HTC Desire S review: Droid cravings

18 April 2011
Powerful hardware, large high-res screen and the latest Android version in a single piece of solid metal – the recipe did wonders for the original Desire so no wonder HTC are in no mood to experiment with the sequel. Take the best and make it better pretty much sums up the game plan...

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  • dev

m.sharif, 21 Apr 2013i upgrated to is better than 2.3.excelentHow u upgraded ur desire s510e? Please help me. I tried a lot but failed.

  • thefearfulsilence

I got one of these second hand and I have to say that it's a good little handset. My problem is with the ICS upgrade. It's just too unstable and contains numerous bugs. Occasionally a portion of my screen becomes unresponsive to touch input and the system crashes randomly - six times in a day is the worst I've had so far.
Now need to unlock it with an XTC Clip because it is S-On and this stops you downgrading the software back to Gingerbread (or installing custom softwares and rooting it etc). Once I have it S-Off with XTC Clip I will be able to root it and give it some Cyanogen goodness because this handset has a lot of potential despite it's age.

  • m.sharif

i upgrated to is better than 2.3.excelent

  • Anamul

Aman, 12 Aug 2011Got HTC Desire S and its really awesome. It gives u live ex... moreAnamul the worst part of HTC Desire S that it does not support video call on network.
Sucks HTC.
My all money going down on drown.
This facility have on Nokia E51 that is half price of my HTC Desire S.

  • Boti

The 720p sample video just have
Frame rate: 22.691615.... not 30!

  • wanem

when i charge my mobile htc desire s. it will hit so what i do for that is there battery problem or mobile problem so i`ve no idea about that so what i do now?

  • k

Will htc make android 4 available for desire s? Guys please do it

  • shari

vitthalraj, 08 Sep 2012Its awesome some!!!plz anyone tell me How I register HTC ice....
In am in Pakistan and how I type our cell number to registered..

  • vitthalraj

Its awesome some!!!

  • amy

Aman, 12 Aug 2011Got HTC Desire S and its really awesome. It gives u live ex... moreI also have the same problem...

  • amy

I use htc desire s for my maxis number.but i cant register for because htc desire s is not in list in maxis mms register phone.why like this?

  • that dude

cher, 12 Aug 2011hey, guys had bit of a mixture of reviews bt now im bit con... moreYa it does ,, works well too

  • bilal qureshi

Tell me internal.memory ..of desire s.......

  • Minky200

AnonD-6440, 18 Apr 2011Can you please confirm whether the battery is a direct fit ... moreDifferent batteries entirely

  • terry

htc deasire s is a fantastic fone it does everything the internet is fast best fone i have ever had better than the iphone the only downfall is the battery i have charge it every 2 days fone 9/10 battery 6/10

  • Anonymous

its body is nt good I have bought desire s 2 weeks ago and its color from front below screen is washing out :-(

  • BOG-MA-LEE-Gatmaitan

Hi. any suggestions regarding HTC. Never had HTC phones before so i dont really know if its a good brand but im really interested with HTC Desire S. Does this phone lag and restarts when playing games?
How about the battery? My previous phone was Galaxy Ace and its a good phone. But its battery life sucks.

  • Achiepopoy

Kittie, 20 Jun 2011Uhh, yeah I think you are asking too much.. You mention... moreI agree with your reply. I don't think he needs a phone. He wants so much in such a small package! Why doesn't he get a tablet or a netbook instead?

  • cher

hey, guys had bit of a mixture of reviews bt now im bit confused on which to get and the difference between HTC desire s and the sensation??? and does anyone know if it has the App viber?

it wud be great if some1 could give me an insight into the phones

  • Aman

Got HTC Desire S and its really awesome. It gives u live experience.Itz very impressive with the touch screen response.
Can someone help me to make 3G phone calls thru mobile network.
Also, How to activate GPS. I tried to get into navigation,but its just searching..... & searching...