BlackBerry Torch 9800 review: Living the Olympic creed

24 September 2010
The BlackBerry Torch is not the first phone to give you both a full hardware QWERTY keyboard and an ample touchscreen in a smartphone setting. But itís a debut for BlackBerry and one that will probably shape the future for the next generation of RIM phones...

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  • Medyo Bastos

It was good while it lasted. Bragging rights are gone, it's weak compared to the most cheapest touch screen phone out there. The resolution is chump, the design is a tad crikey.
My Torch, while it still works - is obsolete. no support. no apps would touch it anymore. All certificates are expired. The ship has long set sail. Even the most basic apps like Google or Yahoo won't work on it anymore. So, I use as music player only. That's it.

  • wahab

BB is amazing phone really

  • eliboy4real

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2014Is it also touch 2?NOooooo it is touch 1

  • Bb fans

I like de phone and it was compare with dat of bb q10,i think it is amazing phone base on the browsing behavour.

  • Anonymous

Is it also touch 2?

  • Blackberry9800


  • AnonD-148705

when i start my bb 9800 torch it loading up to arround 95 to 97% than after bar will loading again from the start
how i will get my softwear again?

  • Mughal..,

I think blackberry torch is flop model i made the torch in betr design but i have no money but i have mind 1 day i prove my self

  • imaan

Hi how is live my bro

  • Jozef

Eddy, 22 Oct 2010camera is crapHow is it's camera? I have 9780, it's camera is a total crap!!

  • Anonymous

what phone companies can you use the blackberry torch with?

  • Jonathan Smith

Has anyone installed this app for the Torch?

CAMultimate is available from Blackberry App World for only 3.99:­/59017

  • Anonymous

how can you even compared an apple to a BB? I have an iPad and the only thing it's good for is browsing the web and playing music. you can't edit any documents on it at all.

  • Jimmy


How do I record a call using my BB torch 9800?

  • GQ

J. McCarr, 24 Nov 2010can`t decide between BB TORCH 9800 and iPhone4...please advise.neither wait for the iphone 5 or bb touch 9900

  • musty.

My BB torch hv problem with charging. Its start charging and then stops, it continues to fluctuate as such on/off. Used d charger on diff phone found its ok. Cld someone plz help.

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone for a month now and its the best phone i ever had and what was even better I got it for free on my contract and have a great deal which no other network can beat.

  • Anonymous

All RIM needed to do was fit this one with a faster processor, it doesn't even have to be the fastest in the market & maybe better battery. my 9700 has 2.4in screen with 1500mAh, this one not only has bigger, but also touch screen, heavier OS to run, and RIM had audacity to keep the outdated 624mhz rubbish while cutting the battery capacity to 1300. Now, RIM has to live with the consequence of its greed, loosing more and more marketshare.

  • konami

# Adith #, 16 Dec 2010looks like amazing phone, I got HTC Tytn II for 2 years and I wo... moremen do not got for torch belive me. Especialy cause u had a htc tytn.

Torch is to expensive for what he has. U'll be much more well served by a galaxy S good price for what it gives you

  • # Adith #

looks like amazing phone, I got HTC Tytn II for 2 years and I wont to buy a new one... its Torch ok..? can Torch edit a Docs like word & excel..?

How about 2 compare to Android phone(Galaxy S)..?