HTC Desire S review: Droid cravings

18 April 2011
Powerful hardware, large high-res screen and the latest Android version in a single piece of solid metal – the recipe did wonders for the original Desire so no wonder HTC are in no mood to experiment with the sequel. Take the best and make it better pretty much sums up the game plan...

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  • RejZoR

Why are all of their phones so dull and boring. Well, at least majority of their models. I was picking up their old Wildfire and i had a choice of the black one, that brown one and white. And i picked white because it looks interesting. Black screen, silver edges and text on it is silver as well (especially chromed HTC sign looks nice) and everything else in glossy white. It just looks sexy. Maybe a bit Apple-ish but that wasn't why i picked it. Sure black is the most durable because in these cases plastic is in such color to begin with and is not just colored. It would be nice if they'd offer all their phones in white like my Wildfire or the red one which was also available.

  • AnonD-5197

Great phone... but!
Will they ever fix the sunlight legibility.....? come on!

  • AnonD-6440

Can you please confirm whether the battery is a direct fit on original Desire

  • nsht

locked bootloader = No sale. Get ahold of yourself HTC

  • Anonymous

still stick with my dhd providing this gingerbread update comes soon