Motorola DEFY review: Drag and drop

10 December 2010
This is no protocol droid, no phone made for walks in the park. It’s the Motorola DEFY and it isn’t afraid of what comes next. Good. Coming up is one of our reviews. And we’re having the pleasure of the first and only ruggedized Android GSM phone. It’s finally...

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  • yellowbal

Sunny, 27 Apr 2011can i update to froyo my motorola defy tmobile here in the ... moreIf you're brave, you can update to CM10 or CM10.1 which is Jelly Bean. Any earpiece problem can be easily fix with a replacement part from ebay.

If you like to tinker, this is a really fun phone with current ROM development.

  • Jonathan

HTC HD7 Windows Phone (T-Mobile)- The phone is incredibly quick btoiong.HTC HD7 Windows Phone (T-Mobile)- The phone is incredibly quick btoiong.- The UI is beautiful and so smooth to use in comparison to other smartphones.- The build quality is solid and it feels like a good phone in your hand with the metal surround instead of cheap plastic.- The apps already on the store are of good quality and run very well on the phone, expecting a load more on the US release.- Skydrive integration with the Office Hub and your photo's is very useful allowing super quick upload to the cloud.- The one touch camera launch from the lock screen is very handy the flash is super bright with double LED.

  • Yolis

rigel, 17 Feb 2011What's the photo gallery like? Are images still viewed in d... moreIf you want a waterproof, shock proof, dust proof phone then the Motorola Defy is the one togo for. The Ace ships with Android 2.2 while the Defy will get upadetd to 2.2 so chances are that the Defy will stay at 2.2 while the Ace will atleast get 2.3. The Defy has a 3.7 screen vs 3.5 . Defy has a higher resolution. If you want value get the Ace as it is really cheap.

  • Pixone

swiss guy, 11 Mar 20122h 15 to 2h 30 for full chargeI am a big tech geek, I usually know what I'm tkinlag about. Definitely not the HTC 7 Trophy. Windows phones generally tend to suck. Based on the sole fact that the mini is still on android 1.6, I for one would go with the Motorola phone, which is on 2.2. Also, the Motorola phone is faster and has 8gb of internal memory vs the mini's 128mb. The Milestone 2 is also wayyyy faster than the mini.

  • Geo

1. Any chance of getting an official Android 2.3 update? Defy+ is running 2.3, so I guess it shouldn't be so difficult to port ... a Defy user won't buy a new Motorola device just to get an updated OS, the stalling might just convince him not to buy a Motorola next time, JMHO
2. Is there a reason, for the charging on USB from PC to work so slooooow?

  • swiss guy

sarah, 22 Jan 2012Hi guys I bought a defy yesterday.Id like to know how many... more2h 15 to 2h 30 for full charge

  • sarah

Hi guys
I bought a defy yesterday.Id like to know how many hours is necessary to put it in charge as it is first tme?
thank you

  • s.h

Does it record in mono or stereo?
I mean the channels for some mobiles: iphone 4, desire hd, ... are mono, but some mobiles such as: N9, N8, ... are stereo.
The defy is similar to which group?

  • dany

i will buy ths phone.....i jst wanna knw is there any problem with the speaker and earpeice???????

  • John

One thing i wanna know abt this defy is that PDF work here or not ../////

  • nev

you forgot to write about the battery

  • AnonD-13948

sam, 14 Jul 2011hey guys does defy provide ALL of its 1.2GB internal memory... moreyups ... its internal memory is actually 2gb of which after excluding system cache and storage for android os including contacts and messages , 1.2gb is exclusively available for your apps which after installing froyo can be moved to sd card ...

  • sam

hey guys does defy provide ALL of its 1.2GB internal memory for app use???if not then how much?

  • ja

Mine had a cam prob. when I take a picture there's this vertical line on the right side of the screen but when you zoom it in it disappears. So make sure to check that out before buyin.
When I download songs, the old sngs n my mem card dsapears n d galery n jst dsplays d dwnloaded sngs. Bt f u luk into ur mem card d sngs r stl dr. u jst hav to find other ways for you to be able to ply your memory crd songs.
Stil a nice phone for me.Love it

  • vonnn

guys is froyo already available here in the philippines??? main reason i like to upgarde this pone to froyo is because you can install/move apps to the external memory right?? if froyo is not avail still here, are there other ways to more apps to the sd card???
thanks in advance guys! mabuhay!!

  • Bonggo

1.2GB for apps isn't bad. Compare this to phones such as the HTC Desire (which still sells for more than this) with its meager 160MB for apps.

Root this phone, overlock it, switch to Launcherpro and you're golden. :)

  • Anonymous

i just bought this phone here in Pinas for P1500. very nice and compact. I tested its water resistant feature. its really cool seeing your phone working underwater. everyone should buy this! froyo update is here already, havent checked yet

  • AnonD-2725

ts, 17 Dec 2010this is the worst phone on the market right now whoever thi... moreDid you own a Defy and have a really bad experience that you are ranting about how bad the phone is or is this from what you have read on the net. Or maybe you work for the competition?

why don't you go away and carry on with your bitter little life somewhere else?

The company I work for bought 40 of these phones 4 months ago for the field technicians. (The people who drive cross country and where there are no roads, and climb up cell towers for servicing and repairs. Not one of these phones has come up with a problem yet)
One technician lost his in a sugar cane field and was found 8 days later. He still uses it!!

  • AnonD-2725

toz, 04 May 2011Mine had the earpiece problem (14 days lifetime) which seem... moreSo you have never ever had a phone that's had a problem before, but because your Defy has a earpiece problem then they all bad? Generalization FTL!!!

  • toz

Mine had the earpiece problem (14 days lifetime) which seems connected to the use of the earphone (maybe). Hoped that had been fixed but no luck. On the other hand (so to say) works really fine. Never buy Moto again.