Apple iOS 4 review: Getting there

25 June 2010
iPhone 4 launch day came and went and Number Four has taken over. Today, as the dust settles, we hope to move away from the hype and take a clear-headed look at what’s new in the iOS4. No, this isn’t a full-featured iPhone 4 review, nor is it...

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  • Caden

not happy, 12 Jul 2010iOS 4 has ruined my iPhone 3GS, it now reboots and restarts... moreThis makes evrethying so completely painless.

  • Fats

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2010If its real work I have no problem. But if its created virt... moreI want to send you an award for most helpful itenrnet writer.

  • Jaylin

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2010most ridiculous part when it wrote...videocall...only btw i... moreA bit surpsried it seems to simple and yet useful.

  • JOPM

Mr-fix, 07 Jul 2010i own a iphone 3gs i upgraded to 0s4 the latest os is good ... moreJ;P

  • AnonD-5422

Abiyingoma, 29 Apr 2011I bought iphone 3, it now almost 2 months, I never enjoyed ... moreYou too.

  • AnonD-5422

MRB, 23 Feb 2011I just tested an iphone for a week. It was the most disappo... moreJust be quiet ! I know you have never experienced it ! You are just one of the mean android fans that is always jealous of IOS users.

  • Abiyingoma

I bought iphone 3, it now almost 2 months, I never enjoyed it at all. It drops network when I stay on phone for more than 3 minutes. I returned it where I bought it 3 times and even now is still with them. I can't cancel the contract while I cant also use the phone. Who should I talk to? It is the worst phone service I ever had. Thank apple, you have discontinued.

  • MRB

I just tested an iphone for a week. It was the most disappointing experience. After all the hype i was expecting alot more.
Camera = Low quality and no editing.
Multi tasking = HUH?
Apps = millions of them but i dont think i'd use more than 2 on an ongoing basis. They were novelty.
Contacts = deleting one at a time?
Video Call = None.

I could go on. ive used nokia, LG, samsung, motorola and iphone now. The iphone was very fast but i found it took me nowhere really quickly. After testing the iphone i will be in the market for anything else.

  • apple lover,i phone

i gotta admit i love each and every apple products well needless to say except i phone i don't understand why they have to keep the price so high n at da same time can't offer things that its nearest competitor would offer.. i'm a guy who don't hesitate shelling out cash for good product but i'm a careful buyer as well.. n i don't think iphone 4 deserved that kinda price tag. til the time they come up with newer and better iphone i would have to go with galaxy

  • sazali666

I bought my ip-3gs on 1/1/10 it the best phone ever - hands down i have a nokia e71 i only used it for video calls with the wife wants to know were about i an - even can't the ip-4 is a web cam phone only "SUCK BIG TIME" - os4 it good but at first time around my battery was runing out by mid day & it woould heat up "BIG Prob" - by dam i hate the os4,I wanted the old sys back "u had to bring ur power cabel every were u go" after seeing how it runs when u used an app make sure u turn it off - before the update not a prob it turns off as u change apps
I won't get ip-4 yet till they have the vedio call added in - then that will the phone to have "Apple what is missing"

  • Sharkey

Symbian phones have been multitasking since forever! kinda like how Macs were able to click and drag long before PCs and how they had Stickies and Widgets long before PCs!

  • Sharkey

The top 6 new features have been present in almost all other phones for over 6 yrs! Nokia n82 had 5mp camera with xenon flash! Ovi Files gives you 10Gb online storage FREE! and you can access Ovi Files from Mac or PC (way better than MobileMe)
USB and BT file transfer has been available on Nokia phones a very long time. Even on a Mac, not just on PCs
Been a Mac user since 1997 and a Nokia user since 2006...
I'm still not convinced enough to dump Nokia for an iPhone.
iPhone/ iOS is over-rated/ over-hyped!!

  • L.J

I have Just Updated to the 4.0.1 And it's shocking the Reception can't even send a sms without failing.
I only get 1 bar and im in the Melb CDB on a high level as well.
Wish I never updated it should of kept it to 4.0

  • Ameya

I am in this tele comm industry and work for one of them … one thing I have observed is that on a iphone 3G or 3GS when ever an update is done with the IOS4 … it screws up the phone badly in terms of coverage/connectivity, internet speed and general phone ulitities ... whats the problem ... aint apple cam out to say to upgrade the 3G and 3GS phones with IOS4

  • iPhonePhil

The option to add attatchments directly from the Mail application instead of having to go to the picture and select send by E-Mail would be an improvement.

  • zholy

You forgot to mention 1 VERY bad thing about "folders".
You can only put a very few apps in each folder.

I can't even do something as simple as "5 folders, each with 13 apps".

What good is "2100 apps per phone" if you have to have 175 individual folders?
Games1, Games2, Games3, Games4, etc
(And which "Games" folder did I put my app in?)

It's right back to "too many home screens" again... and swipe, swipe, swipe.

If you could have 48 folders... each with 48 apps... you would *NEVER* have to swipe more than "1 screen forward... and 1 screen back" (at most).

(Even if you had over 2300 apps on your phone.)

  • cj

i have a 32gb 3gs and with the new 4.0 software my battert life sucks

  • CFM69

as a concern iphone owner, my advise to all iphone owners who never upgraded their phones to ios4. better not doing it! it will ruin the functions of your device. reboots in few minutes, slow browsing, screen freezes etc... that's why i never upgraded my iphone to ios4 and keep my iphone to 3.1.3 due to what i see from my colleagues who upgraded their iphones and they are now encountering problems.maybe the purpose of apple is to destroy our iphone 3g/3gs so that we switched to iphone 4 which is the price in my country is around hk$12k-hk$14k. this is hell expensive!!!

  • not happy

iOS 4 has ruined my iPhone 3GS, it now reboots and restarts after a phone call!!!
it never did this before, i wont ever buy an Apple Product ever again, their phones are plagued with bugs, the new iPhone 4 is riddled with problems, dont know what i`m going to choose now!
look here for the problems that everyones having with iOS4

  • Anonymous

If its real work I have no problem. But if its created virtually witin the same app then theres a limit.