Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 review: Average Gio

06 May 2011
It’s devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gio that helped Android gain so much ground in so little time. They are a better bargain than the uber-smartphone and find their way into people’s pockets a lot easier. With that goal...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2012I cant seem to rotate my phone. when its on atu rotate it o... moreok

  • dazz

shell, 25 Mar 2012In my phone book I was able to put landline and mobiles num... moreThe thing that you are talking about only happens for contacts that are saved in your phone memory not for the ones in your Sim memory

  • Glenrob

Bought a Samsung Galaxy Gio today have charged the battery inserted my sim card and the phone is dead, What am I doing wrong?

  • Anonymous

I cant seem to rotate my phone. when its on atu rotate it only rotates one side and when i put it striaght it does not rotate back. Help please...

  • Anonymous

How to open pattren fon is block

  • shell

In my phone book I was able to put landline and mobiles numbers as well as email address. But for some reason I lost this feature and now I can only add one number. I must have pressed something to change this. Does anyone know how I can get all three back?

  • Anonymous

LINGUM, 31 Oct 2011ive just bought this mob,but the prblem is that once the ea... morei experienced the same problem here. maybe you should check carefully, mine had noise from loudspeaker too. i got it to the samsung service center three time, but my phone didn't even get better. they said they had changed the speaker and the pba. in the end, i sold it, i'm afraid that it could be defect. i suggest you to take it to service center.

  • physio

Plz there is a case of message color yellow .its between a green phone and a x this yellow message it doesn't open.what shall I do

  • jp

got Gio for $190.. for its price its awesome and no other phone even comes close to its specification.. only problem is its battery but even that can be tweked by rooting the phone or using a more powerful battery ..overall i rate it 9/10 and i can never stop loving it

  • AnonD-33172

Does 3G work in Europe with 2100 frequency carriers?


ive just bought this mob,but the prblem is that once the ear piece is connected to listen to music,there is a smalling soung in the background.have anyone experienced that if yes what can i do to resolve it

  • Anonymous

u hit the plus and minus on the side to add multiple nos its straight forward....:)

  • Anonymous

sappa, 09 May 2011How likely is it for this device to get updated to 2.3 (Gin... moreThe Galaxy Gios being sold by Bell Canada have Gingerbread.

  • jejerome

Mossy, 21 Jul 2011Just got my Galaxy Gio and so far, really like it. One thi... morei think their is no multiple adding contacts in the samsung fone..

  • rabia

venugopal, 30 Jul 2011anybody tell about batry life of gio.........and about vide... morei charge thrice a day battery is soo poor

  • al

does anyone know if the samsung gio have an automatic turn on for the alarm, as my alarm does not sound when it is switched off

  • AnonD-17643

hey guys what do u do if u cant sms overseas is there a setting in the ph i have to enable..... and also i hit send and im unsure if the msg sends or not can anyone tell me why the send button is still pressed on the screen after 20mins? i know i have the right no for the overseas txt because my mate texted me first but i cant reply it tells me failed im new with this ph plz help me?

  • jojo

does anyone know if you can watch movies on this phone?

  • venugopal

anybody tell about batry life of gio.........and about video recording...........plz...........i plan to buy this.........

  • Sams'on

You can update Android to 2.3.4 using the offical Samsung Kies software, and when its asks you to update the firmware click yes. Welcome to Gingerbread :)

Great small Android phone for only 150 Euros sim/contract free! Bargain