Samsung Galaxy 3 and Galaxy Apollo review: Galactic twins

12 August 2010
Congratulations, it’s twins! The Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 and I5801 Galaxy Apollo are both in our office and they’re keen to show everybody that Android is great for lower mid-range phones too as well as high-end...

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  • vitrag
  • 9xi
  • 15 Feb 2011

Internet does not works in any of galaxy3 apps. ........Can anyone help me fix dis problem.....

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    • pk
    • uwW
    • 07 Feb 2011

    Hi, any one could you please suggest me how to increase the battery life for Samsung I5801, my mobile battery is not even lasting for a day

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      • Replier
      • mI6
      • 04 Feb 2011

      Ram, 15 Jan 2011I'm looking to get this phone ! Have to decide between sams... morechoose galaxy 3, because the rest two phones are too cheap

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        • Sriharish
        • ut%
        • 25 Jan 2011

        battery life really sucks not lasting for 1 day at least.and i am waiting for android update 2.2 but i don't think samsung going to release in india. i would suggest you to go for lg optimus one p500. very nice phone good battery backup with android 2.2,nice camera,with good music Galaxy 3 sucks.

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          • paramesh
          • KS7
          • 20 Jan 2011

          Awesome mobile bought it a week back for 12k has some pit holes though but are negotiable ,i connect to wifi,internet through mob..even blue tooth working perfectly..did not face any call dropping issues till now,battery works fine if 100% charged can work on it full throttle for 1 and half day....
          Good features that i found::
          -Nice sound quality
          -free to downloads apps , free ware android apps
          -moderate camera good though
          -superb touch sensitivity equal to iphone
          -superb browsing speed
          -can download files on to the mobile
          Some frustrating features::
          -we have to slide the screen to accept a call feels very irritating
          -poor sun light visibility
          -poor casing very light ,one should be very careful while using the phone
          -very slow in connecting to gps
          -hangs a bit while multi tasking
          all these above bad issues are negotiable but the experience while
          using the phone is great ,you feel really smart while using the mobile ppl looking for low range smart phones go for it!!!!!

            • Z
            • Zafar
            • 2Z1
            • 19 Jan 2011

            Oxymoron, 16 Jan 2011Hi there! Just bought this phone and I can't understand ... moreThe Letter "R" is for Roaming.
            When u r out of your home network, R comes besides the signal bars

              • O
              • Oxymoron
              • nb8
              • 16 Jan 2011

              Hi there!

              Just bought this phone and I can't understand one thing. What is the letter R just left to the signal strength icon. I found that it spends battery resources and is meant as "radio" but I haven't activated any radio.

                • R
                • Ram
                • TL5
                • 15 Jan 2011

                I'm looking to get this phone ! Have to decide between samsung galaxy 5 , galaxy 3 and monte. Any suggestion guyz ??? Am really confused this is gonna be my first android so pls dont disappoint me !

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                  • WMcD
                  • myx
                  • 05 Jan 2011

                  Has anyone experienced a problem with the Samsung galaxy Apollo 8500, my contacts have disappeared from the Contacts icon, but if you are sending a message you can call up contacts from hear. I can call them up from my Short-cut icon. I took it back to the shop (T-Mobile ) but they were totally bamboozled and couldn't fix it. any comments

                    • D
                    • Dinesh
                    • PTi
                    • 04 Jan 2011

                    I bought galaxy 3 on last week. Everything is good but battery life is too poor... :(

                      • S
                      • Shankar
                      • vIw
                      • 31 Dec 2010

                      Manoj, 25 Dec 2010Bought Samsung Galaxy 3 . Initially sounds good but then CA... more@Manoj : I too accept that. It makes me irritating

                        • B
                        • Burjis
                        • 2S}
                        • 31 Dec 2010

                        samsung phones do not have smart searc option for images- contacts-songs for example...if u have 100 contacts saved with alphabet cant type and search and directly go to that ontact same goes with songs and have to keep scrolling...and scrolling..thats why nokia is always nokia hats off E series

                          • k
                          • karthik
                          • vI7
                          • 29 Dec 2010

                          san, 13 Dec 2010samsung galaxy 3 with Froyo - installation steps, files an... morethanks this is very useful site

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                            • Norbu
                            • MJ0
                            • 27 Dec 2010

