BlackBerry Bold 9780 review: Business as usual

21 January 2011
It’s no surprise that the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is the next logical evolutionary step, rather than a complete makeover that will propel it into the same league as the iPhone and Android. RIM has a loyal core of customers...

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  • yessirman

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2017How can i set the blackberry internet service account yessirman i forgot honestly

  • Anonymous

How can i set the blackberry internet service account

  • AnonD-429262

is this phone unlocked?

  • Ali

Blackberry ph0ne is the best ph0ne i like it so much

  • Yasir

Have black berry skype? If it has , then tel me its version plZ plz

  • Kiran

Is it supported video streming?.

  • Nigel

you dont need BIS to use the internet or emails. Look up the APN setting for your network and update it in the phone. Use logicmail for free for mail and use opera mini browser for a better internet experience. It might be easier to use BIS,but you can live without it. I dont need emails the second they are sent; i can wait for 5 minutes. I will never need BBM. I'm International roaming most of the time so the wifi feature is most important to me because it cuts the cost of data use. When i first got my 9780 i thought it wouldn't work without BIS but i got there in the end and it works fine. TIP! IM+TALK from SHAPE.AG allows you SKYPE calls! There is a shortage of VOIP apps for Blackberries but this works fine on your network and for free over wifi.

  • Jesh

Prise is very costly. Other phone same features low price .... why

  • Maggie4456

Wow the blackberry bold 9780 is an amazing phone I have had one for over a year now and I haven't had any problems with it!! I hope they keep making them!! Thanx blackberry makers

  • Cliff

There are more alarm functions in the native calender app.

You can set multiple Alarms there, they are separate from the Clock alarm.

Just go to a date and use the menu (ie menu key instead of just clicking), select "New Alarm", you have several choices options there.

  • Sajid Iftikhar

Good and good looking pohne from berry its smart too

  • meme

i am currently using the bb 9780 . It was given to me so as replacing my old nokia e75 which was secondary phone ....i must say for the price paying on the bb 9780 it really is more than disappointing . Bad keyboard , pretty slow and cramped usability , not sure if that touchpad will ever grow on date it really is annoying. Camera is not too bad though and some preloaded features , but to be honest i think my old nokia e75 is the better phone. My main phone is also a tablet , the Galaxy 7.7 and the price from that is not so far apart to the BB 9780 , but there are worlds between. Sure the BB 9780 dropped in price for becoming an "old" model but when it was launched it had the same price as the galaxy 7.7 - so for my first experience with Blackberry i can say that i will unlikely ever buy a Phone from them ... they will have to make a lot more i find a lot better .... something that i figured , the battery life is really pretty poor on the bb9780 - i still haven't found anything where it really is excellent. Maybe its sales point is to have a lot of below average functions in one brick?

  • unhappy customer

I don't see anything really good with this phone, anything that this phone has accomplished, has been done by Iphone and Android. The keyboard is too hard and figures to be really shitty when typing constructively. The reception is very dull and the phone doesn't have the qualities of an Iphone. And omg! Why are the apps so primitive? My Sony Ericsson had better apps then this.... And it was an old bar phone

  • Anonymous

I am from South Africa and i have a blackberry 9780, this phone is absolutely fantastic, a great phone. I feel the only thing that is missing in this phone is that it does not have a radio.

  • AnonD-31134

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  • pharmacy technician

iPAOLO, 27 Jan 2011you want a upgrade? buy and iphone or an android... all the... moreWow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  • aks316

can i tether blackberry phones to android tablets? please help

  • Sonia

If we are getting Tour 9630 at Rs 13000 approx & Bold at Rs 26000 approx, is it worth looking forward to Bold & wht difference would it make???

  • Tony

iPaolo, 23 Jan 2011jajajaja, in my country (Venezuela) is the same thing, the ... moreHahahahaha, well I'm from venezuela as well, and I live in Germany now and I had the torch before, but since I didn't want to see all that my friends do over there (they all use blackberry) I bought a desire hd, the phone is great and fun, and honestly most of the apps are just crap... even worse with the iphone, and I have to charge the phone every single day... and the more technology you have, the more trouble you get into... and now I want my bkackberry back, its more simple to use and has a lot of batterylife, it depends on what you want, there is no need to say what is better and what is not, just get what you need!!!

  • baron von boysal

try as you might most people but you cant go around hating on blackberrys. alot of people dont know why people use blackberrys this day and age when you got stuff like the iphone an driods..... well ill enlighten you lot who are confused..... what makes the berrys better then the iphones an driod handset is simplicity and battery..... you think for a smart phone(which a blackberry is) it has a much better battery life then alot of the others out there... yeh it hasnt got loads of great apps which makes most phones fun but that also means less problems at the same time. i use a 9780 and a htc desire both of which i love dearly but for different reason... yeh the desire is great fun with apps and games an the websurfing is loads better then the blackberry however i needs to be charged twice aday as a min..... the blackberry on the other hand not only does the bat life last me a good couple of days if not longer but same time i dont need to worry about stupid apps that can cause phone to crash. not forgetting the signal strengh berrys is agaion much better then most even i get a better signal in most place on the berry then i do with the desire even tho there both on the same network.

the blackberry isnt a fun phone but it sure as hell is a work horse. does what it NEEDS to do and it does it well.... so remember dont be so harsh on the little fruit :)