Nokia N8 vs. Samsung Pixon12 vs. Sony HX5v shootout: Blind test

05 October 2010
The Nokia N8 is an immensely popular phone and we’re already hard at work on a proper review of the handset. Since the N8 camera is its pivotal feature, we’re interested how you'd rate it in a blind shootout with two other cameras...

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  • gvaley

For the images I looked at, in order of appearance:
1. C,B,A
2. C,B,A
3. C,A=B
6. A,C,B
7. A=C,B
8. C,A=B

Overall, I'd say C,A,B or even C,A=B.

  • ayava

1. B
2. C
3. A

  • Anonymous

C - Best
A - Very Good
B - Poor

  • Shafeer

C is best
B & A has similar quality

  • Tuaeef

well C is the best resolution A is the 2nd but B is worse i really kinda hate it.
know C is SONy A is N* and B is pixon.

  • Anonymous

C is the ( look at the detail and how the sharpening in handled.)




C also has a much better way to handle noise reduction in high iso, keeping the image most natural looking and keeping detail much better than the others:­simg/nokia-n8-blind-test/gsmarena_032.jpg

- My BLIND QUESS is that C is Nokia N8!

- B is the worst one, and there my blind quess is that it is Samsung Pixon 12.

  • Tampio


  • Detailed Is better..

Brighter better?, 06 Oct 2010Everyone voted C as the best only because it's the brightest. Crazy.Who told you C is brighter..? Actually B is kind of more bright. Check out the photos of the building in Row 5 of the Review with 100% zoom at the trees on the lower part. You can see that B has lost Most of the details and C has GOT most details. A is in between.

  • e_lm_70

C is the best
A is a good 2nd, not so far from C
B is clearly the worst camera

  • melmoth288

I agree that C is the best, than there is A, and B is the worst of the samples (on aggregate). Because C is probably Sony digicam (more detail, seems like shots went through better lens with better aperture and C looks much better on higher ISO), A beat B in camera phones in my opinion. I am not saying which one is N8 or Pixon, but A samples in my view look very good for a camera phone and if it is N8, than Nokia did very good job with N8´s camera.

  • Pixel peeping Tom

C is the best one take a look at the detail and color in this:­simg/nokia-n8-blind-test/camera/gsmarena_019.jpg­­

....and then compare it with the others, to do this open multiple windows to compare, and look at the trees.

  • Anonymous

1st - A
2nd - B
3rd - C

  • mag

B is "OK"
C is "GOOD" but its brightness should be reduced little bit
A is "BEST"

  • Ceridan

I think B is Sony DSC-HX5v as it does not have the pink colour tint as A and C. Other than that I can't say which one is the Nokia and which one is the Samsung.

  • majid

john_nokia 5530, 06 Oct 2010If you dont care then leave. why spend you time here at GSM AREN... moreI know that sony isnt the best in digicameras as I have heared that of a camera shops I know canon is the best and after it is nikon.but se camera phones are way better than nokia and samsung because i have compared many different models.

  • maria

Everyone where not blind can see who is the leader:

A: |||||||||||
B: ||||||||
C: ||||||||||||||||||

  • Cfox

1st - A
2nd - C
3rd - B

  • Brighter better?

Everyone voted C as the best only because it's the brightest. Crazy.

  • Pixel peeping Tom

Brilliant idea to do this test blind, by the way. Thanks!

...and it was sharpening in my lasy post, not "sparpening",what ever tahat is.

  • john_nokia 5530

majid, 06 Oct 2010I dont care about this comparison.every one knows sony is one of... moreIf you dont care then leave. why spend you time here at GSM ARENA??

In my opinion, sony is not the best in digital cameras. Most specifically point and shoot type. I will prefer NIKON COOLPIX series than the Cybershot line up. I have used both brands and by the looks of the pictures in terms of its coloring, resolution and overall dynamic range, I would say NIKON delivers way way better than the cybershot series of sony. This is also seen by other people who have seen the difference of the two cameras we had at home with our nikon camera having only a 7 megapixel resolution compared to the sony cybershot who had 10.2 megapixel resolution..Sony seems to have more noisy pictures than Nikon.

Yeah nikon may not be as fashionable as sony cameras, but from my experience,, I would choose nikon.
Nothing beats Nikon!