Sony Ericsson W800 review: Walkman, camera, phone

12 August 2005
We have tested the so eagerly waited walkman from Sony Ericsson. This orange jewel has a memory card of 512 MB capacity, excellent earphones as well as a camera and function menu that are as brilliant as those of Sony Ericsson K750.

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  • c
  • calvin
  • PWA
  • 17 Jul 2006

hi , i've seen this phone and i love it . i just want to know howz the volume . Is it loud enough ? coz most of sony phones have low volume . can ur'll help me please , coz i relly want to buy one soon .

    • H
    • HolySlayer
    • RYV
    • 27 Jun 2006

    Hello people, Does the large opening on the bottom of the metallic circular thing(on which the camera lens is located) has any negetive results? I mean isnt it a bit bigger so more dust may enter?

      • s
      • shane'
      • PH2
      • 16 Jun 2006

      i want this very much,saw it one day and fell in love but my problem is i live in the caribbean where phones are pretty expensive SE w800 cost about $2000 here and 4 a student tht is alot, so i have to be sure it is worth it. Is the phone really worth it from all the comments i am indecisive. Help me please.

        • G
        • GuviduX
        • nsF
        • 12 Jun 2006

        i have this phone for over 9 months now. it's the best one i ever had. the keys still work great, the joystick has absolutely no problem. and i use it a lot... i mean i keep playing games when i'm at school, listening to music. this phone was tested in the worst conditions on earth. best phone ever, by far!!!!!!!

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • nEP
          • 08 Jun 2006

          Just got dis phone and its awesome. The joystik is fine by da way.

            • K
            • Kessera
            • PWa
            • 06 Jun 2006

            i have read bunches of commants u guys posted. some said good, and some said bad about w800. in fact, i want to buy one too, hence m looking around for ur commants.
            can anyone clarify whether good or not good? wat bout joystick? will it last long or juz a month?
            thanks very much!

              • L
              • Leonine
              • wYF
              • 05 Jun 2006

              Nice review! w800 is the best phone ever. :)