Nokia X5-01 review: Round the square

01 November 2010
On occasion Nokia will experiment with form factor and shape. The Nokia X5-01 is the kind of phone that might just leave you wondering. Is it having a bad slider day or a great square day? No, the Nokia X5 is better than that. It's a neat and chubby smartie...

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  • mallini
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  • 14 Nov 2010

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2010I thnk it is 1 of d bst phones of nokia!!!MaY I know the price of nokiax5-01

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    • tapio
    • SvB
    • 14 Nov 2010

    Jayson, 12 Nov 2010Pls, shoot the designers! I'd never give a dime for this... moreslim is for girls and metros. i like my phones on the larger side.bulky and heavy are good things in my book.btw,nokia makes phones for women too. i guess ulyou might want to look into that. just these daus i was looking into replacing my n70 with a samsung i550 but i just can't find the wifi equiped one. and another thing. android is stupid and sensless. why manufacturers choose to run android on a device which on paper can run windows xp is beyond me. symbian is just as free to use on a handset as android is,doesn't require my last year's computer hardware to run properly,always gives me at least two days worth of battery life per charge and has no stupid file system limitations. all that eye candy is useful if you're a woman or are trying to impress a woman(in which case i pity you).i,d like to thank nokia for keeping a cool head in these times of consumer idiocracy. and i'm sure i'm not the only one who appreciates symbian's efficiency. the x5 just might be the phone to replace my n70,although i have doubts about how tough this phone is and also how affordable it will be on my contract.

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      • Jayson
      • NIH
      • 12 Nov 2010

      Pls, shoot the designers!

      I'd never give a dime for this crap! I wouldn't have it even if Nokia pays me to have it! C'mon Nokia, you're lost! This design is soooooo's like 10 years old. There are new and slim components if you missed that. And new display techs as well. Take a look at Samsung!
      Another hint, have heard 'bout Android?

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        • Anonymous
        • Ia8
        • 10 Nov 2010

        fyi... It has smart dialing!
        Type letters and use the navi - then youre complete in no time ;-)

        If you want to call Mary, then simply 1) slide open phone, 2) type i.e. the first 2 letters "m" and "a" 3) press down 4) press dial

        And similarly for quickly texting or emailing Mary... for step 4 simply use the navi and you are done in no time.

        Of other fun tricks I like the spin the phone while playing music to play another track - and the long-press on navi to display the essensials (clock, date, profile)

        In general I have to say this is really cool phone - I like using it, and its really robust.

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          • Anonymous
          • Y}5
          • 10 Nov 2010

          I thnk it is 1 of d bst phones of nokia!!!

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            • Anonymous
            • tTR
            • 08 Nov 2010

            snonre, 04 Nov 2010Considering it is a non-touch screen phone, what OS do you ... moresorry dude the handset os is totally flop n speakers has horrible sond

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              • LOL
              • R3A
              • 08 Nov 2010

              Wow Nokia, don't go splurging on screen size lol

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                • amani
                • 0Vr
                • 06 Nov 2010

                ugliness !!!!!!!!!!!

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                  • oyster150
                  • t}e
                  • 06 Nov 2010

                  Got the x5(black) yesterday. Very good looking phone.
                  -> the cam is absolute crap, worse than the w810i 2mp cam. Lots of noise & soft pics
                  -> UI is good but not very fast
                  -> the OS is very unstable, keeps restarting now & then for no reasons
                  -> HP out is very loud but the line out SQ is way better than HP out although not as loud
                  -> Build quality is very nice but the lower front keypad is poorly built. It can be peeled out easily . The battery cover is made of metal.
                  -> Screen quality is average, somewhat washed but still usable.
                  -> Buy only if u like the looks else x10 mini is much better option although costlier.
                  -> Got for rs 9300/-.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Er2
                    • 05 Nov 2010

                    Why not get the Motorola Flipout then? At leat it runs on Android with touchscreen and 512mb RAM...

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                      • raj
                      • Y}y
                      • 04 Nov 2010

                      in the initial information this site says that X5-01 has even a touch UI. Bt it doesnt. whosoever manages this sight please check. i rely a lot on this sight

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                        • snonre
                        • uCm
                        • 04 Nov 2010

                        hide21, 04 Nov 2010I will never buy a nokia phone, unless, they changed their ... moreConsidering it is a non-touch screen phone, what OS do you want the X5-01 to run on. Android? iOS? U Wish! This is not really known by many people especially haters but symbian OS is the king of non-touch screen phones. No other OS can come even close to its standard in the non-touch screen phone world. And if your thinking to compare a non-touch screen, symbian os powered nokia phone with an android phone or an iphone then you must be out of your bloody mind!

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                          • hide21
                          • v0q
                          • 04 Nov 2010

                          I will never buy a nokia phone, unless, they changed their OS.
                          Symbian is like an OS of a China phone.
                          Nokia is good, they made an affordable phone. But the thing is, we are in a modern world right now,
                          they need to change everything, to plan for everything .

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                            • Anonymous
                            • x%f
                            • 03 Nov 2010

                            Anonymous, 02 Nov 2010Lol what so great about N8 hardware that this is approachin... moreiPhone 3GS had 256 MB or RAM and so does iPad...Android needs more RAM because it runs on virtual machine unlike other OS. Symbian is relatively lighter OS so 256 mb RAM is not bad...also they are using modest processor for improving battery life than's better if you try it first at your local store before commenting!

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                              • André Silva
                              • ncI
                              • 03 Nov 2010

                              WTF is Nokia doing? i give up trying understand nokia.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • IBS
                                • 03 Nov 2010

                                nice but it's like that little motorola phone

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Mrp
                                  • 03 Nov 2010

                                  Alui, 03 Nov 2010So these lego so called phones are more relevant than HTC D... moreActually, this little cuty phony is A LOT better than the brick desire hd.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • ub1
                                    • 03 Nov 2010

                                    Can't imagine if someone see me using this gameboy phone

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                                      • Alui
                                      • mm3
                                      • 03 Nov 2010

                                      So these lego so called phones are more relevant than HTC Desire HD which was not rewieved yet? I come on this site less and less, since it looks like a Nokia shop window.

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                                        • kz
                                        • ibq
                                        • 03 Nov 2010

                                        A very compact phone indeed. But I must say that the design looks very 90's...