Nokia C6-01 review: Clear as black

17 November 2010
The Nokia C6-01 comes in as a reasonably priced and well-built smartphone with great all-round connectivity and a unique feature to set it apart from rivals. The ClearBlack display can actually give Nokia quite an edge if it lives up to the expectations. Update, 24.08.2011: checking out Symbian Anna...

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  • Anonymous

good freedownlod app and store for nokia c601

  • AnonD-697016

until to now I like smart phone in the world only nokia c6
I need forever,please make one's more!for me!

  • Alkesh pargi

my phone is best phone beatiful photografe and my phone HD8.00MPcamera and best videos and best browser

  • adiwira

How to open the lock code

  • my name pias uddin

my phone is best phone beatiful photografe and my phone HD8.00MPcamera and best videos

  • jimbo

have got a 2010 jaguar x type and the bluetooth can see the phone and it works through the car but it will not show the contacts list in the c6-01 phone!!!!! any reason that is obvious i have missed ???????? the car has worked with my previous nokia c5-00

  • naveen

I bought a scullcandy headset, but my c6-01 is not supporging. Wt to do, plz help me.

  • ary

I have problm in speaker sound mute I dont hear sound

  • wan

hi i wanna know which phone between Nokia c6-01 and Xperia x10 better by its perfomence featured both.

  • AnonD-56454

i got this phone iin 2010 ...2 days ago i was nearly droped but i caught it thn i saw the white or yellow vertical lines thn i took my phone into shower room but i put away frm the water then i showered ... whn i finished i saw the dark blue came out from botton like burned...thn i turned off ....the next morning i turned on and the screem wt dark full over
-everythgs still work ..the only ploblam is the screem

  • Anonymous

GSMArena should really add the Symbian Belle update on the review on other S^3 handsets like this, just like did with the N8.

  • Sam

FIRST OF ALL - I have this phone and it ROCKS especially with Symbian Belle. IT has NO Sign of lagging whatsoever and has a gorgeous screen.
SECOND OF ALL - The Camera is Good but the fixed focus sensor's the bad part.
THIRD OF ALL - This Phone is a Bit outdated And Nokia is gonna stop Updates for this phone, There are many Better Phones like Nokia 700,600 etc which have a 1ghz CPU and double ram and gpu, With NFC as the icing to the cake.. I Suggest You buy that.

  • Anonymous

Heting pblam

  • Sangeeth

yogender, 30 Aug 2011its realy nice phone but it has worst batrry backup.My phone is c6.01 that-s good phone but heting .

  • ORK

Question to GSMarena, I looked to your own GSMarena video compare tool, and this phone seems to have excellent video cam, which actually is even better than Nokia N8, N9 and even Iphone 4s, just compare colors and sharpness, why did it go unnoticed and why wasn't it mentioned in review at all?? This phone seems to be little gem.

  • yogender

its realy nice phone but it has worst batrry backup.

  • deepika

please tell me how can i change fixed focus of c601 with auto focus?

  • Anonymous

jacky, 04 Jul 2011can nokia c6-01 fixed-focus camera change to auto focus?yes

  • jacky

can nokia c6-01 fixed-focus camera change to auto focus?

  • Nokia Hater

Bad mobile guys.. DO not buy this..getting heat if u charge,talk,use net..And another BAD battery.. I have to charge daily which is not the case for all other Nokia mobiles.My not buy this. I just missing Samsung ACE [ a budget smart phone] since i