Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc review: Android de Triumph

1 April 2011
The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc is back for a second round and this time it will stay a while longer. The company’s new flagship did great in our preview and we’d gladly have more of it. The new BRAVIA screen and the impressive...

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  • asiris

Abadi, 19 Oct 2011do you think this phone will have 4.0 treatment It's 9ice

  • lanreisaac

Tejstar, 01 Apr 2011Had the phone since yesterday - great evolution over the X1... morePls I wil like to no d price

  • Khan

Nice phone xperia arc

  • Anonymous

abu , 04 Nov 2012Why my phone not support video callIt doesn't have a front facing camera

  • abu

abu, 04 Nov 2012Can I upgrade my phonr to make video callWhy my phone not support video call

  • abu

neno, 03 Jun 2012How can i expand my phone memory becouse it full and i cant... moreCan I upgrade my phonr to make video call

  • Pabitra

I like diz..

  • neno

How can i expand my phone memory becouse it full and i cant download any thing

  • Grd Peter

Hello this is Grd Peter i wonderfully love my SE Xperia ARC since i get it right from NEGRI ELECTRONIC from USA i don't know what qualification i can give to this phone i can say the it got SOUL, SPIRIT, and its wow mehn!!! i just want Sony to help us to have as soon as possible the ICS and newest OS, don't let us be at the back because i don't wanna leave my ARC and even i leave my ARC i will still get the most latest stuff of SONY ERICSSON, they are great mehn!!! i love the spirit of working

  • Anonymous

Actually the phone's price has fallen down considerably in Europe/US... Its is available at GBP 299 (~INR 23500..

But in India they haven't brought down the price.. It is still hovering at INR 28500...

I'll surely buy if the price comes down to INR 230000 level...

  • mohammad ali khan

can we install app in memory card.....bcoz internal memory is so less ,,,can we transfer to memory card from phn memory?.is this possible to do?..plzzzzzzzzz help me,,,

  • AnonD-9845

just looks wont win my heart and wallet.
the neo has the same specs + front camera.
smaller screen but higher ppi.
most importantly, cheaper.
so i went and got a neo.

  • AnonD-31622

neo, 06 Jul 2011the arc and the neo, does not take panoramic shots like the... moreXperia Arc has panorama and also 3D panorama mode

  • Dxn

Abadi, 19 Oct 2011do you think this phone will have 4.0 treatment Sony ericsson had already promised early this year that all the xperia's launched this year will get an Android 4.0 or ICS update...
Chill out and just wait

  • Abadi

do you think this phone will have 4.0 treatment

  • sonu

i want purchage it but i have not enough money....plz discount for me 80%

  • glitch

When will the black ver of arc be available in manila?
will it be cost more than the other 2 colors? (midnight blue / silver)

  • neo

the arc and the neo, does not take panoramic shots like the satio and vivaz do, right? I really love that option on my vivaz camera software.

  • Drake

I own a se Arc for 10 days , my last phone was xperia X10 . I was a bit dissapointed with the x10 cause of the latency of the updates and the non-accurate touch plus the fake multitouch. Xperia Arc is miles away better. Supports 4 fingers multitouch, perfect touch sense, no crashes, fast responding , incredible screen colours and greate battery life. With normal use (3 hours calls per day) and turning it off at night it lasts me for 4 days, i guess is prety good time for a phone like this.

  • nathan

my projecter don't have HDMI TV-out ,how do i connect my SE arc to the projecter?has any cable can convert HDMI to RCA tv-out?