Sony Ericsson Aspen review: Tree-hugging business

08 July 2010
The Aspen may well be the phone youíre least likely to expect from Sony Ericsson. To begin with, itís a PocketPC but shuns comparison to the XPERIA line. On a second thought though Ė itís a concept that can be traced way back in...

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  • Mosh kambale Akbar

To the manufactures please help me unlock my white Aspen sony ericsson please because I wish and like to use it!

  • Anonymous

Mudit chauhan, 28 May 2011this is the worst phone ever by sony ericsson. just to mention f... moreviber

  • Ci

I have one Aspen.
I have beem using for 1 year. One day the battery flatted and i charged. when i want to switch on is only light and shows me sonyericsson. I dont know what i can do.

  • Roberto

This is the worst phone I've had !!! it's really annoying, the signal disconnects and I have to do a hard restart (remove battery) ....

  • AnonD-10433

Hey! i need help! i cant hear anything from the caller. help!

  • bleeeeeeeeeh

i have a problem. i cant hear the caller. help!

  • Mudit chauhan

this is the worst phone ever by sony ericsson. just to mention few things
:bad processor
software keeps hanging
if you do anything with the downloading of any application. the software starts behaving weirdly resulting in shutdowns.
customer support has no idea about the phone. they know only one thing and that is to format the phone n give it back to you.

in short will never ever buy anything new from sony.
thank you sony for cheating us.

  • saldelicious

really a very bad mobile hs a really bad is jst d second day of ma purchase,problems hv started.on d day of my purchase only i gv it 4 repairing nd wen d problem ws over nw problem came up.I RECOMMEND EVERYONE DONT EVER PURCHASE THIS SET.

  • Atul Gajjar

I had purchase sony Aspen M1i for its windows version but I am disappointed as during working on Excel and Work mobile gets hanged and compulsorily have to restart and use it. Its camera also gets hanged during clicking. Finally no Call Voice Recorder software supports WINDOWS hence it cannot record any calls, which is now a days very much important.

  • dn

SE Aspen font size needs to increase,can any one help me

  • bal

mobile ok but its not support many games resolution if installed some times mobile get restart, anybody can help me

  • det

Tension on the existing ringtone in my aspen phone. How to transfer the music in memory card to ringtone directly? anybody can help?

  • Michael Loh

The phone look okay!!! But still lack on design, screen, camera and video call camera compare to Nokia E series!!!!!

  • zel

does it have a security code for unlocking??? would someone tell me? thanks a lot!

  • zel

hi... i would just like to know if it has a security or code lock... thanks!!!

  • mouse

thanks for a professional review! but the power consumption test is missed. Any idea on this?

  • John

Have been using this for work about three weeks now. This phone really sucks. The UI is unbelievably un-intuitive, the phone is so slow, the touchscreen annoyingly unresponsive and the "pen" just makes it feel like we are back in 2001 again. My rating is at 1-2/10 points.

  • cahayaalai

is opera mini software which i installed on this of charge?? how it connect anyway??

  • saj

I've got something strange happening to my aspen. Outgoing calls go blank in about 30 seconds and incoming calls get connected but I cannot hear anyone. Help anyone?

  • iah

If you live in Hong Kong - as I do - you will find that Nokia can no longer supply keyboards on smartphones without chinese characters. This makes each key very crowded and is the reason why I'm quitting Nokia after 10 years +