Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 review: Average Gio

06 May 2011
It’s devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gio that helped Android gain so much ground in so little time. They are a better bargain than the uber-smartphone and find their way into people’s pockets a lot easier. With that goal...

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  • Anonymous

My samsung galaxy goi5660 is not connecting to google account server, why pls?

  • Anonymous

This was my first phone. I got it in July 2011. It was really good, i had it for three years. But compared to the phones of today it doesn't put up much of a fight. It was a good phone for it's time but I wouldn't advise buying this in 2016 (if they even still sell it).

  • why man

I want to download whatsup for samsung gio s5660

  • Faisal

Plz tel me about my phone s5660 .how iam use 3g internet.

  • joy

Can i download Viber on this phone????

  • Nana Arm

hi,, hey people how can I set a background on MUSIC. I mean while a music is playing, I could set a singer's picture as a phone for that song????

  • khan

How to use blutooth ear fone

  • Kcworld

my phone is not charging with all d charger even with some samsung charger what charger will I use for it pls help tell me

  • Tuwani

How can I save my batteries phone?

  • AnonD-146946

How do l screen capture?

  • Anonymous

How do i save my battery says the radio is using up battery usage..i dont know how to go to its settings

  • marisol

I'd like to make video call this phone can u help me how to do pls sms me

  • Anonymous

very new to this phone how do u read smart codes

  • Bubbles

The camera seems to have got hung there are some icons showing at the rt hand top corner of a battery a lock and the sd card but am unable to take pictures :(

  • rdbk

I love samsung galaxy

  • droidslover

I have reas this review and bought the phone a year and a half ago. I never regret buying galaxy gio. Thanks ^o^

  • Ben

shell, 25 Mar 2012In my phone book I was able to put landline and mobiles num... morePress the call button go to import contact from sim and you will be able to access. Email

  • ffkm

very fast wi-fi and gps

  • zvi

My gio. Won't light up unless on change

  • Anwar sabeen Tky

What s de prise of dis phone ?