LG Optimus Black review: Black and bright

12 May 2011
Itís not a Black Label phone but couldíve honored the designer series. Itís called Black but bathes in light. What is the LG Optimus Black? To begin with, itís solid build and pure elegance. With Android on board, smartphone meets...

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  • liibaan

I can't download some application just like whatsapp viber i need help

  • kbaba

Why lg p-970 have antenal (Area) an what is working for

  • Bernardo

Ive had my phone for nearly two years and had no problems at all. Will be upgrading soon...just waiting for the release of the Samsunh S5...but I will never get rid of my LG.

  • country boy

Can this phone be used through straight talk if i buy the bring ur own phone kit?? I had it set up with t mobile and i don't know if it was the phone or the carrier but i had nothing but bad luck

  • len-len

my lg optimos p970 trying to connect video calling but is not working how can i do to work the video calling...ASAP

  • ketan

kick, 02 Nov 2011plz dont buy this fone........dont see d shape,screen brightness... moreThe prblm cud b possibly due to ur memory card prblm
It cud b a hardware prblm
All cmpnies have prblms in their sets bt d matter is how often ...
My p970 wrking fine frm last 1 year and im lovin it

  • ketan

jey-em, 07 Feb 2013Why is my lg optimus black so slow??so laggy???i had already uni... moreJust format ur micro sd card
Then it will b fine

  • jey-em

Why is my lg optimus black so slow??so laggy???i had already uninstalled many apps but same problem what should I do??plss help me

  • AnonD-59699

Optimus black good phone it is. Displsy supeer thanx for LG


I have a phone like this, when I put the DISPLAY SECURITY, NOT ME TELL postings or messages when they arrive.

  • 007

hausofemm, 27 Oct 2011bought this phone today, i'm satisfied with it. The screen is go... moreThat box with pencil and black notebook was for the press and reviewers only. In Romania the box is like the one you describe you have in the Philippines.

  • AnonD-28817

I finally found how to root this hot device.


Enjoy my friends.

  • lolly

I love this phone! the only problem is when my memory card is getting close to full my phone starts to slow down but other then that its the best i had:D

  • sinjisdf1

Any one has heard rumors of a ICS (4.0) upgrade on lg Black? I have. They say that an upgrade is coming for this year.

  • gadgetfreaker

Allthough i haven't got this phone long i like it the best off all srew spple this phone is so much better

battery life full charged about a day with lots of playing ..

no need for s dual core this is a fast phone .. i like it a lot

  • ami

2AV1, 21 Oct 2011Does it have already the Gingerbread update ? yes......2.3.4

  • itatsi12

Great phone, has good display, camera, & UI.. sound quality and video is not that bad..battery is actually what i have expected, bought here in the Philippines for P14,500.

  • Anonymous

sanchit, 23 Dec 2011it is nt getting the gingerbread updateit has 2.3 update.. my optimus black has 2.3.4 :)

  • sanchit

sarthak, 05 Sep 2011Yes i am also having same problem with my black, it heat up very... moreit is nt getting the gingerbread update

  • kick

plz dont buy this fone........dont see d shape,screen brightness,front camera,touch sensibility etc.,i bought this fone 15 days back and went to lg service centre 6 times bcoz of software problem.i havnt used much.think once,6 times in within 15 days.u dont c any problem wid camera for one week,it starts then.video recording is damn thing in dis fone.iam not able to record video continuosly for 10 secs also.it getting strucked every time wen i changed to video mode.photo clarity is also not dat much.lg service centre technicians are also not giving proper answer about dis problem.iam not only d person suffering wid dis problem,my 2 other frnds also suffering wid d same problem.so dont look at d options in dis to buy