Nokia C5-03 review: Green cadet

17 December 2010
When touchscreen became affordable its popularity skyrocketed – affordable smartphones are all the rage now. The Nokia C5-03 is the result of both these trends and while it borrows a lot from the C6-01 in terms of design, its pricing is a good deal lower...

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  • Sonu

Is it suport whats app

  • Anonymous

hi,my nokiac5-03 dont work good.just send and call public,in web working like a good in making new machine ofcource just mecanicall,good with the anything with wood and perfect in bilt with the simpel tooles and damages mashin meny kind of wepen coold and warm without the gunpowder and fix every stuf damage in home or bild a telescop,microscop,find the dimend stor and meny.just i know about softwear and hardwear as donkey know about that.i open my network accses you fix my cellphon from the do this for me and i'll answer you every quostion about any think you are stake on that.good diale.isn't?thanks.

  • ram

nokia c5-03 wifi connected or not

  • C5-03 nokia

New lasted update

  • MK

16GB memory working or not working,pleas replay

  • AnonD-190190

so nice fon i use in 2 year so very best fon i love my c5.03 fon

  • fil

good mobile

  • jassim

This is super i like c5-03phone

  • Anonymous

my fone display the mesage. MEMORY LOX PLESE CLOSE SOME APLICATION N TRY AGAIN. what is ths. Its iritatng in downlodng. N when ths mesg come all dwnldng cncld autometcly . Hw i wl rmv ths

  • Anonymous

anu, 19 Jun 2012it's good but samsang galaxy s3 more betterIsn't it obvious that S3 is gna be btr -.-
I'm not dat good with phones, but seriously dude- its common sense.
Look at how much u pay for an S3 and how much a C5-03 is.
Sucha futile comparison.

  • harlsss..

Anand, 25 Feb 2011Hi guys out there,pls tel me which one is better,c6 or c5-0... morec5-03 is good!!
the camera has a good quality of image..
the battery will stay longer for about 4 days on stand by time!!
so good , so far!

  • harley20

shahadat, 24 Sep 2012can anyone tell me,how can i stop shutter tone in my nokia-... morewe cannot disabled the shutter sound! :(

  • adivo


  • krishan

C5-03 is awasome phone


Which iz best phone?
C6 01 or c5 03

  • jas77

i'm satisfied with this phone. I can browse anytime i want. This one is a good phone. I have been using this for a year now. And have no problems so far with thiw phone. Thumbs up.... ! Highly recommended.

  • AnonD-74951

On which site i can download hd games for C5-03?

  • shahadat

can anyone tell me,how can i stop shutter tone in my nokia-c503 phone

  • aamer

from where i can download youtube downloader for my c503

  • Anonymous

This phone is super