Samsung Galaxy 3 and Galaxy Apollo review: Galactic twins

12 August 2010
Congratulations, it’s twins! The Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 and I5801 Galaxy Apollo are both in our office and they’re keen to show everybody that Android is great for lower mid-range phones too as well as high-end...

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  • kori9
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  • 25 Nov 2013

I still have i5801 & it works fine. I 've fallen in love with android due to this phone. It was my 1st android phone & m proud that i made a right decision. Looking forward to upgrade it with NEXUS 5.

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    • AnonD-175629
    • utG
    • 14 Aug 2013

    My First Android Phone. (Since Oct'2010)
    The phone which made me fell in love with Android.
    It has never visited a service center for almost two years, in-spite of me dropping it from the top of a cooling tower (49 feet). Steel lining took the impact.(little damage) Really wondering how.

    May be outdated in 2013, but remains my darling forever.

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      • AnonD-171332
      • Hkq
      • 01 Aug 2013

      Deeraj, 10 Apr 2011Samsung Galaxy 3 is overall a good device but sound quality... moreTry using earphones that too the ones came with the phone itself & u will know what they r saying...

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        • AnonD-171332
        • Hkq
        • 01 Aug 2013

        Really nice work by samsung, its performance is better than many entry level phones even today. I have this since last 3 years, it is yet to see a repair shop...
        Its irritatingly happy i want to upgrade but this marvel is not saying bye at all...

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          • rocky
          • U@Z
          • 02 Oct 2012

          I have been use this galaxy 3 for one year its awesome.....
          I love it

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            • Andy
            • ute
            • 20 Aug 2012

            Jehnavi, 25 Jun 2012The Samsung Galaxy S III does not include any shutter lag a... moreYo man
            Check before commenting this is galaxy 3 not s3.

              • J
              • Jehnavi
              • vGA
              • 25 Jun 2012

              The Samsung Galaxy S III does not include any shutter lag and offers a bit less than per second shot-to-shot time. You can use the camera phone to click images even when the video recording is on.

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                • nasiru Danjauro
                • 3sE
                • 31 May 2012

                Ain't good enough.

                  • J
                  • Jehnavi
                  • vI2
                  • 25 May 2012

                  This phone has call drop issue. if gsm network fluctuate it drops your call (it seems). Its doesn't work as a phone rest is fine.


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                    • Anonymous
                    • kx$
                    • 11 Feb 2012

                    WMcD, 05 Jan 2011Has anyone experienced a problem with the Samsung galaxy Ap... moreI'm having the same problem with my contacts. They disappeared from contacts but if I look at my contacts history then they're there, wtf

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                      • AnonD-23944
                      • 2Td
                      • 28 Sep 2011

                      Hi guys , im looking to buy a good music mobile phone ,looking at the review the music quality of galaxy 3 seems to be better than iphone 4!(i doubt it though) , should i go for it or are there any other better music phones out there for same price range ? (im not really concerned abt camera / older os version),btw i live in India

                        • r
                        • reynold
                        • 2@X
                        • 19 Sep 2011

                        Ram, 15 Jan 2011I'm looking to get this phone ! Have to decide between sams... moregalaxy 3 is having bigger screen size then the both, where else monta is not an android, i will suggest you galaxy 3

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                          • Anonymous
                          • YQD
                          • 18 Jul 2011

                          I am using i5801 for 6 months now.
                          Pros: easy and fast browsing and social networking.
                          Cons: failed as a quick phone and quick sms features.
                          for ex. 1. You cannot call/sms quickly as with basic phones. It takes nearly 10 - 20 seconds to reach your desired contact numbers. Dead slow in that aspect.
                          2. Suddenly I get black screen when calls come and unable to locate who that is and frustrating.
                          3. Some time unable to take call as the swiping never works.
                          4. Unable to identify letters in open day light. Those who work as an active salesman shall never opt for this idiotic mobile. Just he will die in raising his bars.
                          In can use it NOT as a phone BUT as a mini pc in his/her pocket.
                          That's it.

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                            • manjeet
                            • Khr
                            • 26 Jun 2011

                            on the box of my set it is galaxy 3 but according to internet, it is apollo the phone with round home button.
                            The phone is awesome. i had battery issue when i first bought but then i came accross advanced task killer and got solved my issue, no call drop issue and nothing else. The only problem is vissibility in direct sunlight. i recommend galaxy apollo for all pple with low budget and want to enjoy the fun and ease of a smartphone.

                              • D
                              • Deeraj
                              • U@T
                              • 10 Apr 2011

                              Samsung Galaxy 3 is overall a good device but sound quality sucks....Don't know why GsmArena says "Great Audio Quality"? Its not even close to my old N95. Don't expect it to replace your old PMP or iPod!

                                • S
                                • Suman
                                • s82
                                • 18 Mar 2011

                                I have a big issue here with my Galaxy 3. They (Samsung) had promised a Froyo upgrade, but am still waiting for it. And chances of getting it seems very low now since they've already launched 2-3 new phones with Froyo.

                                Samsung guys are nothing but a bunch of cheats!

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • TqC
                                  • 13 Mar 2011

                                  Pg, 03 Mar 2011it's better to give some more bucks and buy MOtorola defy, ... moregalaxy 3 is only 79 £ in uk and defyy is 260£ in uk. galaxy 3 is best cheapphone

                                    • P
                                    • Pg
                                    • wdQ
                                    • 03 Mar 2011

                                    it's better to give some more bucks and buy MOtorola defy, just check out it's video
                                    ITS awesome.....its around 17k to 18k and its better than all android in this range....

                                    check sony xperia x3 ,it's android 2.2 @ cost of 13k.

                                      • g
                                      • giri
                                      • utN
                                      • 23 Feb 2011

                                      how to set the wallpaper full size photo please anyone help me

                                        • s
                                        • shelby
                                        • pTA
                                        • 17 Feb 2011

                                        Can i turn off my androids to optimize my battery life ? if so, how ?