Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 review: Average Gio

06 May 2011
It’s devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gio that helped Android gain so much ground in so little time. They are a better bargain than the uber-smartphone and find their way into people’s pockets a lot easier. With that goal...

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  • Mossy

Just got my Galaxy Gio and so far, really like it. One thing I can't work out is how to add multiple phone numbers for a contact. Can anyone help me with this?

  • Anonymous

Any news abt the official gingerbread update guys.??.. Has anybody tried the leaked gingerbread rom for gio..?? Is there any chance of flash support for the browser.. I'm also facing the "accidental menu key press problem" but the battery ain't that bad..lasts about a day n a half.. Try cheking 2G network only if your network desn't offer 3G..

  • rude dude

hey i am facing a problem with this mobile.undo button and other button at the bottom left are pressed automatically again and again.why it happens and my battry fineshes with in 6 hours

  • JK

I Want 2 knw that is there any problem of phone battery because every 3 hour the phone battery is over

  • mna

is there any custom rom for gio ??????????
why cant i find cyanogenmod for Gio ???????

  • Fefe

I use this device and I enjoy using it even there isn't a shutter for the camera (and sometimes I think it's annoying). Beside that,the sound from this device isn't really good. So this is not recommended for you who like listen to music. But overall I satisfied with Galaxy Gio :)

  • Velocistar

Hey Samsung!! WHY you forgot this small things??? Nice Idea the Galaxy Series but....
The Galaxy Gio: IF the screen was only 1'inch more...(3.2' --> 3.3') the Gio was a very nice and hard choiche for mid/level smartphone on the market to buy.
What you can see in this model, and we don't know why (?).
Is the speaker upper to the logo samsung is in black color...But if you see in almost newest models of samsung phones have a chrome effect on that...Just in 'Galaxy Gio S5660' is black? They forgot.....
After purchising your mobile you have to buy of course a memory card, because internal is only 158 MB is very very poor....minimum 16GB (ad cost almost 30 euro a good one)
Also missing a Native Divx you have to arrange to buy some player by the android market... and maybe if you lucky it works.
I really need something small and a Quality\Price product like This Gio,
it's a fantastic opportunity for beginners to start with an Android phone, you gonna fall in love with android in a very short time...
Don't forgot, hardware is same but newer (and maybe better) than iphone 3GS.
And you got a 800mhz processor..not bad! Resolution is same 3GS, lcd have a good brighthness... The 3'Inch less screen should be a good battery life.

Ps.'Galaxy Ace' must have a 1500 mAh battery...AT LEAST...

  • AnonD-291

AnonD-3713, 06 May 2011Also, it's funny to see that you guys don't complain about ... moreThats because this is neither a high end product like iphone nor is this a midrange product like X6.
GSMarena does not complain about resolution in low end devices like this one or even Nokia 5230.

  • sappa

How likely is it for this device to get updated to 2.3 (Gingerbread)?

  • Zte blade owner

I wonder why gsm arena doesnt recommend zte blade as a phone

  • Anonymous

Yianni, 07 May 2011No, I mean in general. What else do you want from a ~$20... moreDecent VGA recording maybe, proximity sensor, light sensor...

  • Mick

Hello GsmArena I wanted to ask that when this phone is going to be available in India as it has been delayed from its official launch?
And also is this phone is better than LG O1........please tell?
please reply your reply will help me lot.

  • Yianni

AnonD-4100, 07 May 2011Compare it with zte blade /orange san francisco and compare... moreI don't know about prices in the UK but here in Australia the Gio is ~$200 and the X5 is $300-$350 so obviously you would expect it to out-spec the GIO. Maybe the Gio is priced closely to the X5 in the UK so I can see your point of view if indeed this is the case.

I'm still struggling to find anything that can match the GIO in terms of specs in the same price range here in Australia.

  • AnonD-4100

Compare it with zte blade /orange san francisco and compare it in price range with huawei ideox x5 which is around 280 € without contract. They are in sectore of resolution and display size better then all listed devices above, and ofc better ram amount, only ting Blade has lower frequency (600mhz) then samsung gio.

Who ever complaind about low resolution on nokias smarthphones had and has a good point to expensive phone for the worst resolution in high end phone sectore. Back in the day 5800 and x6 were high end phones and nHD resolution isn't good for price range of 300-500 € then and now.

  • Yianni

AnonD-3713, 07 May 2011"It has everything you could want from a entry/mid ran... moreNo, I mean in general.

What else do you want from a ~$200 smart phone? Obviously you can only compare it to the competition in the price range and it can hold its head up high.

There's no point in comparing an entry/mid range smartphone to a high end smartphone.

  • AnonD-395

"They may soon be running out of names for the Galaxy lot" - lol, there are too many celestial bodies for that. ;P

  • AnonD-3713

Yianni, 07 May 2011What a brilliant phone for its price range. It has everythi... more"It has everything you could want from a entry/mid range Android phone"

You mean "you", yourself, right?

  • Yianni

What a brilliant phone for its price range. It has everything you could want from a entry/mid range Android phone and is a treat to use for those that don't want a huge display.

The beauty is that it's only going for $199 here in Australia on prepay which is a bargain.

  • The Game

It's a 3.2 mega pixel camera not 5 gsmarena. Correct it (page#2)!

  • X2

MysteryE, 06 May 2011Hmm, I don't really care about video recording feature. Wha... moreSoC in Gio is the same as Optimus One except is higher clocked. Optimus One has 512 MB RAM but only 256 MB is user accessiable. Battery in Gio is lower capacity plus higher clocked CPU means lower battery life.