can be increased to 8 which is really loud....sometimes it scares me when it is not expensive at least not here where I is probably the best phone I ever had, and I am changing the phones as they arrive to the market so I know what am I talking about, and I have this one for a long period of time and I do not intend to change it soon......perfect job, credits to SE team.

                                    • j
                                    • josh
                                    • n1e
                                    • 08 Aug 2006

                                    yer it mint phone nout up wit it ever volume good with headphones in and without it mint too cos wen i dont take headphones i put it on speaker walking down main roads and streets and can hear it as clear as anything

                                      • S
                                      • Sangita
                                      • 2xA
                                      • 06 Aug 2006

                                      I have researched and asked my frends aobut W800 and W810 an di sooo can decide which one to buy!!! can u plzzzz mail me and send me ur suggestions?? thnx.. By the way this site is very helpful so thnx to the ppl who created it!

                                        • D
                                        • DJ LuCa
                                        • Lyx
                                        • 02 Aug 2006

                                        I just got one ot these phones, it's awesome, it's expensive but it's worth the trouble. i recomend it.