                            I bought this (i5801 known in India as Galaxy 3. Original i5800 is not available) about a month back. This is my first smart phone that too Android Based.
                            Initially I got a bit annoyed that I need to have a "full" net connection (means the standard pay-as-you-go internet connection coming up with AirTel does not work) to work on internet based applications (most of them are). Also when I first started using this, there was very small number of pre-installed applications. The battery life is also remains to be a bothering issue. I do not use wi-fi, GPS or blue-tooth at all and still I see the battery goes down with two-three points from full-charge in the morning.
                            In General I'm quite satisfied with this. I have never had problems on calls. And I realized that the major power of Android phones is to customize it in the way one needs. So, basically I have to make my own phone-features according to my needs. Good points about this phone are:
                            1. Open OS - You can find & install lots of application of your choice/requirement (and a lot of them are free too).
                            2. Good screen - Indoor this is very good. Outdoor not so much.
                            3. Screen Size - Not the best one, but quite useful
                            4. Threaded SMS - Good for finding the right SMS & to organize
                            5. Integration with gmail, gtalk, etc.
                            6. Skype - I installed it & regularly use it. Looking forward for 3G services so that I can make call with it & reduce my international call bill.
                            7. On-board voice recorder is quite strong, picks up voices from moderate distances quite well. I record whole of my discussions in this.
                            8. Full QWERTY key board is excellent.
                            9. Capacitative touch screen is very good to use. Responds to every touch.
                            10. Generally good browsing in present network system. I hope with 3G, this would be much better.
                            1. Battery life is considerably short for a smart phone
                            2. Slows down a lot while multi-tasking
                            3. Camera does not have a physical shutter key. The touch shutter key has a considerable lag.
                            4. To receive a call or to reject, I have to drag the relative button to the other edge of screen.
                            5. Camera is moderate at best. Has a very light reddish tinge around the center.
                            6. GPS signal is quite poor. Most of the time it can not provide a location. This might be because of the haze in the sky or something. However I have seen performance of the GPS system of Samsung Monte and HTC Phones. They could still connect and give the locations.

                            In overall, again, I would say I'm quite happy with it. It is quite a good start for a smart-phone beginner.

                              • M
                              • Manoj
                              • sSN
                              • 25 Dec 2010

                              Bought Samsung Galaxy 3 . Initially sounds good but then CALL DROP ISSUE REALLY .. HURTS.. Using airtel connection. From my research it seemed to look like a Android Bug? Anyone has any solutions?

                                • r
                                • raj bihani
                                • 3sE
                                • 19 Dec 2010

                                I too had massive call drop problems. First they changed the software to 2.1 update 1. The problem psesisted. Went back again, the service guys were nice and they promptly changed the entire motherboard this ttime. Yet the problem came back again after a month. I have again sent it to the service centre. God knows what will they do this time. May be anew set. However in my case the service was nice at least.

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                                  • san
                                  • vI7
                                  • 13 Dec 2010

                                  samsung galaxy 3 with Froyo - installation steps, files and screenshots
                                  here you go >

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                                    • ravi
                                    • utZ
                                    • 12 Dec 2010

                                    i bought galaxy 3.after two i lost display and wi-fi is not working properly. i suggest do not purchase this phone.

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                                      • Miguel
                                      • nqE
                                      • 29 Nov 2010

                                      Hi. I hope the reviewers ever read my comment.

                                      You can read on this review that "it comes with ThinkFree Office pre-installed". What you don't read is that its license states that you cannot use it for professional or profitable purpose. Why would you want it then?
                                      I think reviewers should pay attention to these issues. It's very annoying that manufacturers can advertise that they included a couple of apps in the bundle and then you find it's useless to you. If reviewers mentioned this, this kind of practice would tend to disappear.

                                      Of course, most people will click accept without ever reading and will use it for whatever they want. I can't see what's the vendor's interest in supplying a fully functional app and then limiting its use in such a faible way. But this practice should be stopped, it goes against the interest of the consumer.

                                      About this phone, I bought it because of Wi-Fi n, my home network is all n in the 5GHz band, to have the highest speeds. The phone only supports the 2.4GHz compatibility band......
                                      I could have bought a better phone (at least one with a better AMOLED screen), for the same price, if I knew this.

                                      But heck, I'm not returning it, the phone is still nice.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • ut1
                                        • 28 Nov 2010

                                        Mukul Verma, 26 Nov 2010i am planing to buy this phone, but the user's reviews are ... moreonly prob is tat u need a google account to work with ur samsung phone...none application work without google account...i just bought it today...amazing features...and there is no call dropping error..its actually complicated to attend a call... you need to slide the accept button to attend the call