Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo review: More than a sequel

10 May 2011
It’s a sequel. Same cast and the same story but with a new lead and a new director. Shot in HD. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo is to settle some unfinished business at the box office. A year stands between the Vivaz and the Neo and Android does make all the difference...

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Very good mobile

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Application download problem

  • rose

This phone is one of my favourite phnes i ve used. I bought this phone in 2012. I got it as a gift. Once it happened that i lost my phone. I got it after 1 hour out in the rain. I thought i lost my phone. But i was surprised that the phone didnt have any defect. I am still using the same set. So much attached to this set.. :-)

  • Suomi

It's true. In Finland it´s about 350 euros, you are lucky if you find it with that price tag! Horrible. In Switzerland it's 210 francs. Much better.

  • amzrable

AnonD-7607, 20 Jul 2011To the people who say why get this when you can get the gal... moreVery very very well-said! Don't follow the so-called popular iphone and samsung trend. Be different,at the same time smart! Hell yeah i luv my xperia neo!

  • Its Freds

AnonD-8428, 13 May 2011what is the different between arc and neo is just the fro... moreI agree

  • AnonD-30415

AnonD-30415, 15 Nov 2011Yes all of u Neo fan boys... Here the the fan page for Xper... more

  • AnonD-30415

Yes all of u Neo fan boys... Here the the fan page for Xperia Neo (MT 15i) on FB...

  • noname

Most Sony Ericsson user (not fanboy or fangirl) not a phone geek like Samsung or Apple fanboy or fangirl. Even do in paper SE phone looks like underpowered but in real world that's more than enough. And most of SE user are using phone to communicate not as a toy.

  • Anonymous

$350 usd for 8gb card, 8mp camera, 126gm, easy on the hands, good display, average battery life, dlna, vpn, wifi hotspot, hdmi out, fast, not laggy, skype video (soon), next sony update with 3d sweep panorama photo, etc.. really can't fault this phone

  • Apolo

Bla Bla Bla, I´ve paid 300 Euros for that. I´ve a Galaxy S, and I tell you something, since I´ve bought this nice thing I´ve ´t in my hand all day! It´s fast, reliable, no lags, good camera, excellent battery and fast processor. It doesn´t matter for me if the galaxy as big screen (0.3") Since I´ve my neo I never used my SGS anymore, It´s obsulete since I bought Neo... That´s in all day tasks. In all day job you don´t get a better ergonomic phone... And I was angry with SE on the last models and Neo was the last chance I gave to SE. I was a satio owner before and was angry with SE, but many things have changed in last year by SE.

  • AnonD-7607

To the people who say why get this when you can get the galaxy S:
1.Most of the people won't need the super amoled display as many people have said that it hurts their eyes. And the high ppi count will also help in browsing which is quite an important feature.
2.barely anyone uses videocalls. Most people stick with some kind of video chatting facility like skype or fring.
3.Most people will like the design. It sticks out in a rom filled with candy-bar iphone copies.
4.Who needs dual-cores when they are going to be obselete within a year, shadowed by quad-core processors. And even if you do get one, you will only be able to play graphic intensive games at the most. And from what i've seen, cost-wise, you might as well buy an actual gaming device and get jiggily with it. people who say that better multi-tasking abilities come with dual-cores, I say it makes no sense because anybody who is sane will use a maximum of five to six apps at once, and i think single-cores handle this perfectly.and 1080p video recording? i don't think the actual difference will be made out with a 3.7 inch screen and besides, 720p offers enough details without taking too much memory.
5.and the camera, its quite good piece, so it doesn't have a few minute details the some crazy-ass photographer needs to earn millions, but heck, if you want something like that go for the N8 or the Galaxy S2.
But just remember this, this is a mid-range device for the normal guy and not a high-spec addicted geek. If you really wanna complain about what other phones do that this doesn't then go buy your 700$ phones and leave us normal people in peace. The way i see it, most people will prefer this to the galaxy S because of the included flash and the sexy non-iphonesque design.

  • rehan

is Neo launched in India. What is the price? I have C510 and this looks perfect replacement.

  • Anonymous

midix, 30 Jun 2011Yes, Neo seems to be a good all-arounder. I now have a Noki... moreWish to high heaven they would make N79 typre fones with todays high spec and 3inch screen,hate this touchscreen trend..bring back high spec button candybars or sliders or clamshells.

  • midix

Yes, Neo seems to be a good all-arounder. I now have a Nokia N79 and wanted to buy an Android which is at least as good as N79 in every way. I was disappointed to see that only the high end models have a specs which satisfy me, mostly because of bad cameras.

And now Neo is here and it made my choice almost clear. Some weeks ago I wanted Samsung Galaxy S i9000 because it was the cheapest Android with good video recording, but now Neo seems a bit better because of a flash and 8Mp. And the price in our country is just 20USD higher for Neo than SGS 1.

  • chris

AnonD-1758, 14 May 2011This is what SE Android phone lacks which Galaxy has. Menu ... morewho gives a shit about your video call about 10 percent or less people use it , sony ericsson decided not to put it on because nobody uses it

  • AAA

Please gsmarena or any neo user...
1. Need to know this neo battery performance,
2. Camera performance, (anybody noted the photos of this and arc, both released in the same month, but in arc photos no tree leaves)...both are looking good to my eyes..
3. Loud speaker performance.
4. Any video player from android market to play most of the formats eg. mkv,..

  • Neo

So all of you who complained that the Neo and Arc are obsolete because its single core and only the dual cores are gonna rule the world.. wat are you going to do now.. they have announced quad core for commercial market??

Please remember "design" is making the best output with sufficient input.. you should know that computations on a rocket during flight are written using FORTRAN, can you believe it?? That is true design..

  • Anonymous

igsl global services (bpo.)

  • AnonD-733

…And i quote from the 3rd page...
"As far as general performance is concerned the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo does splendidly. It uses a Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon System-on-a-chip featuring a 1 GHz Scorpion CPU and the Adreno 205 GPU. The Gingerbread optimizations help too"

Also from 3rd page

"But it’s not synthetic benchmarks that we should focus on – the real life performance matters here and the Xperia Neo is smooth as silk. Sony Ericsson did a vastly better job this time than the Xperia X10 a year ago"

Dual-core CPU is enough to operate the device smoothly according to GSMarena and i don't see any reason to mention the dual-core CPU as main disadvantage.

Thanks SE