Motorola MILESTONE 2 review: Landmark droid

27 January 2011
The MILESTONE 2 has a single mission – to reclaim the top spot in Android messengers for Motorola. It has the pedigree and the personality, and with the right upgrades, it seems a lock to become the next all-in-one messenger...

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  • AnonD-5945

Recently Bought the milestone 2, This is a fantastic phone. Use of ease, fast, solid build, very easy to use. Qwerty great. Camera Great, DLNA works a treat. My favorite is motoblur. I heard alot of whinging about motoblur but i find it very useful and it has no bugs or lags nor does it slow down my phone. Universal inbox is also fantastic. Gallery work is fine. I have not got any issues with this phone. I recently tried the iphone and gave it away after a week of use as it was restricted and boring. Seems the teenagers think it looks pretty. However it even come close to milestone on android. I also have used nokia and samsung and LG and i must say milestone takes the cake by a longshot.

  • AnonD-3713

HD video-recording is very, very poor...

  • ph03n1x

The milestone is a very nice phone.I have 1 rite now. Nice browser, nice messaging system, has a lot of glitches for example it would reboot on its own any random time whilst attempting to process a command. But that is expected w/ any first version OS. HAS NO BLUETOOTH capability to send out audio/songs. Receiving is not a problem but as mentioned before there is no way of sending an audio clip or song. What's the point of having Bluetooth if it doesn't work both ways.

What, the internal memory is ONLY for Apps??

  • Mr. Cadau

My M2 is now my personal computer. It is almost perfect phone. Your sins are:

1. Poor battery performance: if you work on an office department all day, don't worry. Plug your M2 on charger when you enter the office and be happy. But, if you stay out most of time, better you buy an extra battery. Trust me.

2. No TV-OUT: I'm confused. M2 is 720p. M2 has a dedicated video chipset. M2 has a great sound quality when plugged to a stereo system. So WHY in this world Motorola don't make an TV-OUT feature?? Even a cheaper phone like LG KU990 or Nokia 5800 has it!

3. Camera s**ks! The photos aren't so good. At night or without light, is worse. For me, the best 5MP cellphone camera stills with Nokia N95.

  • AnonD-978

currently i own a milestone 1...and i`m stuck with the well known delay in the update to froyo due to motorola`s unknown reasons... this milestone 2 looks like a good piece of hardware, but what if i`ll buy it and motorola will fail again with tech support, updates and everything like they did with the first milestone? i`ve migrated from windows phones due to the same issues..lack of tech support from microsoft. now the android software is ok, but the manufacturers dont give a s#it about the people which buys their products. in fact, there is no software or manufacturer that can claim that is perfect, flawless, etc.. i`ll buy a nokia 6310i and screw email, navigation software, browsers, n gazillion mp camera and so on. i`ll wait the perfect phone... in another life. ;)

  • heimatlos

when i seen this phone, and read some spech, i just loved it. Now im read your rewiev and love the phone much more.
But the only issue is internal memory, as you said. on a phone like milestone 2, 8 gb is never enough for personal usage. im using nokia e63 with 8 gb memory card. 3 gb musics, 2 gb videos (i have only 260 mb of porn, rest of all are innocent video), 1 gb maps, 1 gb documetns and 500 mb pics. So when i buy milestone 2, i'll need much more space than 8 gb.

And the desize Z... Z has worst screen technology, worst screen resolition, worst screen protection, worst battery performance and bigger and higher than milestone 2.

  • Anonymous

slow motorola!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2011I have had a Milestone 1 for 10 months and its still full of Bug... morehm i had one as well until it got nicked, i did not have any trouble whatsoever with its software?
Currently I have the X10 mini pro which SUXX compared to the milestone in terms of what the software can do.

  • Anonymous

"It (HTC Desire Z) offers map offline mode but voice-guided navigation comes for a fee and the CPU is a bit slower at 800MHz."

Even GSMArena now compares the power between phones by the "number"?

Please look at the benchmark scores. And actually Skullkid has already said that.

  • Anonymous

this review is 4 months late... why bother?

  • atrix team

thanks gsmarena for this perfect review

hope your perfesional team make more and more review about new motorola phone


  • Droid Terminator

atrix team, 29 Jan 2011good this is realy best qwerty slider in the world yet The Cliq is the best qwerty keyboard.

go moto go go go!

  • atrix team


this is realy best qwerty slider in the world yet

  • Anonymous

one of the big advantages of this fone is listed as disadvantage. I dont think the reviewer has lived with a sideslider as his "best friend", coz spring asisted mechanisms are painful to use, just try to live with a Nokia N97, thats just wrong, there shudnt be a spring in any sliders, its only Nokia still following this old misconception that a spring is needed. And Nokia will come around and discover this in a few years, they always lag behind on things like that. I thought Nokia had stopped being stupid, because the N900 had a nice mechanism, but E7 and N9 is re-introducing the pain from the N97.

HTC got it right, no spring, no lock, just a hinge that make the LCD part fall right into place almost all by itself when open/close, and it just stays closed all by itself, no force required to open and no spring needed to make it stay perfectly closed. Milestone2 seem to be less genius but still 100x better than Nokia E7/N9s keyboard slider.

  • Anonymous

I have had a Milestone 1 for 10 months and its still full of Bugs Motorola just dont support their products leaving customers stuck with phones that dont work properly

I wouldnt recommend buying motorola to anyone just for lack of aftersales support

P.S. this site said the Milestone 1 was really good it didnt reveal how full of bugs it is.

  • Anonymous

Skullkid, 28 Jan 2011The final consideration says that Desire Z has a slow processor,... moreNo no no, the mm2 is better

  • Skullkid

The final consideration says that Desire Z has a slow processor, but in the benchmarks what I see is Desire Z better than Miles2.

Dz has less Mhz running, but not less power.

  • 100 Moto

iPAOLO, 27 Jan 2011yes its not a blackberry thats why is a good phone, no pin or bb... moreHaven't you actually own one? I guess you don't since your bashing them like its not going out of style. FYI its more of a business type that's why there isn't that much change. And I do roll out updates in a timely matter which something I cant say on Motorola part.

  • Talkie-Walkie

d4vd, 28 Jan 2011no fm radio? but in the screen capture, it shows radio..From the review: "There’s no FM radio in the Motorola MILESTONE 2 – just an Internet radio"