Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play review: Bring your 'A' game

20 April 2011
With video gaming a sport in its own right, smartphones have no other choice but raise their game too. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play has strong ties to Sony’s gaming rigs, both portable and not, and Sony’s a big name...

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  • AnonD-618616

calvin, 13 Apr 2015They aren't being made anymore, what i'm saying is youvcant... morewell I know this is late but he can still get one used, that's what I did when I got my 2nd one.

  • calvin

Tenza Zangetsu, 17 Jul 2012is this available in the Philippines?They aren't being made anymore, what i'm saying is youvcant get one

  • calvin05cia

This phone is brilliant but they have stopped making them which is why i won't sell mine

  • n p k

where will I get or download game for this phone especially by using the keypad for playing

  • Tenza Zangetsu

is this available in the Philippines?


are games for this phone free or i have to buy them?

  • Anonymous

i really wanna buy this phone and hope it doesnt dissapoints me!!!

  • Wow

Just made a short Skype video call (about 30MB?) which cost me approx. 4,5USD!!!
It's absurd.
WIth my monthly phone payment plan (about 17USD per month) I get free unlimited voice ad video calls plus up to 2000 SMS.
I can't afford to pay this kind of extra "fee"!
When I used my old k800i, I called my family (which had a cheap V630i) via VDF everyday: I placed - at least - 2 video calls each weekend and I "only" paid the monthly price. No extra payments were required.
And none of us had to install any extra software. I just phoned my family as I would in a "normal" voice call. That was it.
Why has Android gone back?
Won't Xperia phones receive software to allow regular 3G video calls as HTC or Samsung phones still do?
I hope so, as I am the one who has the latest phone model and the only one who can't make video calls... Sad, really.

  • AnonD-43102

I want to buy this phone but I really like to know does Skype, WhatsApp and MessengerWithU applications from the Android Market work on this phone.? If they do can I use the both cameras to make video calls on Skype.?

  • matt2250

how can l put king of fhiters 99

  • Tim

I would like to ask a couple of questions:

> Will pre-installed games still be "there" in our phone, after installing a new OS, namely, ICS (Android 4.0)?
Won't that wipe all the phone's content?

> Does this phone now allow voice call over 3g?
Latest firmware descriptions seem to point in that direction, but I would like to hear it from an unbiased user.
If not, are there any plas to allow 3G video calling in Androd 4 (ICS)?

Thak you.

  • Spacsy

@ TC... If you want so many high specs in a phone, then go and buy a PS3 man! Because making a gaming smartphone is most commendable thing SE did! So stop bashing it over specs! Go and use it first!

  • Ranveer

AnonD-252, 01 May 2011Tilting is combined with some onscreen keys! Play cost alm... morewow yuor comment is excited

  • aryan

please tell me how can i get this king of fighters 99 game in my xperia play? e-mail id is

  • naz619

so exellent becouse it can play game n have best audio quality...i'm really really like it and want to buy it.....

  • baz

just wait for the new one to be released in november

  • Fongy

Well, there are plenty of good 12 month contract deals for this now in the UK...
And you know...
I was torn between this and Galaxy S2...
As I have a GS1, and after going into a shop and playing with both...
You know what...
For 12 months...
I'm going for this...
It's something quirky, something different, unique...
Supporting this now will lead to the Xperia Play 2 - and that can't be a bad thing!!!

  • Anonymous

awesome phone.. hope santa would giv me one on xmas..

  • yoyo

AnonD-252, 01 May 2011Tilting is combined with some onscreen keys! Play cost alm... morelol galaxy s2 is much more expensive mate. $300+ in difference. lets just say, if youre into gaming, u wont regret this phone. outdated cpu gpu? really? its good enough on this phone, ive no problem with it so far.

  • Lover of PS3

Anyone else having problems trying to get there playstation move to work with this divice? I was stood at the bus stop the other day trying to get it working, i must have looked like i was trying to guide in a plane to land.