Sony Ericsson Yendo review: A touch of Walkman

21 December 2010
It looks like the XPERIA X10 mini but acts like what it is Ė a full-touch feature phone. This is obviously nothing really to shout about as there are hundreds of them around now. Itís a first for Sony Ericsson but thatís not what makes it special...

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  • v.m.krish1619@gmail.

if u buy this u will good tii up to sony servese center
worest but cam clarity is good remaining all are wast

  • Honey

Yendo is the worst of all sony mobile sets. I have 16 sony ericsson sets but among them my yendo is the most worst phone

  • Anonymous

Never mind about the pros and cons of the Yendo. The ARTICLE th

  • Anonymous

Simple phone.....

  • job

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2011It has only 5MB memory and my question is will increasing the me... moreyes this support 16 gb

  • Hari

hi im yendo user oly .every phone has some fault as tat yendo also has some fault .it is in users hand if v use it properly it reacts properly . i love my phone.........

  • sheak ramjan

this phone is bad because in this phone no glarey and internet facility is bad

  • xenonmobile

oh yeah, fyi i am a nokia fan, and i love sony ericsson too. i'm using satio, n8,n900 and yendo, but i disappointed by yendo, its the worst mobile i have ever use. i want to ask you guys, is there any software update on this phone?? if not, i want to change this phone to w8. is there any software update on yendo??

  • xenonmobile

i have bought this phone and i quite disappointed with it, because:

1. no file manager volume too slow on earphone, i thought my good ol c3 is the slowest volume.but this phone is worse
3. no zoom on camera
4. can't do browser properly,
5. it hangs, lags and even i have to master reset my handset once because it can't update my media player even though i put the music in music file. and the interface are sucks at whole, because of slow processor.

conclusion: don't buy this phone, buy any other phones like cedar, asha series, x series or any phone that cheap

  • phantom

worst se phone ever used. and also the memory card gets formated automatically.

  • Giri

Some of the persons are telling the mobile was bad is it correct or not

  • Mandy

One of the worst phone under SE walkman series...
Software is not at all good... the phone restarts on its own.... no file manager.... no zoom.... no compatible browsers.... playlists can not be created....

  • rk

I have SE Yedoo phone even thought Sound Excerience is good. I have disapointed as there was no file manager system and not able to creat any folder , playlist for on phone. cant able to zoom camera view. it take time to start.

  • loo

disgusted had lot of problems not clear pictures audio shit cuts 2 small to read

  • anup rawat

a smart phone

  • maine

disappointed because ur model phone do not have a good internet.or browser. its hard to use and not have a good gallery...

  • Anonymous

It has only 5MB memory and my question is will increasing the memory by memory card(Ex:8GB) helps in better performance?

  • Anonymous

I'm a Sony Ericsson fanboy and a firmware modder, but I'll never buy this phone, Yendo's platform is PNX6513, and PNX platform isn't better from ODM platform (FYI: Spiro is also PNX6513 platform, so Yendo will be (or already) the touch screen version of Spiro), and if you're a firmware modder, there aren't many things you can do with the PNX platform.
I have a Zylo and an Elm, which are DB3350 platform, with the latest firmware (and also modded) they are the best cheap phones I ever have (except for the materials of the casing, the charger quality, and the handsfree).

  • F.F.

The audio quality test could be the essence of this review/phone.
Why don't they made it?

Reply pls.

  • moz

i love SE..especially Walkman series!!
but,i have a question for this phone..are the 5mb internal memory is right?and what's the effect of it(very small internal memory)?