Nokia 5250 review: Back to basics

20 October 2010
They made a promise and kept it. What can we say – nice phone this Nokia 5250, but not an N8. Yeah we know, we need to be respectful and professional. But it’s easy to be a jerk to a 100-euro smartphone. The Symbian-powered Nokia 5250 is bottom of the...

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  • cos

i cannot activate voice tags on my 5250 (even nokia helpline gave up ) & face book is so slow that i don't bother.......i think time to upgrade

  • nokia bangladesh

great review!

  • michael88

is this a good phone for facebook

  • AnonD-3485

It's 640x360 resolution on a 2.8 inch screen, there's no other phone in the market with such a low price and such a amazing pixel density, you shouldn't say in the review that the screen got poor quality.

  • Nokia cell phones

The 5250 Nokia cell phone is really a good cell which comes at an affordable price range with lots of latest features. The features are Micro USB support, S60 5th Edition, a good touch screen, 128MB of RAM, accelerometer and proximity sensor etc. All these features makes it a good cell phone.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone, bought it about four days ago.Overall I'm satisfied with it,but let's keep in mind this shouldn't exacly be called a smartphone,it's a basic phone that does all the essentials(calls,texts,pictures,etc)while looking stylish and having a touchscreen interface.Nokia didn't spend much money on this phone,internal memory isn't much and I was expecting to get more games than just Guitar Hero,also,no USB cable,I had to buy one and the phone's manual doesn't even say how to use the cabel(I have yet to find out how do I disconnect it from my laptop?!Because I don't see anywhere where I can disconnect I have to simply remove it from the USB port?).Battery life is what's very disappointing.It's an OK phone,to me it would be a great phone if the battery lasted longer.

  • RAY

a really nice cell at low price. good music player, average camera, and nice browser. don't knw why people compare between this and N8. no doubt N8 is better but u should keep in mind it's price too.

  • PIAL

then this phone price should be 100$ only not more than that.

  • nokia priority lko

Karan, 28 Oct 2010Can someone plz tell me when is it comin to india and do we... morehii i m frm nokia and this is to inform u that this phn has been launched for u.....cme an grab ur phn

nokia priority
fun mall

  • TurboX6

well its good that nokia built affordable touchphone . Its better than the iPhone 4 which burns a hole in your wallet . If you didnt like the cheapskate 5250, well go ahead buy the new Nokia N8. I dont know why Android phones like the samsung galaxy and the sony ericsson are expensive . Nokia built durable smartphones. We all know that android phones are better than its smartphone competitors

  • TurboX6

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2010The screen quality is bad because it's made in China. I've ... moreWell my nokia x6 is genuinely built in finland :)

  • Karan

Can someone plz tell me when is it comin to india and do we get a 2 gb card with it..????

  • Anonymous

It looks like a phone you get for 10 pounds in Tesco. Would not touch with a bargepole.

  • Anonymous

mako, 23 Oct 2010gsm arena wake up: the whole web is full of horror stories ... moreI have been charging via mini/micro-USB for YEARS on my Motorola phones, who first invented charging via USB as early as the V3 days, not a single problem.

For the copy who only started to charge via USB in 2009 maybe a problem...because apparently this company doesn't know how to make a phone to be charged via USB like its touchscreen devices...being YEARS BEHIND in terms of such technology among its competitors.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]actually cheap means more popularity but shitty means it fails no matter the price or number of phones bought

  • Anonymous

pux, 21 Oct 2010Ooooh!! Someone had a close look at the Sony Ericsson X10 ... moreyup nokia has always copied SE(not sarcastic)

  • mako

gsm arena wake up: the whole web is full of horror stories about usb ports that are used for charging breaking apart after short usage. usb chrging is one of the biggest weakness of recent phones

  • Anonymous

Wow, yet another lame-@ss, low-end, cheapo touchscreen phone from nokia! They've been coming non-stop ever since the 5800 came out! Well, I guess that really is what Nokia are best at! Lol!!

  • Kelson

The phone has no 3G, but why the screen shots showing 3.5G connection?

  • Alui

"What can we say – nice phone this Nokia 5250, but not an N8".

Thank god for that! At least you can use the spb shell which is way better that S^3. 3 panes in homescreen! LOOOL.