Nokia C6-01 review: Clear as black

17 November 2010
The Nokia C6-01 comes in as a reasonably priced and well-built smartphone with great all-round connectivity and a unique feature to set it apart from rivals. The ClearBlack display can actually give Nokia quite an edge if it lives up to the expectations. Update, 24.08.2011: checking out Symbian Anna...

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  • Alui

Ok, another 2009 phone launched at the end of 2010. Others prepare to launch phones with 1080p recording, dual core processors, all at or over 1Ghz, 1200x720 pixels Superamoled2 screens, etc.
I wonder how the N8 users will feel whan they will see a Nexus S next month.

  • Anonymous

another website does not say this is usb-to-go capable, now did you really do the actual testing?

  • WHAT????

what are you doing???
you copy paste the review of Nokia N8.
both uses Symbian^3.
but you should review it!!!!!!!!!!
delete this and make a new review of Nokia C6-01 's Symbian^3.

  • Anonymous

If it only had a Auto-focus camera...

  • Anonymous

Sails, 17 Nov 2010A very interesting phone actually, since it is the first in... moreYes of course this is going to change the life of users. Nokia should first start to make phone with UI that works. Then then can integrate whatever technology they like.

  • Mark

The new browser is due in the next few weeks, the keyboards in early 2011.

So... yeah, an absolute best seller.

  • Anonymous

There's a mistake. U stated on the 1st page of the review that the C6-01 has an FM transmitter, but in-fact there isn't.

  • WOW.

Wow the Nokia nHD Clear Black Amoled realy is about as sharp as the Super Amoled. And you usually see bad displays at this price range. Very good display. And also Xvid and Divix in this price range + java and Flash mini to. So very good phone. The only minus I would give this phone is the camera. But If they realy would make it an autofocus with carlzeiss the phones price would jump up around 50 euros.

  • loop

10th- luv it..fone for me !

  • geek

question is: how looks the speed of the system in c6-01 and c7.They have different amount of memory. It influences this or not-specially when many apps are openned ?

  • Anonymous

Y did Nokia even bother to put camera in this one...
5mp with AF would have done.
Samsung wave fares better than this one with 5mp AF camera and perfect sound quality and 1ghz processor .
(though its just a feature phone.)

  • Sails

[deleted post]A very interesting phone actually, since it is the first in the world with CBD technology, but what would you know.

  • Anonymous

nice phone for that price

  • Sails

Awesome phone at this price range.

  • azu_ichi

FIRST--- i hope it's not epic fail.. ahahahaha.... well really looking forward for this phone to enter indonesia