Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play review: Bring your 'A' game

20 April 2011
With video gaming a sport in its own right, smartphones have no other choice but raise their game too. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play has strong ties to Sony’s gaming rigs, both portable and not, and Sony’s a big name...

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  • Anonymous

"Main disadvantages
Unimpressive camera"

Then why in the review you say that it has a good camera?

  • Fongy

An excellent and balanced as ever...
And food for thought...
Games on Android are nigh on impossible to control...
Maybe this is the answer?

  • N

I still feel that what I'm seeing is a prototype, and the reason for this is the keypad..i don't know, it just feel plastic and not worked out well.,overall a great attempt for gamers;)

  • AnonD-5586

woot! finally! thank you gsmarena!

  • kevin

When will we have the xperia neo review?

  • AnonD-252

Many games installed on only 400 mb internal memory? 512 mb ram?

  • Anonymous


  • Ahmad

What happened to your traditional loudspeaker test table??
PLEASE fix it, Thanks :)

  • teh

cool phone

  • mark

well its not all that. if they brought out years ago when originally planned. but we get zero interest. shame. the idea is sound and looks awesome.

but it weighs a ton. its very laggy and slow. but die hard playstation fans will buy, just because.

  • sislo

first :)