Apple iOS 4 review: Getting there

25 June 2010
iPhone 4 launch day came and went and Number Four has taken over. Today, as the dust settles, we hope to move away from the hype and take a clear-headed look at what’s new in the iOS4. No, this isn’t a full-featured iPhone 4 review, nor is it...

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  • Siddharth K Dwivedi

We all knew it from the first day of AppleWWDC that iPhone 4 has flaws but look outside it's a great handset with great OS and mind you a status symbol too these days.
Apple has a winner in hand with some sweat though but nevertheless. Still no phone can bite Apple.

  • Anonymous

lame os.

This os will be boring without apps

  • Simon

No need for an Iphone killer because there's not much there to kill. There's already Android, new Symbian, Windows 7 phone coming and Iphone is the one that is barely catching up. Compared to high-end Android devices it's actually outdated even before it's released.

  • andy burgin

Why do people pay so much for a mobile that does not support the best an simpiliest features,Apple better change there ideas quick or people will start leaving the iPhone alone because of the Price an Features on it,they are acting like Samsung thinking the Current Generation just buy phones on its looks not its Features,let see what happens when the N8 becomes available an the N9 meego phone announced soon

  • Anonymous

sorry. my nokia can do everything listed in 'What’s still missing' list

  • Anonymous

Android and Symbian should also come up with more paid / free localised applications like Apple, be it maps, guides, directories, is one reason i feel why Apple is a success....

  • Anonymous

while android is getting better.....i think google also got to realise tht ppl r loyals to brands such as apple....not loyal to OS, so they got to work closer with others like Samsung, HTC, Motorola to come up with clever campaigns like wat Apple did since the 1st ipod days....nt familiar with Android, but if an application bought with Samsung phone, can be port over to a Motorola will really be a huge plus !!!......this will get more developers creating applications that can sell on all types of android devices instead of different versions for differnt brands...

  • corefirewire

Hey a new kind of joke > read carefully

Apple iPhone OS 4 ha ha ha lol :'-)

  • Tom-Helge

iOS 4 have a looooooooong long way left to be even comparable with Android 2.2 now.

Now some Apple fanboys might say that iOS 4 is the most user friendly OS out in the market. But i wouldn't call iOS 4 user friendly when iOS 4 miss those things listed under here.

* No Flash support in the web browser
* No true multitasking for all applications
* No quick toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G
* No social networking integration
* No info widgets on lockscreen or homescreen
* SMS tones are still not customizable
* No mass mark emails as read
* No proper file browser or access to the file system
* No USB mass storage mode
* No vibration feedback when touching the screen
* No Bluetooth file transfers to other mobile phones
* Contacts lack a swipe-to-delete or mass delete feature
* No SMS/MMS delivery notifications
* No smart dialing (but Spotlight is a somewhat of a substitute)
* No DivX or XviD video support and no official third-party application to play that
* The whole iPhone is too dependent on iTunes - you cannot add the same type of content (video, photos, apps) to the phone from two computers, a regular file management interface would have been much better

Here Android just blows the iOS 4 out of the water with no problems.

Other than that, i like this review because it's pretty much right.

  • Chris

hahaha Symbians are far better than the iOS 4....... hahaha admit it apple.......

  • corefirewire

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2010maybe in the next gen fone,they will intro the xenon flash ... morelolz man !! gr8 thinking :-)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2010still missing so many thgs that other brands / models can d... moremaybe in the next gen fone,they will intro the xenon flash and market it as the revolutionary apple flash

  • corefirewire

each OS has its own + and - but still i feel over hyped things don't last for long.

Seriously now i am not fascinated by iPhone or its OS, they started from scrap and improving their own OS and not bothered about what the other OS are delivering , happy with their monopoly and lack of flexibility.

What their OS is providing is provided by few good OSs especially Android. Even this Android OS stated from scarp literally and within years they have done wonders except front video recording in most of the brands. Also they don't take a year to come up with major changes, they do it frequently.

On the whole Apple lovers will love it and others have many good choices.


  • Anonymous

most ridiculous part when it wrote...videocall...only btw iphone4 and only via Wi-fi.....this is a real joke....

  • Anonymous

still missing so many thgs that other brands / models can do for ages....they add it to new OS, or a new gen of iphones, and apple fanboys goes crazy over it again.....i find it's juz down to clever mktg....

  • satan

just uncheck the homescreen and multitasking options when instaling os4 through jailbreaking...then your 3g will have the same speed with os4...but whats the point when you dont get multi tasking??? its coz i friggin cant restore to my 3.1.2 again..damn it

  • lol

what a joke OS.

  • sam

lol Android is much better. iOS is so limited and boring.

  • Anonymous

This OS is ridiculous!!!