Samsung I8700 Omnia 7 review: A whole new galaxy

11 October 2010
Though it might seem like a chicken-and-egg situation, the question in our case never was which one came first: Windows Phone 7 or the Samsung Omnia 7. We know you’re all adding two and two together. Our Windows Phone 7...

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  • Rico

Shit! My phone not work, I can't download app social media like what's up,line ,instagram,and BlackBerry massangger .the phone want me have ID in windows phone, I can't make it. Please help & tell me how download that apps .
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  • miloud

I am using Omnis 7 for nearly about 5months and until now I haven't succeeded to install applications.please,if u have any help,u can contact me on I Begg u

  • Akhil J Munjanattu

Without a doubt, its an amazing phone.. But still I have so many doubts about this phone
1. Is there ant other option to download the gallery to my computer other than Zune?
2. How can I use the zoom option while using video camera?
If anyone knows the answers of these questions, please let me knw in my mail Please don't neglect. Its really important to me.

  • marmadean

where is the call log on this phone. I need to see call duration,time and date etc on incoming and outgoing calls. please help!!!

  • Anonymous

Aggregated mailbox is available. I have aggregated my hotmail and outlook. I am on mango though.

  • Cata

cand anyone tell me how to change the ringtone?:D

  • Willie

The review conclusion does not do the phone justice. The review in every aspect rave about the phone then concludes it's crap? The reviews are becoming less and less useful.

  • AnonD-13851

C>>>>K, 09 Jan 2011all the limitation on the win 7 are no desaster and all can... moreDefinitely Omnia7.
The AMOLED screen looks like custom-made for a system like the WP7
That alone wins by a mile.

Battery life in line with most contemporary smartphones. About 12-16 hours in my normal use, but that´s something that cannot be compared. I use any mobile phone a lot during my usual day.
Blackberry 9700 lasts me 2, almost 3 days. HTC Sensation lasts me about 8-10 hours, iPhone4 about 15 hours, and Galaxy S2 about another 15 hours, so that you know...

  • dmass

Thought the Omnia 7 was going to be top notch, but i am very disappointed with it. On my old mobile which was also a Samsung i could put ringtones and photos to callers ID. but on the new Omnia 7 you can only put a photo to the callers, you have to use the ringtones which was installed at time of manufacture. No support from Samsung.
The camera is first class also having office is useful. Downloading tunes onto the phone you can do but not easy with using Zune, it was much better downloading on my old phone

  • matic

I have been owning this phone for about 2 months now. I came from Ios4 platform. This phone is absolutely great. What it lacks out of the box, you can easily implement with "jailbreak" solutions. Its is a rich system and it looks great aswell. If i compare the iphone to omnia 7, both do good, but i personaly prefer win7 because it just looks soo much better.

  • C>>>>K

all the limitation on the win 7 are no desaster and all can b very fixed
win7 has no hardware limitations only software so all can be updated
but my mmost important question is for the people who bought this phone

1. hows the batery life
2. omnia 7 or htc hd7

  • Hazem Elshabini

Software limitations does not bother me, they will either be fixed or proven better.
The only limitations i see for this phone are hardware, which is normal because there are absoluetly no hardware in the market that can satisfy all tastes. so the question is whether this hardware will be good for you.
i think for me 16 GB of storage is enough, for some apps and games and good collection of music, it will do fine, but could have been better.
the 4 inch S-Amoled is a beauty, totally tips the scales.
the only really bad thing about the hardware is the lack of stereo speakers and the lack of a front facing camera. because sooner or later there will be 3G video call apps (i would never use it though even if i had it)...

other than that, i think the phone satisfies all my needs.

  • Anonymous

I love my Omnia 7, best phone I have ever had - the Zune pass with unlimited downloads on the phone, pc and xbox is amazing too.

I have finally found an easy to use and lightning quick phone for day to day use and web browsing - it's one of the quickest browsers easily.

I have had an iphone 3G and a HTC Desire but this is the first time I have found a phone that works like it should.

  • Nick

quotation: "There are some limitations though – we didn’t see RDS or an option to play the sound through the headphones ... – the sound always comes out of the loudspeaker."

>>>switch between speaker mode & headset is possible: press and hold the station number while playing a radio station and you'll be able to select

  • PUK

IV got Omina 7,no complaints, There is no other phone with this screen, perfect for WP7.
Everyone that I have shown my phone has been impressed within few seconds.
I think microsoft has doen the right thing by not fillin the phone with too many unwanted junk and slow the whole thing down, kept it simple, easy to use and very fast.
Dont forget its a phone no a PC.
Regardign the mass storrage device I dont know anyonw who uses there phone to backup to PC.
There are few minor glithes but I am sure they will be delt with just like apples iphone.

  • Anonymous

no this, no that,...well NO money for you , ehehe!!!!

i mean you can by a 30$ phone have the same, NOTHING!

* No system-wide file manager
* No Bluetooth file transfers
* No USB mass storage mode
* Limited third-party apps availability
* No Flash or Silverlight support in the browser
* Too dependent on Zune software for file management and syncing
* No video calls
* New ringtones available only through the Marketplace
* Music player lacks equalizer presets
* No multitasking
* No copy/paste
* No DivX/XviD video support (automatic transcoding provided by Zune software)
* No sign of free Bing maps Navigation so far
* No internet tethering support

  • ak

With this specs, it would draw more attention with Android 2.2 running lol

No offense :)

  • Freedonian

I was hoping that this would be the one to upgrade to from my I8910. I could accept the drop from 8 to 5 Mp's, but the HD framerate gives me pause. I've been waiting a while now for Samsung to release an upgraded version of I8910. E.g. Super AMOLED Screen, HD video at a minimum 30fps, with a 1GHz processor.

  • Anonymous

Will this phone work on AT&Ts 3G network?

  • Anonymous

It gets even better. If your calendar sync option is set to anything other than sync all items, the idiotic sync process will delete all other appointments outside of the sync period unless its a repetition, in which case it creates duplicates. My goodness, what a load of thrash.