Motorola MILESTONE 2 review: Landmark droid

27 January 2011
The MILESTONE 2 has a single mission – to reclaim the top spot in Android messengers for Motorola. It has the pedigree and the personality, and with the right upgrades, it seems a lock to become the next all-in-one messenger...

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  • d4vd

no fm radio?
but in the screen capture, it shows radio..

  • atrix

Great phone.
Why moto refused to just give it 1500mAh battery is beyond me.
Anyway, how do you set what apps/func to be opened when home button touched twice? (Default voice search)

  • AK

100 Moto, 28 Jan 2011What's wrong with 8GB internal memory? I have the original... morenothing wrong with the 8GB internal memory, especially when they took the courtesy of bundling a 8GB SD card in it. and besides, if u want more memory go buy a 32GB stick. but unless ur having a shit load of porn, 8GB takes about 4000+ pics on 5MP AFTER having 2GBs for music. thats MORE than enough.

  • D

for me i think a 8gb card is sufficient
unless u are telling me u put a whole chunk of p*rn* inside your phone
way to go moto & hope they unlock the bootloader too
cheers =)

  • Pravs

best phone and the best review.. this phone has all the features that various want.. cheers to Moto..

  • Daniel.

Great phone. Excellent review.

  • milestone 2 m'sia

100 Moto, 28 Jan 2011What's wrong with 8GB internal memory? I have the original... moreWell said. Its crazy that it's being compared by some to blackberry (I own bb9700).

  • 100 Moto

What's wrong with 8GB internal memory? I have the original Milestone and the first thing I need is MORE INTERNAL MEMORY....have been deleting apps due to insufficient internal memory.

External memory is super cheap these days, I can get 8GB card (which comes with the phone anyway) for around US$20, 16GB for around US$35.

But then now if I want more internal memory on my Milestone...US$537...for a Milestone 2!

  • Pr0siak

What?! Internal memory only on apps? And what about movies music etc.?

  • Anonymous

It is a great phone indeed - owning it since day one it became available. If only the music app would stop crashing every hour or so and then camera app would stop freezing and not responding, it could be a perfect thing!

The "no updates" and "no rooting" policy is also something I do not understand...

  • iPAOLO

Nick T, 27 Jan 2011So, it's basically a BlackBerry, without PIN. and BBM? No ... moreyes its not a blackberry thats why is a good phone, no pin or bbm, well, is there google talk, and whatsapp, i can chat with whatsapp with blackberrys, android, symbian , iphones , without chain me to a ugly and ultra boring laggy, and crappy OS ... android market have like ten times more applications than appworld, by the way the few applications that have really sucks!! xpensive and crappy... a crappy display, a crappy design, the browser sucks, this one have adobe flash... so, this cellphone or any other android is like ten thousand times better than you crapberry

  • MdN

Three and a half days battery life with WiFi always on? Seriously? If that's true it's AMAZING. I know someone who charges his Droid X two times each day.

  • LNick

Guys, help me choose. I can get milestone 1 for half the price for milestone 2. Knowing whats around the corner(dual cores) can you guys advice me on which to get.

  • Anonymous

720p recording but quality?
720 p play but ...?
UI is the most ugly UI...
camera is not good either
not a bad phone but not a good one surely

  • Anonymous

finally the review...great phone although

  • Nick T

So, it's basically a BlackBerry, without PIN. and BBM?
No dice.
You've got to be doing better than that, to get to the Top.
All I see here, are stolen Ideas, and if You've made no improvements...
They're not innovative... They're still just stolen Ideas.
... No Dice.