HTC Sensation review: Front-page stuff

10 June 2011
HTC burst right onto the dual-core scene with a phone that's set to be an Android sensation. They've gone all out with the design of that one - from screen, through camera to the powerful chipset. No cutting corners, no compromise on features. Update, 02.08.2011: Video summary of the review added...

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  • Santosh Kumar Sharma

Dear Users,
pls let me know whether this handset supports 4G network.

  • Anonymous

Battery life is nothing to write about. It is too poor.

  • Little Rooster

I love my phone..but my phone so old i can't even have conversations with people...cause have of the time they can't hear me...

  • cobbydale steve

Beats Samsung into the ground.
Camera is the best I have had on a phone.(better than my dedicated camera).
Only grouse battery life is poor.but can live with it,Cheap versions are available on auction sites. Thankyou.

  • AnonD-160180

for someone my htc wont turn on and has stopped charging does anybody no what it could be??

  • AnonD-129656

I love my Sensation and am due to upgrade in three months,I am tempted to keep this but the battery only lasts a couple of hours when doing anything other than standby.

  • cliffizie

This phone is awesome, wonderful features!! Made me sell my blackberry to get a driod.

  • kay

I've had this phone for 11 month now and I can't fault it, I love it and it is by far the best phone I have had yet

  • Chadwick

This phone will be toast to finicky resets at every chore .


  • ziad

i like this phone .but i heared problem .dust in screen .

  • Pintu

HTC SENSATION is a smartphone that is any time better than Samsung galaxy sII ... i have used both the phone and iphone as well ....
the thing which impressed me in htc is "I have never complaint with my phone from any aspect ,, but in sII and iphone there is always something is missing"!!!
move to sensation a month ago after using SII...
HTC Quietly Brilliant :-)
LOve my HTC...

  • Varadharaj raju

My favorite smartphone....
HTC Sensation.

  • AnonD-8561

eskay, 07 Oct 2011Sense 3.0 ruins this phone, period. Very laggy for the hard... moreI love both SGS II and HTC sensation. I moved to HTC sensation because,

SGS II is very cheap looking compare to HTC sensation.
HTC Sensation build quality is very good comparing to SGS II (HTC aluminum body is good looking than SGS II plastic body).

I’m using HTC Sensation around 1 month and it never lags.

I love my HTC Sensation :)

  • eskay

Sense 3.0 ruins this phone, period. Very laggy for the hardware it's sporting. Switch to any non-sense stock or custom rom and it's blazing fast - as it should be.

If anyone is considering buying either the Sensation or the Galaxy S2 and wont be playing around with roms - get the S2. You will have a more enjoyable experience with touchwizz.

  • AnonD-5449

Tibo, 14 Aug 2011Am upgrading from e72, my choices are nokia E7 or htc sensa... moreYou should head for the Samsung Galaxy S II and no questions.

  • Nikotiko

Really lame microphone quality... Almost broke my ear..

  • Adil

Htc sensation will be my farewell with all htc product, never used any other brand other than htc for seven years, but it looks like htc now are heading down the same road with nokia, now the quality of htc is in par with the cheap very cheap Chinese quality rubbish but with an expensive price tag, sensation is an absolute rubbish super disappointed ...

  • geek freek

I agree... Front page stuff....Provided the battery lasts...!

  • Tibo

Am upgrading from e72, my choices are nokia E7 or htc sensation or desire S. Which one's best choice, please? Thanks.

  • AnonD-17612

htc sensation or galaxy s 2 ?? .. plz answer